Fap Vid? Usually, I'm not like this. First off, I'd usually point out some positive about a certain website, but once I opened up FapVid.com, there was only one word popping up in my mind: Generic! This website looks so basic it's insane. A brief look reveals all the secrets of the website with ease. I mean, it's crowded with a ton of thumbnails, and a ton of categories as well, which is indeed a huge plus, but there's nothing to set this website apart from your average tube website. How do they think they're going to attract visitors? Fap Vid needs to step their game up, for sure.However, I do not think that this page is bad, I just think that it could do better. It needs not to be a page this basic. The lads at FapVid.com can do much, much better, and I'm sure they'll change their website up a bit, as something like it is a necessary change as a page gets older and older. While this page seems to be the ideal page for a quick wank, it's a page you don't come back to unless you're really, really horny and you just so happened to remember the non-so-memorable name of the page.There's not much to say about this website, but seeing as you're not bored and we're already around 250 words in, I guess you'll stick around and see what ThePornDude has to say about FapVid.com, right? Oh yeah, one thing I'd like to point out is the fact that this page doesn't work in the same way as PornHub, for example. I mean, the porn that you will find in here isn't porn that was uploaded in here.Rather, what FapVid.com does is gather videos from all over the internet and put all the links in one place. Once they've done that, all of these wonderful movies are categorized, and once they are categorized, you get what you see in front of your eyes right now — a nice little page with lots and lots of movies. You'd never manage to watch all of these in a single lifetime, that's for sure. Not only because you would likely rip your dick off while trying to beat it to to more than a million videos (yes, there's more than a million in here!), but also because you'd get too bored that the head of the dick isn't the only head you'd want to remove from its base. You'd also want to rip your head off after seeing so many dicks, tits, and pussies.ThePornDude is a horny guy, that's for sure, but I'm not that horny. After seeing so much porn, I'd get quite existential as well. The page has only been blessed with some basic features, and I think I should mention them in here in this quite uninteresting intro since no one wants to hear about these things when the text gets spicier later on, right? First off, there's a nice little search bar at the top of the page, right next to the homepage button. Why would they add a homepage button when the entire website is pretty much one big homepage? No one knows.The search bar is pretty pointless as well. You might as well use google for these searches as the movies that will pop up here are scattered around various websites, so why would you look things up in here? This is one of those pages you're meant to browse and waste time on, and once you find something you like, you'll click on it, and that's about it. You'll likely forget the name of the movie you saw, even though you enjoyed it. That's the general experience of FapVid.com summed up.Shall we get right into the news and see what FapVid.com has in store for us? A page so normal that your dad likes it. A page so normal that your wife that has been denying you sex for months likes. I don't want to be too rude, but this introduction is quite enough to describe all the little things about FapVid.com, but boy oh boy, I'm going to have to tell you about the specifics of the page, too, not just the covers of the book!A nice looking pageAt this point, we've all come to the conclusion that the design of this page is so basic that it hurts. However, ThePornDude does not consider to be a bad thing entirely. See, websites such as this are supposed to be easy to navigate, and for this reason, we love them. There are little to no advertisements here as well, which greatly improves the browsing experience for all of us. Even I, ThePornDude, who has seen thousands upon thousands of porno websites still can't stand ads to this day, and I've been doing these reviews for years!Now, if I can't stand them, I bet the average Joe who just so happens to browse these pages won't stand them either. Maybe my skin isn't thick enough? I wouldn't know, really. Now, even if the design of this page needs some work (I've already explained that it isn't exactly ugly, rather, it's just too simple, but this has its pros as well), it still has a LOT of content for you to choose from, so we're going to ignore the design flaws as they are quite easily overshadowed by the various pros of FapVid.com.The homepage...which is also the only "page" on FapVid.comFapVid.com is a website that focuses on simplicity, and it focuses on quantity over quality. There are millions and millions of videos on this page, which is truly a great thing. This is the kind of website that would get you going for ages. This is the kind of website that would keep you coming back for more. I personally prefer some HD pornography, and I'd have to say that there's only a little bit of HD content in here, as most of the porn here is just pirated low-definition stuff pirated from other websites, so I wouldn't come back to it too often, but I assume this page does wonders for mortals.There are tons of categories on this page, too. First off, there's the "mom" category. A category so obligatory on every porno website! Then, there are loads of things here for racial fetishists. There's the "interracial" category which is traditionally filled with black and white dudes fucking girls of all races. There's the "Japanese" category which is full of JAV content, and so on. Then, there's the teen category, which seems to be quite popular as it has more than two million videos. Then, there are many other categories in here as well, and I shouldn't have to mention them all.Clicking on a certain category opens up a window where all the videos in a certain category are displayed. Then, you find a thumbnail you like, you click on it, and FapVid.com will redirect you to the page where that video is found. It's pretty convenient.There are also sections of this website that are entirely dedicated to nothing but popular videos, a section dedicated to new videos, a section dedicated to nothing but HD videos, and that's about it. If it interests you, this page has been translated into a few languages....mostly European languages, though.In conclusionFavVid.com is like that one dumb blond chick with big tits. She doesn't stand out in any way, she's not very clever, she doesn't have a complex personality, but you still want to use her up and take care of her. That's the effect FapVid.com has on you. Seeing as this page gives out all of its porn for free, it deserves a ton of respect, as most porno websites on the internet nowadays will try to grab cash in some way, but these folks don't even post ads on their website, which is something I deeply respect, as this goes to show that they really do care about "the people". The content of FapVid.com (often misspelled as "fapvids") is sure to keep you satisfied for a very long time, and it's a good place to come back to every time you're horny, as there are tons of movies in here. When I say that there are millions of videos in here, I'm really not making an exaggerated statement. I'm only speaking facts, and nothing but facts!