Tonic Movies

Let's "booze" ourselves up with "tonic porn" at TonicMovies! Some of the best porn sites in existence are those that don’t give you any other bullshit besides pure XXX content that you can enjoy at your own leisure. I’ve seen plenty of free XXX tubes that force you to go through dozens of gateways in order to get to your video, gateways that bombard you with ads and pop-ups that literally nobody in the world gives a fuck about. These websites irritate the shit out of not just me but every other porn enthusiast out there because instead of getting to your desired content fast while you’re horny, you’re forced to go through a litany of ads that inflate your hard-on and leave you irritated.But, it seems as if not all XXX tubes share this cancerous trait, because there are some that truly want to give free quality porn to their audience as fast as possible. One fine example of such a site is TonicMovies: At first glance, Tonic Movies gives off the impression that it doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to filtering options and navigation, despite having a simple design that shows you its many categories as soon as you enter it. However, once you start digging a little, you soon find out that there’s much more to this site than what immediately meets the eye…All the Categories You Could Ever NeedAs always, the categories are a pivotal part of a site’s overall quality – they organize a site’s content in a way that lets its visitors navigate to exactly where they want to. I always praise XXX tubes that have a solid amount of categories, because I know all too well that people who jack off on a daily or near-daily basis have a refined taste for porn, and a website with a random assortment of video thumbnails just won’t cut it. These kinds of porn connoisseurs almost always visit XXX tubes with intent – they know exactly what they wanna blow their loads too, and they don’t want to waste time searching around aimlessly for a video.It’s safe to say that TonicMovies.com is one of those sites where you can find exactly what you’re looking for, because it contains dozens of categories that cover a slew of porn genres, themes, and kinks, from the most basic, usual stuff to some of the most outlandish shit you’ve ever jerked your dick to. There’s the stuff that you’re probably familiar with already (and likely have been for years). I’m talking milf, blowjob, threesome, cumshot, feet, anal and so on. But since there are around 100 categories on here, you can be sure that there’s a lot of unfamiliar stuff too – leather, food, tied, drugged, swinger, armpit, clothed, machine, and underwater are some of the many alternative XXX categories that might awaken a dormant part of your sexuality on this site. In addition, there are plenty of ethnic categories too…Have a Preferred Race or Ethnicity you’d Like to Fap to?It’s not uncommon for serial masturbators and porn connoisseurs alike to have a preferred race or ethnicity of girls they like fapping to when it comes to XXX content and models, and it’s obvious that the people behind this website put that into consideration when creating the categories. Not only are there generalized race-specific categories such as Latina and Asian on here, but there’ also country-specific ones too. Ever wanted to bust a load to Hungarian chicks? Maybe you have a thing for Chinese girls? How about some Pakistani babes to get your blood pumping? Or maybe you’re into Slovenian chicks taking a rough pounding? There’s at least a dozen ethnicities and races here on the category section to choose from, which is perfect for those of you who prefer a certain ethnicity or race of babes to blow loads to.Decent Video Filtering OptionsAnother thing that you can do in order to organize or filter in/out your preferred content on this website is to use the given video filtering options available. There are a handful of ways to tweak what kind of videos show up and what kind are ignored on every category on this site. There’s the ‘Popular’ option which shows you the most viewed videos on any given category, and next to it is the ‘Latest’ category, which shows you the most recently uploaded additions for the same categories. Next you have the ‘All’ video option, which shows you all videos of every length, from short to long – but if you have time to spare and actually want to watch the plot of a given XXX fuck-flick, you can always select the ‘Long’ option right next to the ‘All’ option, which will filter out all short clips and give you only the longest ones so that you can not only enjoy some good old-fashioned sex scenes but get involved in the plot a little as well for a fuller experience.In addition, if you prefer your content to be varied and not pertain to one single category, you can always use the given video filtering options right next to the category section. There’s ‘All Popular’, which shows you the most popular videos of every category, ‘All-New’, which shows you all of the latest videos that have been added to the website, and lastly, on the far right side of the options you have the ‘HD videos’ option which does a pretty peculiar thing – instead of showing you all the HD videos on this website, it leads you to an alternate XXX tube called ‘LargeHDTube’ which essentially seems to be an alternate version of this website except with videos that are exclusively in HD quality. Not that you’ll need HD videos in the first place since all of the video links on this site lead to XXX tubes that play videos in at least 480 pixels. Also yeah, I forgot to mention – all the videos on this site are links, not actual videos…All Videos on This Site are Actually LinksNow, this fact does present a problem, because I, like every other first-time visitor on this site, expected all the video thumbnails shown here to actually open up on the same website. Unfortunately, every thumbnail you see on here leads you to an alternate site, which for the most part turns out to be a smooth process, however, there are some exceptions. Most of the XXX tubes that the videos on this site are hosted on such as Xozilla, Sexu, Beeg, and NuVid, among others, are pretty safe sites with minimal-to-no ads, so it shouldn’t take long for you to reach your destination and start fapping to your video of choice. Some sites, however, such as Vivud and TubeVector are a little more problematic, and it’s usually because of ads. These sites have plenty of gateways you need to go through in order for your video to play, and they’re unavoidable because a few ads are bound to pop up regardless of where you click on the website.Now this is annoying for obvious reasons, but there’s also another class of problematic websites which some of TonicMovies’ videos are hosted on, and they’re annoying for the following reason: Let’s say you click on a hot thumbnail you want to fap to on TonicMovies, and you’re eager to get started as your browser loads a new tab. The new tab turns out to be some run-of-the-mill XXX tube that doesn’t actually show the video itself but instead presents you with a few dozen categories to choose from, effectively rendering your video lost in the process. This undoubtedly sucks because it literally doesn’t allow you to watch the video of your choice, but I noticed that it only happens sometimes; The same thumbnail could lead you to a random XXX tube that presents you with categories, or another porn site that actually shows you the video, and this alteration appears to be completely random.No Pictures WhatsoeverSince this website is more of a random video content directory more than anything else, it’s not surprising that they don’t have a picture section. There are no images to fap to on here, so if you consider yourself a more patient masturbator with more imagination than the usual fapper, and a capability of fully enjoying XXX pics, you should know that you won’t find any of them here – same goes for amateur porn or at least the authentic kind.No Real Amateur Porn on This SiteEveryone who's ever had sex can appreciate some authentic, homegrown amateur porn that will get them reminiscing about their ex or about that time they fucked a hooker. But it seems like this site doesn’t cater to those people because it doesn’t actually contain any real, authentic amateur content. While there is an amateur category on this site, the videos are in fact professional (or semi-professional) productions that are only made to look like they’re actually homemade, so if you need some of the ‘real stuff’ you’d best look for it on another site, which you can easily do on ThePornDude.com.