That Sitcom Show! Have you ever heard someone claim that we are currently living in a golden age of television? Douchebags that want to sound smart at parties like to point this out. “Oh, did you just binge the entirety of How I Met Your Mother on Hulu last month, Cindy? Interesting … We live in such a golden age of television.” The worst part? Cindy completely ate that bullshit up and that douchebag is probably getting laid after the party.What that douchebag is likely referring to, though, when he makes that pretentious comment is the fact that streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have revolutionized the way that we consume content, resulting in a much higher demand for quality series than ever before. Plus, each streaming service also offers their own original content, providing platforms for shows and movies that would have never seen the light of day through the old cable network model. So, with more pressure for higher quality content and an increase in the number and kinds of series available, fine, I suppose the douchebag is not completely incorrect in asserting that we are experiencing a golden age of television.Likewise, though, we are also experiencing a golden age of porn. And since you aren’t the douchebag saying pretentious things to hot girls at the party to sound way smarter than you actually are, this is a very good thing for you. You have more porn at your disposal than any man ever has in the history of adult entertainment. All it takes is a couple of clicks of the mouse and you have access to millions upon millions of porn videos, many of which won’t cost you a thing thanks to the advent of free porn tubes.But, as I’m sure you already know, free porn tubes have their downsides. It’s not always easy, for example, to find high-quality full-length professional porno on tube sites. It’s also difficult to get any sort of consistency with sites like Porn Hub or Red Tube. What you find on porn tubes is completely at the whim of what gets uploaded by other users and, more often than not, what happens to be featured that day.If you want consistently high-quality professional grade top tier porn, however, you’re probably going to have to go to the premium pay sites. And, since television and porno are both experiencing golden ages, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a porn site that provided awesome professional porn based on popular tv shows? You know damn well that 75% of the time when you’re watching shit on Netflix, you’re just fantasizing about fucking the female leads. Well, there is a porn site out there that hopes to help you live out your TV show fantasies. I present to you, ThatSitcomShow.com.Pornifying Your Favorite SitcomsThat Sitcom Show is a premium porn paysite dedicated solely to sitcom spoofs. I’m sure you’ve seen porn spoofs of Hollywood movies before, right? Well, with the sitcom more popular than it’s been in years, the next logical step is, of course, to make porn spoofs of popular TV series.From Leave it to Beaver to The Big Bang Theory, That Sitcom Show makes it possible to see the characters you’ve come to know and love fucking hardcore. Actually, let’s just let That Sitcom Show explain it for themselves: “That Sitcom Show features the porn parodies of popular TV shows and some originals that you've always wanted to see. Ever wanted to see Sheldon from 'Big Bang' blast a load all over Penny's face? … Everything from the classics like 'Leave it to Moms Beaver' to the brand new 'Cumming with The Conners' will keep you coming back for more to check out the new scenes and series releases.”Are These Really the Best Shows for Porn, Though?This is a really cool idea. But I’m not sure that they have mastered it quite yet. I’m not talking about the actual porn. The porn itself is great. I just mean that the site doesn’t seem to have quite figured out how it wants to release content yet. In other words, the site is not organized by series. And season and episode numbers appear to be kind of random and incomplete. Big Bang, for example, contains only one episode, Season 1, episode 8. Naturally, I’m wondering where episodes 1 – 7 are. I can’t seem to find them anywhere on the site.This makes me think that maybe episodes expire after a certain amount of time? That or maybe instead of calling it season 1, episode 1 of Big Bang, they are listing the scenes by what episode of The Big Bang Theory they are spoofing. Either way, it is kind of confusing. Also, a little disappointing that they only have one episode of The Big Bang Theory (probably the best known and most favored sitcom that they offer a spoof of), yet multiple installments of Cumming with the Connors (a sitcom that nobody really gives a fuck about).That leads me to my biggest gripe with That Sitcom Show: there just isn’t a lot of content. They offer spoofs of That 70s Ho, Leave it to Mom’s Beaver, Cumming with the Connors, Married with Issues (Married with Children spoof), and that’s it. What’s more, each spoof show only has one or two episodes each. That is not a lot of porn.Plus, I think they could have done a much better job at choosing what sitcoms they were going to make porn of. I mean, come on, do any of the shows they picked really stand out as shows that have a cast you really want to see fucking? Sure, That 70s Show is a good one, but I’d much rather have Friends, How I Met Your Mother (which would obviously be called How I Fucked Your Mother), or Cummunity than fucking Married With Children. Plus, how are we not getting a hot taboo porn take on The Brady Bunch? These all just seem obvious to me.Maybe the site is new and that’s why it doesn’t have much content to offer? Nope, that’s not it, it’s been up since 2003. But, looking through the videos, the oldest one was from 2018. That leads me to believe that there was a content purge at one point. Either that or they just registered the domain in 2003 and didn’t do anything with it until last year. I’m willing to give That Sitcom Show the benefit of the doubt and assume that we’ll only get more content in the future.Site Should Be Organized by SeriesHaving said that, though, I think that if they do start uploading more episodes, they are going to have to rethink site deign in a way that better lends itself to organizing series. I’m not saying we need it to be like Netflix or Hulu, but it wouldn’t hurt to borrow those service’s senses of organization. If I’m going to be watching porn series, I want to be able to browse the site more easily by series. Instead of listing all videos on the home page, why not let me choose between all available series and then view that way—seems like that would make much more sense to me.I also think that the site could benefit from an auto play feature (once we get shows organized by show, that is). So that playing, say, season 1 episode 4 of a show would lead me to season 1 episode 5 if I don’t stop viewing. But maybe that’s asking too much. At the very least, I want shows to be organized into playlists on the site, allowing me to easily jump around in one series at a time.All in all, I think That Sitcom Show is a great idea for a porn site. I think that the porn is very high quality, the actresses are all really sexy. Also, one thing I didn’t get around to mentioning earlier, they do a really pretty job at casting, dressing, and makeup to make the porn stars look like the characters they’re playing. This is, of course, crucial in any form of spoof porn.I would like to see them revamp the site design to feature an organizational system that better accommodates a site premised on various series. I would also like to see them branching out into different sitcoms, particularly ones that have more inherent sex appeal and viewership. And, obviously, they need to keep at it and produce more content in general. I don’t feel great about paying money for a porn site that only has 10 – 20 videos for me to watch. I’ll fap through that in a month.I look forward to seeing where That Sitcom Show takes things in the future. In the meantime, happy fapping!