4 Porn, just plain and easy to remember! I know for a fact that most us prefer to wank our stuff with the 4k quality pornographic clips, but sometimes even the lower-quality shit is good enough. When you watch HD porn, you often see the same kind of videos, because only the high-end companies tend to produce such shit, and thus the videos can become repetitive.Well, if you were hoping I was about to introduce you to a great porn site with incredible videos, tone it down a bit and explore 4porn.com. I do not think that this place is the best shit you will ever see, or whatever the fuck, but I do think that it is worth the visit, especially if you are running out of new content to watch or whatever.Simple free porn site.I spent a lot of time on 4 Porn, simply because they have a lot to offer. However, this place is very simple, there is not much that can be said about their design, the way they present themselves or whatever. This is not really a bad thing if you ask me, but then again, I always think that these types of websites can do a better fucking job.Now, the first thing I noticed is the fact that this is one of those sites that offers categories before the videos, and when you see a site that starts like that, you can be at least 90% sure that it is a host website as well. Oh, look at that, I was fucking right. This is a host website, and there is nothing wrong with that, but one issue I did have is that the images they posted for the categories made no freaking sense.For those who do not know what host sites are, I shall explain in the simplest way I can; basically, this is a place that has a lot of video suggestions that are sorted into categories, but you are not really able to watch any of these videos on this site… Instead, you will be sent to a different site where the video originally comes from, but do not worry, all those places are free.Of course, the host places have their own advantages and disadvantages, and that is why the fuck I am here, right? While I do appreciate all the work the host sites have to do, at the same time I find them fucking useless. I mean, sure, they can help you find the crap you are into the most, but then again, there are legit porn sites that can help you with that as well.In addition, they are just way over the top with some crap, and since they host videos from all over the internet you never know what the fuck you are getting yourself into. Some of the videos I opened did not even work, because they were deleted from the original site, so you can get your hopes up from seeing all the thumbnails and get a downer soon after.The design is quite nice, for a free porn site… meaning that it is subtle and it makes the browsing easy. Of course, they could have made this shit look much better, but not like anyone expected anything good from a free porn site when talking about aesthetics. If you care about that as much as the content, you should be visiting premium websites instead.Well, I think that that is as much as you would even want to know about the overall crap like the design and all that, so I shall now move to the crap that really matters, the content. Whether you think this site is worth the visit or not, is only up to you, because at the end of the day I could not give a rat’s ass what you think.Great fucking content for fapping.I tend to be very picky when it comes to the crap I like to wank off to, but I think that it is safe to say that this place is filled with such crap. Now, when I say that I am picky, I am not talking about the scenes that much, I am talking about the quality and all that crap. Well, this place does not really live up to my expectations, but then again it is a free site, so I was not that surprised.When I review free porn sites, I tend to put my bar quite low, because people who create such sites often do not care about their overall presentation or the quality of their content. Aka, they care about the quantity over quality, while premium sites tend to look the other way. Now, I am not speaking about every site when I say this, but the majority does prevail.With that said, I did wank off a couple of times during my stay here, which is only natural since their content is hella hot. If you expect some profound quality or any of that shit, as I have said, they do not offer that at all. In the beginning, you will be given loads of categories, and before being able to watch any of the videos, you should browse through the categories.This is also a bad aspect of the site since that means that you cannot really browse for random content, because you have to choose a category before viewing the content. Now, that is often fun and all that shit, but sometimes even my dick is not sure what he wants to watch, and thus I love to browse randomly, which is something this site does not offer.The quality of the videos is not always bad, but I do not know where to categorize it because the quality will depend on the site where the video comes from as well as the uploader. Usually, the quality is as you would expect it to be, aka solid, or low. I did find a couple of videos here and there that could pass for HD clips, but there are not a lot of those… which should have been fucking obvious.The content will vary quite a lot since I did already state that they have a lot of categories. This is obviously a good thing, because when it comes to the crap that we love to fap to, everyone is different, thus having diversity or whatever the hell is always helpful. I am not that picky when it comes to a lot of shit, but at the same time, I am… and this site definitely made my cock hard.Shitty user and search options.While I do not think that all free porn sites need user-features, those are very welcome, and some of them are necessary. Well, on 4porn.com you cannot even expect to have any such features, simply because the site does not really offer any porn. If you find a site you are redirected to, that you like, you are welcome to become a member there…Overall, I think that premium sites are the ones where the membership and other features need to be great, so I am not going to complain about the user-features anymore. However, I will say that their search options are fucking shit. They have a lot of categories, and that is all peachy, but those are basically the only search options they really have... like that is quite fucking crap.In addition, when you scroll all the way down on the homepage, you will see loads of useless fucking tags… which pissed me off. If you lads had the time to create such a long ass list of useless crap, how is it that you could not create any filter options or any of that shit in general? The tags are welcome, obviously, but there are too many of them, not to mention that they have a list of all the pornstars as well… who the fuck cares?If you are into some very specific shit, and you dislike messy crap, I am sure that you will also dislike 4porn.com because let’s be honest, this site is pretty messy, has no search options, user-features or any of that crap.However, if you are just looking for a site with loads of free new pornographic content, and you do not really give a shit about the quality or any of that, I am sure that you will enjoy yourself on 4porn.com (often misspelled as "4 tube porn"). This is quite a simple site, with loads of video suggestions for you to watch in other places, it is free, so explore and wank as much as you fucking want.