Welcome to Hustler Parodies, a paradise of porn parodies of all your favorite franchises like Fallout and Hell's kitchen, or even shit like politics (lots of Donald Trump penises).Parodies have always been iconic in the porn business. When I was a young man, I thought Shaving Ryan’s Privates was the funniest shit ever. You can’t ever go wrong when you mix your favorite movies and tv shows with a whole lot of ass and titties.These titles are brought to you from Hustler, which is the iconic porn brand by the world-famous “smut peddler” Larry Flynt Jr. What this means for you is high-class porn stars and some solid production quality that you won’t find with most other porn.The videos on are feature-length and feature top tier babes like Cameron Camela, Jayden Cole, and Alexis Ford. These babes dress up in all kinds of costumes and do all kinds of freaky ass shit to get your mind racing and your dick popping.Hustlerparodies is a membership site, so you better bust out that wallet if you want to watch these videos. Luckily, they have a great trial offer that can let you explore these porno parodies without breaking the bank. As someone who’s gone hungry due to his love for porn, the site’s $1 trial lets me jerk off AND buy a great meal.Let’s explore parody paradiseHustlerparodies has a standard video gallery layout that you’ll find on most porn sites. When you first enter the member section, you’ll get a gallery showing the newest updates, most popular updates, and live cams. Actually, the live cams gallery is an advertisement for a different Hustler service so don’t expect you’ll be watching some free live streaming bitches.You’ll find the main links at the top. These links include scenes, porn stars, search, magazines, categories, all sites, and live. The scenes category is where all the parody videos are, so you’ll want to spend most of your time there. Note that the scenes are sorted between videos and photos.Below each video, you’ll find the featured porn star, title, and upload date. Most videos are about 15 minutes long, just good enough to bust a nice little nut.When you click on a video, you’ll be sent to the video player where the scene immediately starts playing. You won’t run into any ads or start-up bullshit screen here. Husterparodies takes you straight to the action.Below the video player, you’ll get the title, porn star feature, and a little summary of the scene. The summary is short and sweet. Other information includes upload date, runtime, and categories (tags). Most of you don’t need to pay attention to this area.Each video can be downloaded onto your computer. You’ll find a download link below the video. Hustlerparodies is kind enough to let you download in a variety of resolutions, with most videos having 720p as their best option.One cool bonus you get for being a member is the magazines' section. You basically get access to a shitload of Hustler magazines in digital format. There’s no hassle checking out these mags either, just click on a magazine cover and hop right in. Magazines include Hustler, Barely Legal, and Hustler’s Taboo (BDSM).That’s about all you need to know for Hustlerparodies. The site also has a bunch of cross-promotion bullshit but I won’t get into it here. Also, keep in mind that you’ll see a lot of links for live cam porn, but all of it is just advertisements for Hustler’s live cam platform.With shit like Smurfs and Avatars, get ready for a lot of blue tittiesAt Hustlerparodies you’ll have about a thousand videos to wank your meat to. Parodies are based on all kinds of popular shit, including movies, tv shows, videogames, and politics. I was surprised to find even a Fallout parody on the front page; I guess the gaming nerds need their dick relief like the rest of us.Fast and Furious, Boardwalk Empire, Survivor, and American Horror Story are some other franchises you’ll find here. You’ll notice that there’s both recent shit as well as shows from long ago. The Golden Girls parody will have you elderly motherfuckers squirting all over your salt and pepper balls when you’re through watching them. You might not even need to use Cialis!They also have pornos based on recent classics as well. The Basic Instinct parody is fucking awesome, reminiscing the godlike scene where Sharon Stone reveals her snatch. God, I have a boner just thinking about it. Another hilarious one is Modern Family. Of course, suddenly all the kids are full-grown adults now, and they all take turns fucking the shit out of each other.In addition to the videos, you’ll also get a huge image gallery of HQ photos of these bitches. They are standard sets that accompany the scenes, in case you want some shit to tape onto your wall.What I LikeThere are hundreds of parodies, with many videos in high quality. Some of the awesome parodies include shit based on The Interview (North Korea porn, hell yeah), Donald Trump (God I want to fuck Ivanka, but I bet not as much as the Donald does), and Game of Thrones. They actually have a fuckload of political parodies, so if you follow all this ass and elephant shit, you can be jerking off to Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton until you’re more spent than our national budget.Streams are all working nice and fast, and some movies can be watched in high quality. Basically, you get the quality you should expect from a porno powerhouse like Hustler.Hustlerparodies uses top grade porno talent. For parodies, this is important because you can’t have some ugly ass bitch pretending to be Melania Trump, Sharon Stone or any top tier babe like that. The starlets do a fine job of parodying the original actresses while still maintaining perky tits and strong assholes that take quite a beating. Work that sphincter, not-Ivanka!Finally, you get access to a great image gallery and other bonus hustler content as well. Hustler has so much porn under its empire that they give zero fucks giving you some extra for signing up. God bless you should’ve been president.What I HateThe most annoying thing about Hustlerparodies is how much they shill their other products. The live cam ads are everywhere, and all of it is bullshit. They also dedicate full pages to their other hustler sites. This is common in porn, but it’s still annoying.I also don’t get why they don’t have 1080 videos for all the scenes. I’m sure everything was shot in at least 1080p, and I doubt they have such bandwidth issues that they can’t give better quality. For a paid site, they should fucking mail me a DVD if I ask for it. When even free porn sites offer 1080p content, it’s not cool that so many videos here max out at 720.The categorization and tags are pretty wack as well. The tags don’t go any deeper than obvious shit like blonde or big titties. This makes the search function pretty damn weak.In fact, I never used the search function at all on Hustlerparodies. It felt totally pointless. I was better off just browsing the gallery and finding something that interested my dick.Navigation is more Gilligan’s Island than Boardwalk EmpireMy main suggestion would be to add more descriptions and tags for all the videos. Hustlerparodies also needs to offer 1080p streams and downloads, or else it can get left behind in this modern era of HD porn.I would also want to see more bonus content than just the Hustler magazines. Hustler has a goddamn empire of porn; the least they can do is throw in some more free videos or image galleries.I also think they should explore more genres. Pretty much all of the porn here is really just straight porn where the bitches and guys are dressed up like shitty cosplayers. I think there’s room for a lot more creativity and fetish action.Like for Fallout, how about some human on ghoul action? The porno was really just a guy in a shitty blue jumpsuit fucking like its 1980 with some blonde bimbo. Where’s the inspiration?Classic Porn Parody for the modern ageWhen it comes to porno parodies, either you like it or you don’t. They can be really fucking corny, or just be an excuse to dress up porn stars in silly costumes and watch them fuck. On the other hand, they can be surprisingly funny, or let you fantasize about your favorite characters.With Hustlerparodies, you get some solid production value and big-name talent that makes it better than your typical parody. If you’re into porn stars at all, you’ll recognize these sluts, as well as their perky little tits.Hustlerparodies gave me no issues in terms of performance. Everything streamed and downloaded fast, and navigation was a breeze. The layout and design were a little outdated, but overall, I had little issue with the site itself.So what are you waiting for? Hustlerparodies has a generous free trial, so you can be jerking off to hilarious Game of Thrones lesbian sex without breaking the bank. It sounds like a deal to me.