I know that only the most passionate porno fans need fast and reliable porn when they’re in need of a good fap, and I must say that I’ve never been hit with such a monumental collection so suddenly after opening a website as I have with IWank.tv. These guys cut the bullshit and get straight to the point when it comes to good old-fashioned fuck flicks – as soon as you enter the domain you’re blasted with nothing but the most popular porn categories, neatly piled up in large images.The minimalistic design of the site and the lack of alternate options really go the extra mile when it comes to getting to the point, there are almost no distractions on this website, and the only thing they want you to focus on is their featured content. They don’t specialize in a specific niche in pornography, they don’t blast you with ads, and they don’t give you alternatives to choose from. 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If you have something specific in mind, you might just be able to find it by searching for it here instead of rummaging through 50 videos in one masturbation session and ending up wasting a whole two hours on just jerking off. The search bar here functions purely with tags, so you should keep that in mind if you’re ever planning on searching for that perfect video to cum to.It’s More of a XXX Video Directory than Anything ElseNow, this might catch you by surprise or even disappoint you, but none of the videos featured on this website can actually be opened up and played right there on the spot. IWank tv is much more of a universal glossary of seemingly every porno video on the internet than a porn website itself.Every video thumbnail you see here will take you elsewhere if you click on it – there are virtually hundreds of alternate XXX websites which host the video links on this website, so you never really know where you’ll end up once you choose your preferred fuck-flick. You might end up watching a Japanese girl get raped on a train by 20 businessmen on XNXX, or end up seeing El Jordi get sodomized by two voluptuous milfs on XHamster.The Video Thumbnails Don’t Move, UnfortunatelyOne of the most basic necessities of any porn-fan is being able to see what their video will be like before actually opening it, so they don’t accidentally open up a clip featuring a hot 10/10 blonde undressing during the first 2 minutes and proceeding to get ass-fucked by 5 guys for the rest of the video.Back in the 00s, XXX sites didn’t really have moving thumbnails, so you never really knew how your video of choice would turn out, but since almost every porn site has them today it’s only natural that they become a norm. In short, the large thumbnails for the abundant number of videos on this website do not move at all, which means that they’re nothing more than deceitful images, and that is just fucking disappointing to find out.Lack of Video Search ParametersDespite having a fuckton of videos enough for a whole small nation to masturbate to for days, and despite having a functioning search bar, this site doesn’t have much going for it when it comes to defining what you want to search for. Sure, you can easily type in “granny dp” and something is bound to pop up, but you can’t play around with different search options in order to create the right kind of search results for your preference.You can’t sort videos by relevance, upload date, sexuality, and other attributes – the best you could hope for is sorting them by their duration, the only search parameter enabled by this website. That kinda sucks because if you saw a hot redhead goth girl on the bus and decided to search for a video on this site with a girl that has those features, you’ll probably end up searching so long that you’ll lose your will to jack off.The Video Links Redirect You to Different SitesAs was previously mentioned, none of the vids on this website can actually be played on it, which in my honest, professional opinion is a huge letdown because this website has a massive collection of top-notch shit. If you decide to splurge on a video link on this website you’d better hope it leads you to a functional, safe website or risk getting malware on your PC just so you can bust a nut.A lot of the video links here actually redirect you to well-known XXX sites like PornHub, XHamster and XNXX. Some of them can take you to a more obscure destination like PornGems, UPornia, IcePorn, and GotPorn. I can’t fully vouch for this site and tell you that every video link leads you to a safe XXX site because there are 1000s of them, but you’ll probably be fine, and at the end of the day, your dick will surely get its reward.Not All Videos WorkI know I said that a lot of the videos on here lead you to secure alternate sites which are well known and secure. Some videos will lead you to a site that’s little more exotic and expand your knowledge of existing porn websites, but then some videos will just lead you to another XXX directory – this is where you’ll probably end up in an endless rabbit hole of porn directories.I was pretty pissed to find out that some of the best thumbnails on here ended up leading me to sites that are almost exactly the same as this one, full of clickable pictures without the actual video anywhere. This ultimately meant that if I finally made a choice and wanted to jack off to a sexy-looking video link, I might just end up in another generic porn directory website where I wouldn’t be able to get my wishes granted because the video literally can’t be found anywhere it.This here is a deal-breaker for me – since a good number of the video links on here don’t even fucking work, I’d be better off jacking it on other websites that contain actual porn videos instead of losing my will to jack off because I can’t play the video I wanna watch.