Are you up all night ‘til the sun, up all night to get some? Well, if you’re up all night to get lucky, just remember that you’ll never, ever strike out with a good sex movie. The various free porn tubes on the Internet have plenty of them to keep you busy for a while. One good place to stay up all night for good fun is Daft Sex.The site has been around for years now, so obviously they’re doing something right. Their name isn’t simple, sexy and catchy enough to pull visitors just by existing. I’d be willing to bet many Americans think the word “daft” is part of a band name and nothing more. Who gives a shit, though? Let’s see what kind of fuck flicks they’ve got on tap.Up All Night to Get FuckyDaftSex.com has a very simple, streamlined design compared to most porn tubes. The header features a tiny logo that reminds me of the Warner Brothers shield, except it reads DS instead. Next to that are easy links to the Hottest videos, the Category page, their Pornstars list, and RandomTV.I clicked RandomTV almost immediately because I wanted to see what it did. A lot of porn sites will put outgoing links in the header, so you’ll suddenly find yourself on another site asking for your credit card if you want to see tits. The RandomTV button keeps you on DaftSex, but pulls up different categories, studios, sites, or pornstars. I got Alexsis Faye first, then EvilAngel, then Czech. Strangely, you’ll have to refresh the main page before you can click RandomTV again if you want something new.Right below the header is a shortlist of categories. I have no idea if it’s a random list or if it’s their top categories. If it’s the latter, it tells you something about the demographic who beats off to this site. Besides the expected categories like MILF and Asian, you’ve got Trans500, Shemale, and Stocking.The rest of the page is videos, a grid of 36 to be exact, each represented by a screengrab. You don’t get a preview when you hover over one with your mouse, but it will tell you when the clip was uploaded, how long it is, and how many perverts have pulled the pud to it so far.Without selecting a category, I see a wide range of straight porn already. I don’t see any that Shemale or Gay stuff they mentioned, but I do see girls sucking cock and fingering each other. I see babes getting fucked in the ass and getting their cunts eaten. It’s all full-length porn, too. The shortest videos seem to be at least 20 minutes, and many of them run a couple of hours.Videos are initially sorted by date added. Everything on the first page has been uploaded within the last eight hours, which gives you an idea how fast the site is growing.Instead of numbering their pages and letting you click around through them, Daft Sex just offers you a Show More button at the bottom. Instead of loading a fresh page, it shows you more by making the page longer and longer and longer. Without the last page and no other indicator to point you in the right direction, it’s hard to estimate just how big their collection of smut really is.Spam on the front page is minimal. With my ad-blocker deactivated, I get one ad with a cartoon dude eating a cartoon slut’s pussy. It’s for some service that claims to be sexier than Tinder, but I ain’t biting. With my ad-blocker turned on, the ad vanishes. The space it occupied fills in with more porn movies to watch instead of giving me a big, empty box that says ADVERTISEMENT.Let’s Watch Taylor SquirtI was feeling a bit thirsty, so I made my way over to the Category page and then clicked Squirt. Once you pull up the videos, you can sort them by Duration, Date Added, or Relevance. There’s also a box you can check if you’d like to limit your selection to HD movies only. What kind of knucklehead wants to a watch a slut spray "girlcum" at 480P?I chose a clip near the top of the page, featuring a screencap of Taylor Sands getting stuffed from behind. I got some spam in the form of a pop-up as soon as I clicked Play. The pop-up didn’t actually load, so I closed the empty tab and got back to watching this girl take cock in every hole.Unfortunately, the pop-up spam came with almost every video I tried to play. I have AdBlock Plus installed, but it’s not catching these. The spam is fucking weird and random when it loads, too. Instead of more porn, it’s off-brand search engines, Chinese outlet malls, and fake offers for $500 in gift cards.There was a tiny bit of buffering when I skipped around in the video to find the part where Taylor squirts. It was a couple of seconds at most, and usually, less than that, so definitely not long enough for my hard-on to go soft.DaftSex’s player has the standard stuff, like a Play/Pause button and a volume slider. You know the drill. Adjust the quality or watch it full-screen. Whatever. The fucking awesome thing baked into their player is the Download option. Click that cloud with the arrow on it and they present you with a few different quality options for saving the file.What Else Have These Perverts Got?The Category page lists 32 categories, which is actually pretty small compared to the exhaustive lists on other sites. The major sub-genres of porno are covered: Teen, Lesbian, Anal, Ebony, Deep Throat, and so forth. A Feet category is listed, but that’s about the only real fetish represented.That’s kind of weird. When I first pulled up the front page, one of the videos was Megan Winters strapped down to a table with chains attached to her nipples and some kind of fucking industrial vibrator shoved in her twat. The category page seems to imply they don’t have anything like that.I went back and found the video, which has the catchy title MEGAN WINTERS [ПОРНО, HD 1080, СЕКС, POVD, BRAZZERS, +18, HOME, ШЛЮХА, ДОМАШНЕЕ, BIG ASS, SEX, МИНЬЕТ, NEW PORN, BIG TITS]. Ah, you know what? I think I see what the issue is.DaftSex probably has a limited number of categories listed because they don’t have a basic tagging system like every other site on the entire Internet. I’m not talking about just porn sites. Every site that has videos uses tags to help organize and sort them. Well, every site except DaftSex, apparently.Since there’s no tagging system in place, all the categories in the clip have to be listed in a long, unwieldy title. When you click a category or pornstar from their respective pages, you’re literally just running a search of the video titles. Honestly, that’s kind of lame.Just for shits and giggles, I tried typing things into the search bar to see how deep their fetish collection went. Bondage, Femdom, Taboo, and Trampling all brought up healthy selections of kinky porn. A search for Shit brought up a few videos of slaves forced to eat feces, plus a bunch of Metallica bootlegs for some reason. Someone is either using the site to share their thrash metal collection or they’re still mad about that Napster thing.The moral here, kids, is that if you’re looking for something special, you should type it in the search bar. The Category page is what’s on the shelf, the search bar is the clerk pulling the good stuff from under the counter.DaftSex has a damn fine selection of nasty movies in lots of genres, and it’s all right at your sticky fingertips for free. While the spam sucks, it’s manageable compared to some other sites. Just keep your adblocker activated and be ready to close some pop-ups.The streamlined design of the site looks beautiful, but is actually their weakest link. It lacks basic features that would make the site so much easier to search and browse. I hope to see DaftSex step up their game in the future, but the site is still a decent porno tube to get your rocks off to.