Casting Porno Tube! If you are not some fucking greenhorn with no experience of porn, then you must have watched at least one casting video. If you have not, what the fuck have been you been jerking off to? Luckily for y’all thankless toads, today I’m in a generous mood, so I’ll give you a low down of this popular and recognizable niche.It is actually based on a simple premise; a young woman hoping to break into the porn industry enters a room outfitted with a coach. From there, the casting director, usually a horny male with his eye firmly set on some fresh pussy, starts the interview with a set of probing questions before getting the girl to undress. One thing leads to another and before long, the aspiring professional fucker is on the receiving end of some heavy pounding so she can land the job. The best part is the scenarios are mostly realistic with the girls’ amateur charm and (naivety) most likely the reason why.It has been done a million times, but Casting-Porno-Tube, the site up or review today have been doing this niche justice for a number of years. The site has a huge collection of amateur girls, the kind that looks like your ex or your college crush, giving the male casting agent a little extra love in the form of a blowjob and sex. The videos are handpicked to make sure you don’t see the same girl in more than two videos which keeps the content (and cast) fresh as fuck. Do these girls ultimately get the job? There is no fucking job for them; blowing, fucking, and anal fuck maybe. Hey, I don’t want to give everything away at this juncture so keep reading to know more about this fantastic source of your dirty casting porn fantasies.The best of casting pornAs with regular acting, girls who want to work in the porn industry have to audition sometimes. In a similar situation to their non-nude peers, the wannabe pornstars find themselves in a situation where they have to make a casting video when they meet the producers, directors and agents. For regular actors, this involves reading the line but for aspiring cum dumpsters? It includes more than just taking their clothes off.However, if you thought this casting porn thing is just a fucked-up reality gimmick revolving around tricking amateur girls into losing their dignity (sometimes it involves painful first time anal), then you need to take a closer look at the content. Luckily, I’ll give you a head start.Getting the party startedAnd therein comes my first gripes with the site; how dare they ask me to confirm that I’m overage? Damn, these sites need to show some fucking respect to the dons. So, what if I’m below 18, but I still wanna fap? What’s stopping me from accessing all the debauchery here? See where I’m going with this? That whole age verification shit? It’s fucking counterproductive, and that’s just me saying it nicely.Once I got over that small ‘misunderstanding’, I was pleased to find that someone at Casting-Porno-Tube had the presence of mind to make the background black. That was a fucking stroke of genius as not only does it allow me to comfortably go about my fap business at night, it also gives the site a kinky feel. It allows you to easily take in the bevy of beauties lined up on the homepage ready to spice up your fap sessions with some ‘reality’ based porn without worrying about losing your eyesight.Apart from a few ads that are not too distracting to be fair, Casting-Porno-Tube almost has a premium vibe about it. They introduce you to this XXX party with the latest videos. The videos have no previews which is a pity because judging from the length (some run well over an hour) they seem action-packed. However, you can see the number of views each video has garnered although I have an issue with the rating system. The scenes either have a 0% or 100% rating and nothing in between which makes me doubt the authenticity of their rating system.Addressing the meta areasThere are several header links in the top menu, but not all of them will prove useful. First is the atrocious home button (why sites insist on having it is baffling), then you have the categories tab, tags, actors, and Our Friends which takes you to a list of sites Casting-Porno-Tube considers friends.The rest of the tabs lead to third party destinations among them hot sex game, Chat with a Slut, and a link to Theporndude.com among others. However, just because they spared a tab for my site doesn’t mean they’ll easily get off the hook so you can expect me to call out any hint of mediocrity.Apart from the tags and categories, you may use the search option at the top to narrow down your searches and use the browsing menu at the bottom of the thumbnails to dig further deep into this archive. Note that you can sort the videos by latest, most viewed, longest, popular, and random.Strictly an amateur partyThe best thing about the collection at Casting-Porno-Tube is the girls are 100% amateur. There are absolutely zero pornstars, and you may as well jerk off to your buddy’s wife. All the girls have no prior experience in the porn industry and even better, are handpicked to ensure no girl appears in more than one or two scenes. It makes for a fresh cast which is unlike other porn tubes that recycle pornstars. You can see the lineup of babes from the actor's tab although individual model pages have no information about the girls apart from the videos they’ve featured in.Categorically speakingThe scenes at Casting-Porno-Tube are a bit more diverse than mere girls who are wannabe pornstars getting fucked by directors. There is a bit more variety that you will appreciate when you click on the categories tab. The categories include;Backroom casting couch; this category has loads of hot videos where the girls are performing with an agent to get a job and end up being brutally fucked.Girls do porn; this series covers true amateurs who are paid to have sex with strangers, and you can look forward to double penetrations, reverse cowgirls, anal fuck and much more.Czech casting; get your daily dose of the best looking Eastern Europe sluts showing off their dick sucking and fucking skills.MOM POV; totally amateur and obviously horny MILFs get to do just one porn movie in their lives. Wanna see the action? She could be your English teacher!Needless to say, there is more where that came from.High quality flicks but playing the video is a bummerThe bad news away first; playing the videos here is an absolute nightmare. When you click on a scene, a blank window initially opens, which is annoying enough. But it gets worse. When you manage to do away with that, you are greeted by an annoying ad on the video player which sometimes run for a whole 25 seconds before you can play the video! What the fuck is that about? It’s absolutely shambolic.You will need the patience of a snail to get through, but at least there is a reward in the end; the videos are available in solid qualities with a good chunk streaming at 720p. Remember these are premium videos from top studios although you will probably need a membership to those sites to get the full resolution. That said, they are only available for streaming, and the video player doesn’t even have the option to go full screen.Things to love about Casting-Porno-TubeBrilliant ideas; the videos have good plots full of creativity, and the whole casting niche is a fantastic idea.100% amateur; the high production values notwithstanding, the cast is purely amateur with no established pornstar in the lineup.Updates; users can check out some fresh scenes added to the site regularly.Things to hate about Casting-Porno-TubeAds; there are plenty of annoying ads, especially on the video player making it a nightmare to stream videos.Awful video player; the video player is mediocre and lacks even basic options like going full screen.How the site can improveAdd descriptions to the scenes. With no preview features, that would be the best option for users to know what to expect in the scenes.Besides, the site should add details in the personal model pages more so because they are amateurs and little is known about them.The final verdictIf you love watching amateur women doing the casting-couch thing among other scenarios, Casting-Porno-Tube is a solid pick with hundreds of reality themed porn videos to check out. The collection is available for free and in decent qualities, so there is nothing to lose by paying the site a visit. The ads are a menace, but that comes with the free content territory. Ultimately, the collection lives up to the hype.