Siska.tv is a website entirely dedicated to all kinds of pornography, no bullshit, just straight up porn. When I say "straight-up," I really mean it. It's almost all straight porn in here, some of it is fit for an LGBTQ audience, but for the most part, you're going to get guy on girl stuff, and that's about it. I mean, it's a Russian website after all! Homosexual stuff surely isn't too popular on a page such as this one. Russians don't see homosexuality as something nice, that's for sure, but oh well. They still jerk it off to lesbians a lot, which is kinda hypocritical, but that's a topic for some other occasion. Either way, it's best for us to focus on the more important things, which would be the popular content of this website, straight pornography. Did I mention that even though this website is a Russian website that it is also available in English?Well, now I did. It's a very nice thing since it's not only English websites that provide you with decent content, but rather, it's often these foreign pages that are crowded with great content, but what's the point if you can't understand what they're saying? Exactly! So, the owners of Siska.tv have made sure that this page is available in the English language, just like it is available in Russian. It's pretty neat, but you can always just whip out the google translator which happens to work just fine on most occasions, which is a great thing.The first impression of this page is quite nice. It looks like your average tube website, filled with tons and tons of pornography, and obviously, the abundance of hot thumbnails as soon as you open this website up is supposed to overwhelm you. I mean, you don't even know where to start from. It's just titties and asses all over the god damn place, and it's all kinds of girl that you get to see here as well. Some of them are white, some of them are black, some of them are Asian, too. So, no matter which race you fetishize, you're going to have a good time on Siska.tv, that's for sure. Then, if you want to see some older gals getting their guts wrecked by a horny hunk, this is still a great place to be, furthermore, if you're keen on seeing a skinny teen get their pussy fucked as hard as possible, this is still a great place to search.As I said, all kinds of pornography are available in here, but it's never going to be some really, really hardcore stuff, so rather, be ready for some vanilla-ish stuff. I know, I know, what the hell would you even call "vanilla"? Well, a few years ago it was porn where you would see shit like a couple fucking with the lights down in their bed while holding hands and shit. With time, the definition broadened, and now "vanilla" means a couple who like to choke each other until they almost pass out, having hardcore anal sex. Yep. It's like that these days. Even ass licking is considered to be vanilla stuff these days, so it's quite obvious that times change. So, what exactly is vanilla porn? Well, when I say vanilla porn, I mean that you will find stuff that most people are able to masturbate to.Even if ass eating isn't your thing in real life, for example, you still might be able to masturbate to it. Even if anal sex isn't your thing in real life, you might still be able to jack it to some dude pounding a chick with a fat ass up the colon. See where I'm going? However, most people aren't able to get off to BDSM, porn where people shit and piss all over each other, hardcore torture porn isn't that entertaining for the few of us who are into some hardcore stuff in real life as well. So, basically, the type of content you get in here is all kinds of fucking where people don't cut each other and shit and piss on each other. That's the best way to put it.Now, we should talk about some other things, such as the design of this website and all the things that can be found on it. I'll say right away that you don't get a lot of tabs on Siska.tv, which is completely fine, as we really don't need them on a page such as this one. I mean, we're here for the pornography, we're not going to look for material to write an essay about why pornography is good for male health or something. They keep it simple, and we like it simple. Furthermore, they don't care that much about the visuals, so keep that in mind. If you're looking for a page with a lot of eye candy, this ain't it, chief.The design of Siska!I'm not sure if "siska" means "titty" in Russian, but I think it does. What a beautiful Titty this is! A titty so nice you get to see tons and tons of gorgeous thumbnails on, with the time of the porno displayed right underneath every thumbnail, while you also get to see the name of the movie right above the thumbnail. It's gorgeous stuff. Did I just call this website a titty? I sure did. I hope you've been paying attention so far because these past 50-ish words might have been a bit too confusing for you.Now, I'd also like to mention that there are little to no advertisements on this page as well, which is a huge plus in my book. I mean, I'm the type of person to absolutely loathe advertisements, and for this reason, I like to keep them out as much as possible. Siska.tv does this job very well, so I'm pretty happy with the time I spend on the website. Now, let's take a look at some other aspects of the page...what about the tabs I mentioned?The perks of Siska.tvSiska.tv technically has like four tabs, but most of them aren't really that useful. For starters, the "home" tab is the tab that pops up when you open the website up, and that's where you get a bunch of random videos piled up, and you can view the videos that have been posted today, or you can choose to view videos that were posted in the past week, or rather, you can choose to view videos that were posted in the past month, and that's about it. The homepage doesn't have a lot of perks.Then, we have the "new videos" tab, which is a tab I don't visit often. I mean, Siska.tv already has tons and tons of movies, I'm not very keen on seeing new ones until I check out the old ones, and I don't think I'll ever get to see them all, anyway.Then, there's a tab all about the channels on this page, and one more about the categories of Siska.tv. It's great that a website such as this one has a tab dedicated to categories. I mean, if you're going to run a porno website, you're going to make sure that all of these videos are categorized. Some websites don't have a tab dedicated to categories, or they don't even have any tags, and that's pretty fucking horrible, because it fucks the experience up a whole lot for me, and for a lot of horny men as well, but oh well.The categories are pretty weird, to be honest. First off, there's a category called "drunk sex," which is a bit confusing. Then, there are categories such as "18-23 years old", which is weird as well. I mean, you might as well call it the "teens and girls who happen to look like teens" category. Now, there's a category that is dedicated to feet, but it's not really just called "feet," but rather, it's called "Footjob. NIce legs", which was pretty fucking funny to me, but oh well. I'm not into feet, really. Oh yeah, and there's a category called "In Spanish" for some reason. Clicking around on this tab has proven to be quite fatal, as clicking pretty much anywhere will cause an ad to pop up. There's a category called "the tin," too, which is quite weird. What does that mean?Let's finish this offAll in all, it's a decent page if you're not a gay guy, because I don't think I've seen any gay porn on this page, at all. There is also no "gay" category in here, but there are tons of Lesbians on this page for some reason. However, straight men are going to have a blast on this page, that's for sure.