Tube Safari’s got a funny name for a porn site. I mean, you’re reading this review on ThePornDude, so you already know what it is, but imagine if you didn’t. It’s got a totally wholesome sound like someplace you might take your family on a hot summer day. I wonder how many folks pull up the site thinking they’ll be able to rent an inner tube and float around on a lazy artificial river. And considering they get sixty million visits a month, I’m guessing it’s more than a few.Of course, you know a little better than that. If you follow my link to, it’s because you know it’s a free porn video site with plenty of content to shake your dick at. That isn’t an uncommon site on the Internet, but as I said, these guys are getting a fair amount of traffic. I don’t even like to review free tubes unless they’re getting at least as much traffic as your mom, which is why I’m lubing up to take this one for a little test fap. With any luck, I’ll be here all day.Surfing Through the Tube SafariTubeSafari’s actually been around since 2015, but don’t feel bad if you’re late to the party. That just means there’s more fun to be had because they’ve been building up the collection for a long time. Six years is a goddamn lifetime in Internet years, and these guys have been growing the whole time. To date, there are more than 22 million videos listed on the site.Some of you are probably wondering how in the fuck they can have that many videos, dwarfing even some of the biggest names in the game. Pornhub, for example, only has about 3.3 million, XNXX has 8.7 million, and xVideos is finally closing in on 10 million. Well, the secret is that TubeSafari isn’t technically a porn tube but a porn search engine.That means they’re indexing and embedding movies from a bunch of video tubes. As soon as I started clicking on thumbnails, I noticed that a lot of the videos were hosted on Pornhub. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a complete list of sites included on TubeSafari, but it’s safe to say they’ve got many of them. You don’t come up with 22 million dirty movies just by skimming from a couple of sources.What Kind of Smut is on the Menu?A setup like this comes with some huge fucking advantages, many of which are obvious to anybody with a pulse or a boner. For one thing, the range of content is fucking ridiculous, and I mean that in the best way possible. Right now, the front page features ebony threesomes, redhead doggystyle, big-assed MILFs having orgasms in the kitchen, and a Japanese girl getting fucked with a banana in a gangbang. There are also squirting and lesbians, BDSM and POV blowjobs, stepmom incest, and weird medical fetishes. I haven’t even gotten off the first page yet!And just who do you think is making all those fuck flicks? There’s plenty of amateur stuff in the pile, to be definite, but you’ll also find some of the biggest, most popular, and well-known brands in porno. There are movies from DogFarts, Reality Kings, BangBros, PervMom, and Digital Playground, and I just pulled those off the front page without even scrolling. This place is dense with the fucking good stuff, my friend, so it’s not like you’re going to have weak blue-balled semi-flaccid faps to 22 million junk pornos.It goes without saying that if you’ve got the big studios and premium sites in the stack at Tube Safari, you’re also going to find the world’s hottest pornstars. Again, without leaving the front page, I see Alex Coal and Candace Von having some lesbian fun, Brittney Amber banging her stepson, Lela Star taking it up the ass, and Alexis Fawx masturbating in the shower. Then, just for shits and giggles, I typed Abella Danger’s name in the search bar. TubeSafari came back with no fewer than 2,000 videos starring the big-bootied Cuban goddess. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a break from writing this for a few hours.On the same note, I do wish had a Pornstars page and a Studios page. Those can be helpful when you’re browsing but not quite sure what you want to beat off today. Ultimately, I think the search engine will find pretty much any video whore or studio you can think of, but sometimes it’s fun to browse. I always like the pornstar galleries with thumbnails because I usually find some sexy new babes whose names I didn’t know.There is a nice Categories index, though. It’s got a few dozen thumbnailed subgenres of smut and a much longer text list. And considering how many videos have been listed on Tube Safari, it’s a surprisingly trim and well-maintained list, without all the overlapping and redundant tags you find on similar sites. They’ve clearly put effort into it, which I appreciate as both a porn reviewer and a fan of the stuff.Let’s Get into This Smut!If you’re the kind of indecisive motherfucker who gets hung up trying to choose something to watch on Netflix, the 22 million videos on might be a little bit overwhelming. Sometimes I’m not sure exactly where to start my fap test, but I knew right from the jump in this case. They’ve got the typical cookie setup where they track what you’re watching and serve up a “Recommended For You” section at the top of the screen. This is my first time visiting, so it’s random stuff in this section, but it’s like they read my fucking mind.One of the thumbnails at the top of the screen is this thick redhead with a big ass getting hammered doggystyle, and I’ve been thinking about it the whole time I’ve been typing this up, my hard dick banging against the bottom of my desk. So it seemed like the perfect place to dig in and see just how fappable this site really is.It’s a seven-minute Pornhub video. And since it’s embedded and streaming from the hub itself, there’s plenty of bandwidth - I didn’t notice any buffering at all when I clicked the Play button. After the Pornhub drum intro, the video showed me a back-end view of this babe rocking back and forth on all fours. The blue bedsheets offer a nice contrast to her beautiful tan skin, really emphasizing that jiggly ass. Finally, she flips over, spreads her legs, and starts rubbing her pussy meat for the camera.It’s a fantastic bit of homemade smut that segues smoothly into a blowjob before we get to see some POV doggystyle. The resolution is fucking excellent for an amateur movie, and the runtime is a hell of a lot better than those 30-second blowjob clips people always take on their iPhones.Of course, Tube Safari doesn’t really have much to do with the flick except for indexing it and including it on their site. It can be hard to judge sites like this based on the content you’re beating off to since really they’re just collecting it. What matters is the quality of the collection; there’s a goddamn good reason people use Google instead of Bing, and it’s the same reason you’d want to load up TubeSafari instead of some off-brand bullshit porn site that’s full of spam and lousy videos.Oh, and speaking of spam, I did not see a single fucking ad during my visit. Perhaps that’s partly because I always use an adblocker, as anybody with more than half a brain would, but that’s also a reflection on the site. I’m always getting requests to review spammy shitholes where they blow up your browser with malicious ads that slip through your plugins and try to steal your identity. That shit isn’t happening here, and that says a lot on a site where you can watch 22 million videos.I know I keep dropping that number, but at the end of the day, it’s one of’s strongest points. There are very few sites out there that have this much free porn available in one place, especially with the convenience you’re going to find here. No wonder they’ve stuck around this long and maintained a big-ass userbase. This is a fucking killer porn search engine!