Porn Kai! We can all agree that there seems to be an unquenchable thirst for porn online. What this basically means is that you’ve got a bunch of sites out there, such as, that aim to provide people with as much porn as possible, and there are just never enough of them. Today we’re looking at that one, but to be completely honest with you, it can be hard to tell the difference with so many of them out there. Now, the thing about PornKai is that it’s actually not your average porn site and has a different way of adding porn to the website. It does so through embedding videos.Porn aggregator site with embedded porn videosThere are two reasons why is different from most sites. One, the videos posted on this site are actually not hosted or owned by PornKai. And two, the site does not function like other porn aggregator sites where you get redirected to the host websites. Instead, what this place does is quite brilliant as it embeds the videos rather than just sending you to a completely random site where you can find free porn. This is great if you ask me because you don’t have to actually guess what kind of website you’ll land on and whether there will be millions of ads on it. It just runs a lot more smoothly, and the user experience on the site gets boosted by a lot. I think we can all agree on that.I will say that I like this system of showing porn videos because it enables the site to show you videos from multiple sources that allow embedding while giving you the same experience throughout. However, you don’t access all the features that you would get on all these sites on the downside. It would be impossible to just pull all the information from them and then do the sorting and shit as you would typically do. 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Besides, after using for some time, you will start getting recommended videos based on the videos you like to watch in their collection.Personally, I like going to the search bar first because that allows me to look for something specific. And if I can’t find the kind of porn that I want through the search bar, I can always just go to the featured stuff. More often than not, the featured porn will be fucking amazing, so I always like to try that shit out before I go to any of the other categories on the site. The categories can be hit and miss, depending on what the latest videos uploaded to them are. 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I like to go to this page just to see how many genres people have managed to come up with when it comes to porn videos.One thing that I really don’t like about this place. While all the porn is nice, I think we can all agree that the site doesn’t look like anything spectacular. I mean, the site looks like an average porn tube site, and it doesn’t even have all the features of a porn tube site. Needless to say, Porn Kai needs a graphical upgrade, and I hope that we can see one soon. Also, the site does have plenty of ads. When there are this many ads on a site, it does tend to ruin the experience a little bit.