Pink Dino

<p>Howdy fellow "pink dino" enthusiasts. Are you ready to get your hands filthy in the land of laces, pussies, dicks, and titties aka This site will solve all your blue balls problems with their impressive archive lining up the sexiest and naughtiest sluts as well as nasty porn stars earning their living from having their wet twats stretched by all manner of meat rods.The result? An unbelievable collection of smut covering all possible niches available at your disposal for, you guessed it, free. I know you like jerking off without putting a dent in my bank statement and like the generous motherfucker I am, I’m presenting you with yet another free destination for you to fulfill all your lustful desires. Isn’t it time y’all fucks gave me a medal? Going through an entire site to give y’all unthankful, horny bastards a place to wank it is backbreaking work. Not like I expect you to understand.Anyway, with literally tens of thousands of videos, it would be practically impossible to leave this site without having found something to make your dick hard. The variety of smut is simply mindboggling, and you can find any fetish here. Think I’m kidding? Let’s dive in together and take a deeper look.Ignore the designThe first thing you notice is the awful organization of content. While the homepage is brimming with videos, it appears like they have been haphazardly thrown around with no semblance of order whatsoever. The videos come with thumbnails previews to be fair, but it would have been so much better if the site indicated whether they are the most popular videos, newest or whatever. At least to give users a clue of where to start.Don’t even get me started about how awful the fucking design is. You’d think a site called would at least feature a colorful outlook, but it is so dull and plain it is almost painful to look at. At least these fucks could have tried. Apart from the videos on the main page, the rest is just a plain fucking mess. No navigation bar, no categories, or any sorting/filtering feature. These folks probably think it’s enough just throwing videos right into your face. They are highly mistaken.Anyway, it gets the job done, and that’s perhaps the most important thing. Think of it like that college slut that you’ve never thought of fucking, but you have been seeing her long enough for the naughty idea to creep in. In any case, I’m guessing you’d have no problem with the design if I kept my mouth shut about it so I will just move on to something more important to your fapping journey.A huge fucking catalogThe lack of a fancy design aside, know exactly what they are doing and have wasted no time in taking you straight into the thick of the action. For starters, use the search feature at the top right to get specific with your poison, but if you don’t have something in mind, the site has presented you with the niches they think ‘might be interesting.’ Among the options include creampie, orgasm, handjob, interracial, gangbang, Japanese schoolgirl anal, and hairy mature, among others. There is no shortage of kinky action either including real mom son incest, rape scenes, granny anal, spanking, fisting, dirty talk, groping, ass to mouth, cumshots, femdom and other sick shit for those who get off kinkier variety of smut.Their content is sourced from other porn tubes, and the site is quick to deny any responsibility for the content on any website which they link to, but at least they have been sensible enough to include an embedded video player, and users will be able to play the videos on the site, although pressing play initially takes you to a stupid ad page. This might be a fap mood killer, but it is the price to pay for your love of free things. Below each video is a list of tags that should come in handy, especially considering there are not too many browsing options.The homepage is already full with steamy porn scenes, but you get a better idea of how huge the catalog is once you look at the browsing menu which indicates there are a whopping 57,510 pages to browse. How long do you think it would take you to jerk off to all those videos without running out of sperms? Think about it and get back, maybe?Mobile users, they’ve got your asses coveredWant to sneak away from your girlfriend and check out all of this shit from your mobile device? Very well. The site has a well-functioning mobile version that I daresay looks better than the desktop version. It is still lacking in beauty, but at least the content doesn’t look as disorganized or hastily put together like on the main site. The site loads fast, and although it will subject you to the same annoying redirects once you attempt to play a video, you will still be able to rub one out on the road or whatever without too many’s partners in crimeWhat’s better than having thousands of boiling hot XXX vids at your disposal? Everything is available for fucking free. No registration bullshit, no premium access or any of that shit. You will have access to the collection without paying a cent. Even better, the site has lined up a list of ‘friendly sites’ at the top of the page where you are likely to find more ball draining content should you not be satisfied by the content already at your disposal. They include Xvideos, Beeg, TXXX, Fapvid, and DTVideo. Just for the sake of providing some diversity. I see where is going with that. Additionally, the site has plenty of location-specific smut for you to stroke your one-eyed willy. They include Japanese, French, Indian, Arabic, Russian, Czech, British, and Asian, among others.Quality and length varies depending on where the video was sourced from, but I could see plenty of flicks with an HD icon although, to be honest, most of the videos come in average quality. With no option to sort the content by quality, you will have to jump from one video to another, hoping to find one with the ideal quality. The same can be said of the length with most of the videos running below 5 minutes. Of course, there will be plenty of long videos for y’all seasoned fap masters, but locating them is the real challenge, again a product of having no sorting options.Admirable features of Pinkdino.comHuge archive; there is a massive collection of porn in this hub, and users will be able to get off whatever gives them the diamonds from the tens of thousands of hot and depraved scenes.Diverse content; not only is the collection huge, but the scenes also cover different niches, and the diversity of content is illustrated by the abundance of tags. The site has tried to cover as many tastes and fetishes as possible and deserves recognition for their efforts.Embedded video player; you can play any of the videos on site without having to worry about being redirected to the hosting site each time you try to play a video thanks to the site’s embedded player.Free content; all the above and you don’t even gotta pay shit for it. What more could you possibly wish for?Possible concernsNo sorting features; you will have to pick your way through the massive archive as there are no sorting features to help you nail down a specific kind of flick. Besides the tags and a list of categories at the top of the main page, you are basically on your own.Looks utterly disorganized; for all its huge, diverse archive, the way the content is arranged leaves a lot to be desired. It looks like the work of a fucking amateur for fuck’s sake.What I think should be doneStart by working on content organization. I could do a better job than the crap organization being served currently. The design also looks ugly as fuck and could do with revamping ASAP. While at it, would the site be sensible enough to add a few more sorting features? I certainly would have loved an option to browse the content by pornstars.ConclusionThey say to each their own and Pinkdino is yet another source of free smut to add to your list. It has everything you could ask from a porn tube with plenty of videos covering loads of niches. Better turn off the lights and lock your door as things are about to get real fappy.</p>