Porzo.com, aka GigaGalleries.com! You watch a lot of porn. You’re the master of having a dozen different tabs open while you flit from video to video with the expertise of a true mastermind. But did you ever stop to consider that there might be a better way? Not all of you fucks out there have the pleasure of having multiple monitors going at once to handle the dozens of tabs. What if you could do all of that in one single tab? One site to rule them all . . . maybe. We’ll see. But I’m talking about a free porn directory site with millions of videos.Porzo.com is exactly that. It’s a free porn site that provides links to over 40 million different videos from all across the internet. You won’t get any videos hosted on-site or anything like that, but you will get a metric fuck ton of options. And Porzo.com has been amassing some seriously sexy content since way back in early 2005. But that’s not the only impressive figure. This giant site draws in nearly 10 million people to it every single month. That’s thousands upon thousands of site views every day!Simple Site Design Makes Navigating Their Massive Catalog EasyThe site has a solid design and layout. It’s not much different than what you would expect of any other porn directory site out there. But the dark theme and flashy logo are definitely nice touches. The homepage has a long list of popular categories to pick and choose from. There’s a header up top that has options for “All Categories, Most Popular Videos, New Videos, and Highest Rated.”You can also filter the entire site by straight, gay, or shemale, and you can plug some shit up in the search bar if you’re looking for a particular video. Other than that, you can view a list of sites in the same network as Porzo. That’s it. Simple, sweet, and straight to the point. Just like a hot and heavy quickie in a locked bathroom.No bullshit ad clutter either. I mean, unless you count every link on the site, but that’s the point. At least there aren’t any pop-ups or redirects to fuck around with. Honestly, that’s one of the best things about directory sites. You don’t have to deal with any shitty ads on the site itself.Thousands of Kinky Fetish Categories for you Degenerate Freaks out ThereBet let’s dive right into this. Man, oh man, the category list is impressive. Yeah, of course, they should have a lot on a site like this, but they really go above and beyond here. The initial 100 or so popular categories have sexy preview images for them, but the rest are all organized alphabetically beneath them. Well over a thousand or two of the damn things. You’ve got everything from vanilla shit like “Emo, Blonde, Solo, Natural Tits, and Exhibitionist” to more fetish heavy categories like “Extreme Anal Sex, Cock and Ball Torture, Fisting, Lesbian Slave Play, and Breath Play.”You don’t get a video count next to every category on this main page, but you do get a number once you click over to the category. And, damn, there really are a lot of damn videos here. Even a weirder section like “Dares” has over 22 thousand videos to choose from. Once you choose a kinky category to get off to, you’ll get a full page of video previews. This is all the same as the popular, new, and highest rated sections, so I won’t going over those. It would just be me repeating the same shit at you again.Do you ever date some slut who does that shit? Man, I fucking hate it when she just repeats the same shit I say like 5 minutes later. Even worse when we’re fucking! Bitch is repeating my quality dirty talk back at me like a parrot that was hit in the head one too many times. Alright, alright, I’ve gotten off track.You can sort any of the category pages by a wide variety of options like popularity, date, duration, rating, video quality, or the site it came from. Pretty good selection for this kind of site. I’m always bummed when I see a sexy preview and try to click over only to find that it was shot in fucking 480p. At least here you can filter out all of the shit videos before you even click over.Decent Previews and a Ton of Handy Filter OptionsThe previews are alright. You can’t expect too terribly much from them when they have over 40 million videos to catalog. You get a small preview image that shows the duration of the video, who uploaded it, when it was uploaded, the title that will occasionally have the pornstar’s name in it, and what it’s rating out of 100 percent is. And, unlike other sites, there’s actually a thumbs up or down button that allows you to rate the video yourself. For real, I feel like so many other sites just pull ratings out of their ass and throw them on there.From here out, you’re not dealing with Porzo.com anymore. Every video is linked out to a variety of different porn sites. They’re usually free porn tube sites, but your mileage may vary. Most of the sites they link to are pretty safe, so you don’t need to be worried about viruses or shit like that unless you go desperately clicking on dick lengthening ads. Plus, you can see what site it’s going to take you to beneath every video. And the user experience and ads will be different on each site, so it’s hard to say how you’ll fare. It’s a lot of trial and error when it comes to this site.Solid Mobile SiteAs expected, the mobile site is great. I mean, they haven’t go too much that they need to do compared to other sites that actually host content. The mobile site has a darker theme than the desktop version and is formatted to work well across devices. No wonky menus, broken links, or annoying ads to wade through. All of the same menu options and site functions are still available to you. It’s a quality mobile site that makes it easy for you to browse slews of sexy content while on the move.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Porzo.com is easily the fact that they have over 40 million videos to pick and choose from. I can be as picky as I want here without worrying about ads or memberships blocking me from that sweet, sweet nut. With so many videos you get the added benefit of being able to browse thousands of incredibly sexy fetish categories that you might not get on your plain old porn tube site.And this site definitely rocks it when it comes to organization. They beat most of the other directory sites I’ve used. Plenty of easy to use filter options, alphabetically organized categories, and more. It’s an OCD nerd's wet dream. Or, well, anyone's wet dream when I think about it.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI think some improvements to the previews could be made. Just making them twice as big would be fucking great. It’s like porn for ants up in here as it is. Having the exact video quality tagged or something would be fucking great as well. And adding in a video count next to the categories on the master list would be a nice touch. All of those are minor nitpicks though. This site knows what it is and does it well.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Porzo.com is a very solid porn directory sites. Sometimes sites like these suffer from poor organization and sloppy design. Not Porzo! This site absolutely kills it. It’s easy as fuck to browse through their incredibly massive catalog of 40+ million video, and it’s just as easy to check out all of their naughty fetish categories as well. It’s a site that pulls content in from all of the best free porn tube sites and makes it a breeze to browse. Never deal with popping between different tabs while you jerk off ever again. Ditch that shit and go to Porzo.com for every video you could ever want.