Visiting a basic porn site, with just naughty videos and no complicated bullshit is sometimes all I need to relax, and that is exactly what likuoo.video is all about. However, every site has its ups and downs, and for those who actually give a crap about the good and bad stuff about a porn site, I am here to tell you all you need to know. You can trust me since I am an expert when it comes to such stuff!The site is designed in such a simple way, you can literally tell that it took them fucking 5 minutes and that is about it… okay, fine that might have been a bit harsh, but seriously their design is very fucking simple. On the bright side, it does show all the important features of a porn site, so there is nothing to worry about, as you will find everything you want with ease.I know that many of you are way more interested in the content this site has to offer and not the design, but if you have read any of my other reviews you should also know that I do fucking care about the design. I prefer my pornographic content to be as high quality as the website, but since this is a free porn site, you cannot expect too much from it.You literally just have a homepage and many different videos listed, and below you can see their small introduction. On top, you have some options given as well, but nothing special really, this is why I called this place ‘basic’. I mean, you will understand everything once you actually fucking visit the site. I shall discuss the crap that matters the most now, the actual content.As you already know, this site mostly offers videos, and you will get to see clips from some of the most known sites as well as famous pornstars. Most of the videos here are actually taken from other known premium porn websites, and you will be able to tell which sites are those since they will still have the original site’s logo on the videos, so I mean, it is quite fucking obvious.However, why the fuck would we care, right? We get to watch free premium content that is not really of the highest quality but it is still quite fucking hot, and that is all that matters in my book. Sure, I prefer sites that are full HD, but as long as sites are watchable, I do not really mind, and I am sure that you fuckers do not fucking care as long as the site is free and offers good content.I checked out their videos, obviously, and I have seen some very hot stuff here. The first video I opened actually featured one of my favorite porn babes Angela White, who is a stunnin’ brunette with a big pair of bouncing tatas. Well, she actually has a shit ton of videos here, from having a naughty solo session to sharing a scene with her girlfriend and even getting fucked by a hard BBC… now, that beauty can do anything!I also ran into a couple of Brazzers videos that were actually of high quality, which fucking surprised me. It was a video featuring Lena Paul who was giving home care to her man, and she was definitely not dressed in the traditional nurse outfit if you know what I mean. I am sure that there is no need for me to explain just what kind of care she had to offer…Is there any need to go over the videos I saw here? As I said, they are very basic, and not many of them cover a certain fetish… I saw some videos from BangBros, RealityKings, Mofos, and so on… I think you fucking get the gist. There were plenty of lesbian clips, as well as solos and just random banging sessions with an actual plot. What I can really appreciate is that most of their shit is in HD, or of solid quality.You are given only three options, the homepage, categories, and pornstars, so that is the only shit I can even mention. The categories actually cover the basic shit, which was nice. You also have two tags that one does not often see, the FULL HD and HD category, as well as some kinkier tags, like bukkake, squirting, VR porn, and different ethnicity.I think that everyone who is not into some weird crap will find the crap that satisfies them here because you have a lot of random clips featuring the usual pornography. When I call porn videos ‘basic’ or ‘usual’, what I mean is that no specific fetish will be covered; like choking, pee, titty fuck, scat or anything that is quite specific, but that does not mean that you are not able to find videos that offer some of those acts, but you cannot find the videos that will offer just those categories… does that make any fucking sense?Well, it does not really matter, if you do not know what the hell I mean, just visit the site yourself and explore… There is also the pornstars' page where you will have a list of beauties who are featured here listed, and you can view only the videos where a particular chick was shown, which is great for all those fuckers who actually have a favorite pornstar… I have many.I would just like to say that you should not expect too much from this site, but at the same time this place is not really bad or anything, it is just basic. There are plenty of great HD and solid quality porn videos, and you can watch all of them for free, which is nice. So, if you are not into some bizarre crap, I am sure you will find the right content for yourself on likuoo.video (often misspelled as "likouu", "likeoo" and "likuoo.com").