Is Porno Videos hub (not pornohub) worth your time? Perhaps you haven’t thought intently about what really ticks the boxes for you when you are deciding whether a certain porn site is ay or nay. Well, I definitely have over the years, and I'll tell you all about it. For me; the videos have to be of stellar HD quality, of good length or variety with daily updates, the site's design should be warming, should feature diverse categories, must have a great user interface, basically easy to use, have at least one extra feature like a cam section or models section and most importantly users should have means to communicate with the team.Good thing being that today I am all about possibly one of the good ones, This site will feed you not only with the best porn scenes but also stacks some of the newest porn videos hits in spectacular HD quality. It also has one of the most wonderful navigation systems, takes it’s users seriously to the extent that it allows them to report any dead links and request videos, chat with models online for free among other amazing shit. Curious? Let’s dig in.StatisticsPorno Videos Hub, a free porn videos links blog site, has been successfully kicking some ass over the past 3 years to bring you the newest porn hits from other sites. While the owner is using a service to protect their identity, the site's location can be traced down to Latvia. Currently, it is worth $62866.99 which is definitely more than just a few bucks, huh? To top it up, Porno Videos Hub is deemed popular by Alexa with a ranking of 38319.Site design and navigationI like the site's design's simplicity and most of all it gives users a sense of calmness and they have nothing in the way of discomfort to retaliate their prospective long hours of browsing. The highlights may not be pompous, but the video quality and colorful thumbnails sweep that under the carpet pretty nicely. One could just start from the homepage where the latest daily updated videos are strategically placed.Apart from that, all the necessary navigation features are adequately provisioned for including a boatload of categories, recent comments, recent posts links, archives section, tags and a couple of buttons on the menu bar. The best thing being that there is also a search engine through which one can narrow down to specific content in a blink of an eye. With all the links working perfectly well and very few Ads that you could possibly ignore, what could possibly go wrong?ContentThe site features some of the hottest and newest porn videos and scenes everyone is possibly watching out for. There is an awful lot of freedom on this site including being able to access, stream and download videos for free without any goddamned limitations whatsoever; they can call out dead links as well as request for videos. I can also bet with such a diverse categories list, everyone's favorite poison is dully served.Videos & ScenesConsidering that the site hasn’t been running for even half a decade already, I would say that they have shit when it comes to video quantity which is probably as a result of their relentless frequent daily updates. All of the videos are crystal clear and of impeccable quality with most of them featuring some of the hottest top pornstars. I was literally taken back by the wonderful work put in by the team to try and comprehensively describe scenes featured on the videos.Once you read a couple of the descriptions and previews, you will be able to tell what’s coming for your cumming. The storylines seem way too fantastic and thrilling in the most erotic way. However, I must warn you to brace yourself for even the most disgusting of scenes say; drinking of piss in pissing scenes, eating feces in scat scenes or even scary with a pregnant woman getting banged really hard in pregnant porn scenes. Well, if you won’t love what you see, then you will definitely love to hate it.The biggest bullshit of all time that I came across on this site was the video streaming and download shit. I am not even sure about the videos, they seem to be hosted probably on openload and you can either stream from there, streamcherry or go unlimited. Worse still contrary to the free promise of downloading the videos you can only do so at a premium membership fee.Categories & tagsI don’t know what heck of a word other than diverse that I could use to describe a site whose categories go from; adult games, anal, anal fisting, pussy fisting, BBW, big dildos, bondage, femdom, gay, incest, interracial, lesbian, Milf, pissing, pregnant, teen, shemale, creampie, hardcore, voyeur to scat among other categories. It's almost like in a way it encompasses the most fetish or kinkiest of them all. If you are looking for specific studios you the tags will come in handy with listings of the likes of Chaturbate, Brazzers, RealityKings, DDFNetwork among others. Fucking awesome, right?External porn site linksJust so you know how much these folks have put your porn thirst into consideration, they have listed down a couple of sites that are almost like theirs. You know what they say; the apple does not fall too far from the tree. These include;,, porn7xxx, TubeVsex, watch my GF and teen porn. Also, in as much as the prospect of chatting with models online for free is pretty much enticing it looks pretty much of a ploy to get you to sign up for a Chaturbate membership.Besides, they have provided a link to where the actual sauce really lies. Imagine having close to 200 sites both premium and free all listed down for you, reviewed, ranked and classified according to what sort of shit they table best. One thing that’s for sure being that this motherfucker is downright lethal with his skeptical views as he screens all the sites shit himself and even makes time to include their updates.MembershipsWell, accessing the porn blog site is literary free and so has streaming and download of videos been over the years but you know what people say that things change just like bullshit happens. Currently, they have introduced a keep to share premium membership which entails the usual basic registration bullshit and provisions for various premium packages.These comprise of the premium pro at 11.75 dollars per month for 50,000 MBS daily and premium $9.50 monthly for 20,000 MBS daily. Buying premium pro means that you get to enjoy; maximum download speed, download accelerators, simultaneous downloads, files are checked for viruses, my favorite files, unlimited video preview, anonymous downloads, bigger storage and max file size of 10GB while buying premium only guarantees you maximum download speed, download accelerators, simultaneous downloads, and resumable downloads.What I love about the SiteWell, the site is quite impressive right from the moment you step into the site the simple site design seemingly well suited for the site, with the dark background to facilitate smooth long browsing hours. The navigation system is pretty awesome too with all the basic sorting features, a search engine and perfectly working. There is also a nice touch of concern to users with a section where they can report dead links and another one with simple instructions on how to successfully request for videos. In addition, all the videos are of spectacular HD quality, the featured scenes are as hot as fuck plus there are totally messed up categories featured on the site.What I hate about the SiteFair or not, I really hate surprises, and you can guess what I probably hate more than that is a site that chooses to keep download costs of videos as a surprise to their users. This is the highest class of bullshit there can ever be, in fact, it's total nonsense! I am guessing it's difficult to term the site as a premium porn blog site which comprises of just links to videos they don’t even own and can only be streamed from clouds and downloaded at a fee. The banners and redirecting Ads make it a lot worse! Fuck you all motherfuckers!Suggestions I have for the siteNo one likes the feeling of being duped or coerced into bullshit so these folks should get their fucking shit together; write about themselves essentially including the premium payment download nonsense!ConclusionPorno Videos Hub would have been probably one of the best porn blog sites ever not only because they have the numbers but also because they feature a fucking treat of extremely naughty kinky porn categories. However, they are lying assholes, and you should prepare to sweat some coins to be able to download shit contrary to their promise!