<p>Dino Tube? Jurassic Park may be one of my favorite movies, but this better not be what I think it is...Trying to find (dino) porn is hard. Well, that’s a lie. It’s super easy now. But finding the good stuff can be a little hard. Some sites upload low-res pirated porn, others have shitty search-engines which don’t work well.Certain tube sites don’t categorize their stuff or their videos are a pain in the ass to sort through because of the crappy web design. And to this day, too many are crawling in lag-causing, damage-inducing viruses which will fuck up your hardware.However, there are a few good aggregate sites which don’t have any of these problems, for the most part, like Dinotube.com.Dinotube’s BackstoryAfter looking around, I still have no fucking clue why the makers of this site called it Dino Tube. Yeah, I know that there are other’s who name their sites after crocodiles, cats, and even trucks, but what the ‘ef does any of that have to do with porn? Seriously, who’s searching for smut and types in ‘porn’ and ‘dinosaurs.’(Edit: I just checked, and no, Googling those words doesn’t link you to Dinotube. You don’t want to see what it does bring up…or maybe some of you weird wankers do.)Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. I just thought I’d ask the question if anyone knew. If you do, tell me what’s the reason. And if you work with the Dinotube Network, tell me and link me to some of the hottest stuff that you have linked to.Moving on, Dinotube is part of a larger network founded by Adult Webmaster Net, which has been around since 2002. Apparently, since those early days of the net AWN has been churning out nudie sites ever since. Some of them are okay, a few of them are crap, a handful are…unique, and, in 2013, AWN launched Dinotube as an aggregate site.Since then, the DT webmasters have been linking to thousands of videos per week and, oh boy, they’ve collected what seems like a lifetime worth of porn.Endless ContentWhile Dinotube is only a few years old, it has more videos then some sites which are two or three times DT' age. In fact, from what I can tell, there are something like six million links to clips, videos, and cum conjuring compilations. Yeah, that's right. Not six thousand, not six hundred thousand, but six motherfucking million videos.*Heavy breathing*Imagine that. Hours and hours of entertainment to last you possibly forever. And to make things even better, since people upload content to tube sites every day, the good, diligent folks at DT link to all the fresh videos every day.Cum Worthy ContentOf course, getting tons of content is great, but if it isn’t of quality or there isn’t any variation, the amount of content doesn’t really matter. Fortunately, Dino Tube has a metric fuck ton of categories and more than you might imagine.Most websites have anal, deepthroat, vintage, and big ass, and, of course, Dino Tube does, too. But they’ve also got categories like strap-on lesbians, mom casting, cosplay, swinger, college party, and even granny and grandpa. Yeah, really.On top of that, I checked, there are about a thousand total categories. So no matter what tickles your pickle, you’re going to find what you want on Dinotube.As I brought up before, DT is an aggregate site, so everything is actually hosted on other sites. If you do click on a video you’ll be taken to another website which actually hosts it.The shitty thing about it is that you'll have to deal with that site's on-video ads and pop-ups. So you can't track your favorite videos using Dinotube. Plus, to comment or rate of these videos, you'll have to have membership on all those other sites.The linked videos have decent thumbnails, full titles, and lists the site it’s from. On the downside, though the thumbnails don’t have any previews. Minor complaints, I know, but worth noting.As a plus, unlike some sites which might cater to English or Russian speakers, Dinotube is available in multiple European languages.Seriously, check it out all of the millions of videos and hundreds of categories. You’re going to like what you see.Website LayoutOne of the biggest aspects of a site which I think makes it worth using or ignoring is its layout. To often, the websites I look over don’t categorize their videos or links well, or their search function is fragged. Worse, thanks to some amateur web designers, some sites have barely functional menu bars.It doesn’t matter how much great porn there is on a website, it means dick if you can’t find it.So, how does Dino Tube stack up?Overall, Dinotube’s presentation is pretty good but has a few problems. Like I brought up earlier, there’s a massive number of videos and they are categorized pretty well. The search engine is a lot better than other sites and even corrects for spelling errors. That's great if you're typing one-handed.The thing about the search-engine function is that every time you enter a search term from the homepage, the results open up in a new tab. It’s only a minor thing, and this doesn’t seem to happen if you enter a new search in this new tab this doesn’t happen.Moving on, with all of the categories on Dinotube, trying to navigate and sort through all of the categories can be a little difficult. Of course, looking at all of that amazing and varied smut is awesome, but it can be somewhat distracting. Plus all of the imaged categories aren't in any particular order and seems to be random.If you keep scrolling to the bottom, though, you will find all of the categories listed in alphabetical order. I think it’d be better if the site could let you switch between those two views. On the other hand, there are pages listing all of the new and popular videos, and I think it looks pretty good.Piracy PolicyOne of the things I hate about a lot of aggregate and tube sites is watching a video, then favoriting it or saving it to your bookmarks bar, only to find it's been taken down because of a DMCA complaint. It's fucking aggravating. Yeah, I know the reason is that people have been trying to crack down on cyber pirates, but it’s a pain in the ass to find your favorite ‘free’ vid was taken down.Fortunately, Dinotube’s parent website, Adult Webmaster Net, has a strict policy about sending traffic to stolen or pirated content. With that, Dinotube doesn't link to videos which contain CP, is crawling with malware, trojans, or to phishing sites.Like I already covered, there still is a lot of ads on a lot of these videos so they could do a little bit better. But it does seem to be true that Dinotube doesn't link to virus-laden videos and sites.Oh, and just for fun, I checked Scam Adviser, and Dinotube is apparently legit. So feel free to wank to high-quality skin vids guilt free.The Greater NetworkSpeaking of Adult Webmaster Net, Dinotube is only one of a series of related websites. While Dinotube offers a ton of tube sites, some of which upload a little bit of everything, others are more specialized. For instance, IXXX.com uploads some of the same stuff as Dinotube in a similar layout. The only real difference is the color scheme and a few other aesthetic features.Other sister sites like For Her Tube has the same layout, but the video selection focuses on porn designed more for women, couples, or guys who're into more gentle erotica rather than a hard fuckfest. There are other sites like She Man Tube and Tube Males, which link to content for a completely different kind of guy (or girl) who're into more, shall I say, phallically focused niches.So if you want even more variety, checking out the other Dinotube Network is only a few clicks away.What’s My Last Word on DinotubeWhen it comes down to it, Dinotube is a collection of offsite videos. Some of the stuff you may have seen before, but there is so much variety, you're bound to find fresh stuff.After all, it is just an aggregate site. It is a good site for sure, but a little limited when it comes to saving videos to a special account. On the other hand, the sheer amount of footage, most of it of good quality, is a nice perk.For that reason, I give Dinotube (often misspelled as "dino tubes" and "porndino") four out of five tiny T-rex hands.Rawr!</p>