<p>Porn SOS! Fap material is needed, so PornDude comes to the rescue! You better strap on for this one cause shit’s about to get crazy as fuck. is a site that you just cannot allow to fly under your radar. Once you get to know the ins and outs of you’ll definitely understand why it’s so popular and what it has to offer you. Let me just say that I don’t start off many reviews like this, so when I’m amazed by a porn site then it’s for a good reason. You’re about to venture into one of the biggest hubs for porn videos in the world. Yeah, bigger than the big guys in porn. Everything that you once knew about porn you can throw right out the fucking window cause it’s all changing with massive porn repository on hereSo why the fuck am I so excited about Well, it might be because of the MASSIVE repository of videos that they have. Granted, none of those videos are actually kept on, but they’re just streamed off of a different site. One thing that separates from all the other sites that do this is the fact that you actually get the video player on You don’t have to get redirected to a different site in order to watch the actual porn content on You can watch it right there on the site itself and enjoy it to its full extent. Yeah, things are that amazing on’re talking MILLIONs of porn videos available with a clickAlright, so how many videos are we talking about here? I know that I mentioned that this place is absolutely massive, but how massive is it really? Alright, you better get ready for this cause you’re about to jump out of your seat when you read the next number. 25000000+. Holy. Shit. Alright, let’s step back for a minute and actually appreciate that number for a couple of sections. If you have a hard time distinguishing all the zeros and figuring out which number that is, let me help you out. There are over 25,000,000 videos on That’s so much porn dude, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before in my life.They actually play the videos here unlike other massive sitesDon’t get me wrong I’ve seen plenty of sites that offer millions of videos, but they don’t actually play them on their domain. is the first place that actually plays all the porn on their domain. You don’t have to be redirected to a different website when you want to watch the porn on You can watch it straight on here and you don’t even have to worry about any f those sites being premium or whether you have to pay to watch any of the content since all of the content is streamed right here on There are none of those redirecting shenanigans going on with, it’s all straight and to the point.Amazing videos and they’re fucking free as wellAnyway, let me just explain something to you really quickly. I know that I just mentioned that there are over 25 million videos on here. But it also goes without saying that all of these videos are bloody free as well. Yeah, I use the word “bloody” sometimes. It’s usually when I’m really excited, and believe me, excites me so much that I have no option but to use that word. I mean what could I possibly say in this situation? That’s millions of videos at your disposal for absolutely free. No money needed. Completely free of charge. I mean I can keep on going with the synonyms, but I think that you get the point by now. So yeah, absolutely amazing fact.Anyway, you are probably thinking that there has to be something that isn’t right with There has to be something that is just absolute dogshit on here. Well, there’s nothing that particularly stands out as being absolutely horrible, but I’m not a fan of the bright background that you can’t change. Usually, I’m a bigger fan of dark backgrounds with porn sites because it makes more sense that you’ll watch these explicit videos during the evening or night hours. IT doesn’t make sense that you’d watch this video in broad daylight. Anyway, you’re going to hate the fact that the screen is so bright when you’re watching porn on Make sure to always go full-screen with the videos, in this case, at least those can be a lot darker in tone.Minimalistic design for a user-friendly interfaceBut hey, the design isn’t too bad, and all of the graphics look exactly as they should for a porn site. That means that they’re modern, simple, and absolutely minimalistic. You won’t have to worry about being too complicated since it’s the exact opposite of what you’d expect from a really complicated website, especially when we’re talking about porn sites. has everything that you need, and it presents it to you with incredible simplicity so that it preserves its user-friendly nature that all other sites usually strive for but can never quite achieve. Anyway, you’re going to love the layout is what I’m trying to say right now. is so easy to use that even a toddler could do it. Now I don’t know what the hell a toddler would do with 25 million pornos, but that’s beside the point.Literally ten pages of amazing genres to check has so many categories on it that you’re going to be wondering how the hell other sites don’t have this many. There are ten pages of categories on That’s right. TEN FUCKING PAGES. I don’t even think some sites have ten categories in total. Well, has ten pages of categories so you can definitely rest assured that you’ll find whatever it is that you usually like watching with ease. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone as the saying goes, and you can enjoy yourself a lot when you get on and start watching all of the millions of pornos which it contains.Avoid the annoying ads from other sitesI mean I don’t think I need to repeat myself when I say that doesn’t actually host any of the videos, but just the fact that you can watch them on their website means that it’s going to be a lot safer to watch porn on than on many other sites. Other sites are full of scam ads and so on, and doesn’t even shower you with that many ads, to begin with. They have just the right number of ads to make some money but not remove you from the immersive porn experience that they create with their millions of pornos that they have on thousand videos uploaded every dayThere’s also a section where you can check out all of the most recent videos which are uploaded to You’re probably going to crap your pants when you hear the next fact about and that’s that there are more than 20000 videos being uploaded to here every single day. If you even had a glimmer of hope that you can somehow burn through the 25 million+ videos on, then with this knowledge your hopes should be crushed cause there’s just no way that you’ll be able to watch more than 25 million videos plus 20 thousand every single day. That’s thousands of videos that you have to catch up to every single day, it’s literally impossible.All in all, has just about everything that a good porn site needs. It has free porn content, and plenty of it, as well as all the necessary features to bring you to all the content that you need in order to have a good time. They don’t overdo it with the features and this leads you to a minimalistic design that they have. They also make sure that all of the essentials are there and that the ads aren’t too intrusive for your experience. (often misspelled as "porno sos", "pronsos" and "sos porn") has it all, really, and there are very few small details that I’d actually change, so this place has my seal of approval.</p>