Combo Porn

Somebody mentioned ComboPorn this morning and I got a little hungry. I thought of those little cylindrical snacks in the crinkly bag, and then I thought about adding fries and drink to my burger order, and then I thought about doing a little muff diving before drilling for cooter oil. Well, folks, I pulled up the site and it doesn’t have a snack theme, unless you count all the ripe, lovely ladies all over the front page.Combo.Porn is a new porn aggregator that collects free videos from all over the web. The whole point is to save you time on your daily search and spank session, letting you focus on the spanking element of the equation. I’ve been trying to get faster at masturbating lately, seeing as how the Starbucks baristas are always giving me the dirty eye, so I was immediately intrigued by the setup. Let’s lube up and see if I can beat my record before I get chased out of here again.What Are They Combining at Combo.Porn?Many towns have a Pizza Hut. Others have a Taco Bell. Some folks are blessed to live where they have a combination of Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. I bring this up because, in the case of the doubled-up restaurants, it’s obvious what’s being combined. This just begs the question, what are they mixing up over at Combo Porn?Almost all good hardcore porn is arguably combo porn. After all, it takes a combination of at least two people, sometimes three or four or fourteen. Then again, perhaps the Combo in the title refers to the wide range of XXX content they have available at a click or a tap. Some sites have a theme, genre or fetish niche, but it looks like they’re trying to cover all their sexual bases here.A trip to the Categories area shows a three-page picture menu of sexual subgenres like Mom, Vintage, Lesbian, Voyeur and Pissing. They’ve got Public and Gangbang, Creampie and Hairy Pussy Mature. There’s a thick sleeping cutie as a thumbnail for Chubby Amateur, and a couple of freaky young babes for Lesbian Teen (18+). In case you don’t want to flip through multiple pages of thumbnails, they’ve also got an alphabetized text breakdown of all the categories on Combo Porn.It’s a noteworthy collection of porn niches in that it’s surprisingly trim for a site that collects content from so many places. If they were just grabbing every tag from every source, they should end up with an unwieldy index of categories with thousands of overlapping entries. They’ve taken the time here to create a system of meaningful organization that’s going to make the whole, massive library much easier to search.Just Look at All These Famous SlutsAs soon as I landed on the front page, I was stared down by teen starlets flashing their tits, MILFs undoing their stepson’s pants, and interracial scenes with little blondes getting stuffed full of hard BBC. There’s an old mature lady at the top of the screen with her jugs out, followed by a much younger one taking two dicks in the pussy at the same time. Further down, I see car masturbation, lesbian threesomes, BDSM, and a kinky little babe putting a garden hose up her asshole.The way Combo.Porn combines genres may be what the name is hinting at, though it may also be referring to the massive combination of amateur sluts and established pornstars. I made my way to the Pornstars page, where I immediately saw thumbnailed icons like Little Caprice, Cory Chase, Riley Reid and Hitomi Tanaka without even having to scroll the page. The full index goes on and on, page after page, and I’m impressed by how the whole thing is a picture menu. I see a lot of sites where the thumbnails run out after the first couple pages of models, but this one goes on for 64 pages without missing a beat. All the models have a screengrab, which makes this a great way to browse the collection.Where’s All This Coming From?Part of the secret to Combo Porn’s different combinations is all their sources; when you draw this much material from this many places, you’re bound to get a wide mix of stuff. Combo.Porn collects videos from a ton of free sex tubes. You’ll see the name of the source listed below each thumbnail out front.The very newest flicks include a brunette striptease from PornDR, an exotic chick in a Halloween cop costume getting boned on Fapster, and an old lady sucking cock and riding it via xHamster. There’s also an incest movie from PinFlix, a lesbian compilation from PornHat, a VHS-era scene of a blonde with inflated titties getting banged in a hotel on HDzog, and a censored JAV blowjob in a car from PornHD.As a natural result of their setup, Combo Porn is getting a constant influx of new videos. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find new shit to beat off to every time you come by with your pants down and your dick out, whether you’re into cuckolding, taboo scenes, teens, MILFs, OnlyFans babes, kink, or just some good old-fashioned ass-to-mouth.There’s also a Random button that’ll serve you up a free-range, organic selection of high-end pornstars, sexy amateurs and a few stray ugly girls doing all kinds of dirty shit. I hit it a few times and got big orgies, schoolgirl lesbian flicks, an Asian chick getting tied up, and a compilation of a Euro chick masturbating in a variety of public locations.On a Fap Voyage Around the WebI was tapping that ComboPorn Random button and along came a thumbnail of a couple of gorgeous babes scissoring under cheesy pink lighting that reminded me of the eighties. It ain’t a vintage scene, though, because I recognize the babes. That’s Vanna Bardot and Aubree Valentine, which tells me right away this is going to be a scene worth seeing. Hovering my mouse over the thumbnail only confirmed that, giving me a quick, silent montage of making out, grinding and lots of pussy eating.Combo Porn doesn’t actually host anything, so when I clicked that thumbnail, a new tab opened up. The free tube where it was hosted actually had the full half-hour Twistys scene, leading to a long break from writing this review, during which I soiled several napkins and caught the attention of the soccer mom at the next table over. Hopefully, she doesn’t rat me out, because I’m not quite finished.The scene was incredible, naturally, with a couple of the world’s hottest pornstars sucking lollipops in a locker room before sucking each other. Since it wasn’t hosted on ComboPorn, there’s only so much it reflects back on the aggregator. If anything, it tells you that they’re indexing good content from good sources. During my visit, I didn’t click on any dead links. Six months ago, a lot of similar sites were really grappling with the fallout of Pornhub deleting most of their collection, turning some aggregators into fucking graveyards. Thankfully, I didn’t run into any of those issues here.In fact, the only issues I did run into weren’t even really ComboPorn’s fault. On the site itself, I didn’t have any spam slip through my adblocker. That’s always noteworthy on a free site, since their business model is often to show you as many obnoxious ads as possible. The same can’t be said for every site that Combo Porn links to, because I did end up on a couple of websites that did give me pop-ups as soon as I tried to watch one of those amateur gangbangs or granny porn featurettes.There were no points negative enough that I think anybody would want to avoid Combo.Porn. On the contrary, I think the way they index so many videos in so many genres with so many pornstars from so many sources makes it a really streamlined way to conduct your morning fap routine. Instead of typing your usual search string into the usual half dozen free tubes you usually check, this site will help you see the latest of your favorites posted on a shit-ton of tubes. If you’d rather just do it the hard way, be my guest, but ComboPorn is pretty fucking convenient.