Plus One 8! Another day, another porn site to review! There is a shit-ton of porn on the internet. And, within that shit-ton of porn is a smaller shit ton of questionable content. Especially on dodgy porn tube sites or porn aggregators. Come on, I know you know what I mean. One minute you will be merrily browsing through all of the videos on a site, trying to find the right slut to bust a nut to, page after page of porn, when, suddenly, a video comes up that makes you stop and ask yourself: she is definitely 18, right?Some of these girls look way too young to be in porn. In fact, that has become kind of a trend, especially among the shadier porn tubes, to feature girls that specifically look like they might be under the legal age. If you don’t believe me, just look to the porn industry’s obsession with the idea of a girl being “barely legal,” or girls who have just turned 18. The word “fresh” tends to get thrown around a lot.For many fans of this type of porn, I believe it is just the thrill of being on the edge of the taboo … what I mean is that I don’t think that every dude who jerks his chicken to ‘barely legal’ or ‘freshly 18’ girls is a pedophile. But, man, I have to say, some of the girls that show up on these sites … I just don’t know. Especially when it comes to amateur content. It can be seriously disconcerting.Whether or not these thumbnails that stop and make us question these sites are, in fact, nefarious is too often unknown. And, I don’t know about you, but anytime I come across one on a site, I immediately close the tab and head over to a more reputable supplier of free pornography. Either way, though, wouldn’t you agree that it is really fucked up that we even have to worry? You fucking pedophiles need to be rounded up and raped to death with razor blades.There’s no reason why I should have to be worried about whether or not I’m going to accidentally click on kiddie porn, especially when I’m not on the dark web. If you’re into young little girls, just do the world a favor and kill yourself. Thanks.That being said, though, I love sexy 18 and 19-year-old girls just as much as the next guy. Plus, I love not having to worry about whether the girls in my videos are, in fact, legal. That’s why it’s fucking great that there are sites like out there. The central theme of Plusone8 is, well, as the name suggests, models who are 18+. They make it their mission to provide quality teen porn with none of the anxiety of some of the sketchier tube sites out there.At the bottom of the home page, they provide a short introduction for the site: “ Is Only For 18 Years or Older! All models on Plus One 8 adult site are 18 years or older. Respects All the Studios, Models and Stars. has a zero-tolerance policy against ILLEGAL pornography. We are proudly labeled with the RTA [Restricted to Adults].”As you can see, they take this shit seriously. As they should. As I wish all porn sites would. Honestly, I don’t care as much about the bit about all visitors to the site being strictly 18+ (come on, we all know we looked at porn before we were 18 … who are they kidding?), but I do love how vigilant they appear to be when it comes to rebuking illegal content.In addition to that statement, they also put the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) in their main menu bar. They are not fucking around when it comes to following rules … not in the slightest. is like the porn site equivalent to the teacher’s pet in school who followed every rule scrupulously and would rat you out if they ever caught you doing something wrong. But you know what, if it keeps abusive videos of little girls off the web, even in some small way, that’s completely fine by me.Standard (But Well-Done) Porn Tube DesignOther than all the disclaimers and legal documents to be found on Plusone8, it looks like a pretty standard porn tube site and a pretty well-designed one at that. You’ve got a bunch of thumbnails to choose from on the home page, with a special subsection devoted entirely to “Exclusive Videos,” which appear to be full-length 1080p scenes from top-notch porn studios. Above that, you’ll find a few options for ordering the videos: Latest, Most Viewed, Longest, Popular, and Random.And just above those options, you’ll find the site’s menu bar (just underneath a search bar), which helps you easily navigate the site. Choose from “Read before Watching” (yet another statement on Plusone8’s policies and legal adherence), “Home” (which seems a bit redundant given the fact that the site’s logo doubles as a home button), “Categories,” “Porn Stars,” “Partners” (links to other tube sites that Plusone8 apparently deems acceptable), “DMCA” (as I mentioned earlier), and “Contact Us.”Plusone8’s “Porn Stars” section is pretty basic: just an alphabetized index of the models featured on the site. They do not offer any sort of information on the girls, just a list of actresses. Clicking on one will bring you to a page of her videos. Whereas I always appreciate it when a site goes the extra mile to provide a little bit of biographical information on the girls (it just shows an extra level of appreciation for the girls, without whom porn would be impossible), I am not necessarily going to lose any sleep over it.It is a little surprising, though, given that Plusone8’s 3rd rule (from their “Read before Watching” section) is “Respect stars.” Not providing info on the girls is not exactly disrespectful to them, but I think we can all agree on the fact that providing a little bit of insight into who they are as people would definitely be more respectful, no?But, when it comes to what Plusone8 has set out to do (provide high-quality porn and set a precedent of strictly adhering to a code of ethics), they definitely excel. I’m not sure how they do it while being so transparently respectful of copyright laws, but they also seem to have more full-length scenes than most other porn tubes out there.Maybe it is exactly because of the fact that Plusone8 is pushing for a more respectful, law-abiding free online model that big-name studios don’t mind partnering with them and giving up some content free of charge … doing so might actually help them out in the long run … leading by example and whatnot.Either way, I’d say it’s a win-win for us. Not only do we have a place where we can fap worry-free and feel good about it, but we also have a place where we can access a huge collection of full-length, HD porn from some of our favorite studios, free of charge and guilt. And, as you know, us pornoholics, we just feel oh so guilty when we fap to free porn that does not abide by the proper copyright laws … lol.If Only Ads were Illegal…One thing that I wish was against the law that, unfortunately, is not: ads. And Plusone8 definitely has some. Although I did not see any pre-play video ads or anything that obnoxious, they are to the right of the videos, to the right of thumbnails, some popups here and there, and they show up when you pause a video. Ironically enough, Plusone8 heavily advertises for Watch My GF, a site that I’ve always felt had some questionably young-looking girls in their ads.All in all, ads aside, I like Plusone8. I like that I can browse tons of teen porn and not ever have to be worried about whether or not what I’m seeing is legal (or, more importantly, ethical). I like the way the site is designed—minimal, clean, easy to use. I’m digging how transparent they are with how they want their site to be used. I’m into the fact that they allow you to register as a user to vote on and leave comments on videos. They seem really receptive to feedback, which is cool.And in the spirit of Plusone8 being so receptive to feedback: would you please, please chill the fuck out with the ads, dude? They’re fucking everywhere! To the point where my experience of your website is tarnished because of them. I understand having to put an ad here and there, but to plaster them everywhere you don’t have a thumbnail, on the videos themselves, and in the form of popups? That’s just fucking ridiculous.And, with that, I’m off to get an insanely strong ad blocker and fap to some guilt-free, high-quality, HD porno for free. Enjoy, you sick, sick motherfuckers.