Parody Pass! Remember when Netflix and chill was a thing? It was short-lived, but for a glorious moment in time, we had a perfectly viable excuse to invite girls over for sex. Not that there were never perfectly viable excuses to invite girls over for sex before Netflix and chill became known. There have always been great excuses for that. No, the difference was in the fact that any girl who agreed to come over to Netflix and chill knew damn well what was about to go down.There was no playing dumb on either side. She sure as hell wasn’t really trying to watch Breaking Bad reruns or whatever the fuck was big on Netflix at the time. If she came over, you’d put something on Netflix, for sure, but that was all part of the charade. You’d feign like you were going to watch the show, but within the first episode, neither you nor she would be paying any attention to the computer screen. She’d already have your dick in her mouth!And then maybe you’d be watching, at least halfheartedly while she sucked your dick. Honestly, it depended quite a bit on how good of a blowjob it was, didn’t it? Eventually, though, it came time to fuck her. You’d take her pants off and she’d get on her knees, bent over, doggystyle (because, well, you just met after all, and doggy is perfectly impersonal enough for such a situation). Then maybe she would get a turn to watch (if you’re not fucking her good enough, that is).It seems like the days of Netflix and chill are all but gone. The phrase has basically become a meme at this point. But I will never forget that beautiful moment in time. Even if you didn’t have a lot of game (but you had a Netflix account) you could get laid. Now, this isn’t a problem for me, I still pull in my fair share of pussy, with or without Netflix and chill. But not everyone can be so smooth. Chances are, your body count has taken a hit in the wake of Netflix and chill … may we take a brief pause, a moment of silence for your cock …I have good news for you, though. There is still a way to combine your favorite shows and movies with an orgasm, even if you aren’t getting laid at the moment. Yes, I’m talking about the porn parody site. There are a few out there to choose from and, just like with any other kind of porn site, some are much better than others. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at a premium paysite that specializes in parody porn known as Parody Pass.Tons of Porn Parodies to Enjoy, Great VarietyOne major downfall to a lot of the parody porn sites that I have reviewed is a lack in quantity. That is to say that too many of these sites just don’t have a good spread when it comes to what shows and movies they parody. Some will offer just a few spoofs, like three or four shows or films. And, while they may be really well done, the odds that they have a porn version of your favorite show is, therefore, unlikely.And a parody porno of a show or movie that you’ve never seen or aren’t particularly into is about as pointless as a titty without a nipple. A huge part of the joy that comes from watching parody porn is in the lust you’ve experienced for the characters; a longing that has been building up for weeks, months, or in some cases, years.As soon as you enter the members' area of Parody Pass, though, that worry immediately subsides. The first thing I notice upon logging in is just how many different videos they have to offer. Plus, there’s a good amount of variety—plenty of different titles to choose from and a pretty even mix of movies and tv series. The home page alone reveals several interesting titles, many of which I never even knew I would be interested in watching porn spoofs of before.At the top of the members' area, you have a large banner made up of a collage of the videos offered on the site, with the Parody Pass logo at the bottom of it. Without even having to browse the site at all, you already have a good idea of what to expect: porn parodies of some classic shows and movies, with a few currently popular titles thrown in as well.Just in the banner, I’m seeing Seinfeld, The Office, The X-Files (appropriately dubbed The Sex Files … classic), Reno 911, Star Trek, and That 70s Show, just to name a few. If you keep scrolling down the page a little further, you will find some upcoming network releases and then, finally, Parody Pass’s Latest Updates. Here, just in the first couple of rows, you can choose between a True Blood porno, two Sex Files installments, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Anchorman, Scooby Doo, The Flinstones, and Sex and the City. Are you seeing what I mean about variety? There’s a little something for everyone at Parody Pass.Continuing to scroll down reveals even more videos, with a few more classics thrown in: The Big Lebowski, The Breakfast Club, Cheers, Friends, Scrubs, Who’s the Boss, The Big Bang Theory. The list goes on and on. I really enjoy how Parody Pass makes an effort to cover a wide range of movies and shows, genres, and time periods, fulfilling all of your cinematic fantasies through the decades, from Cheers to True Blood.Another great thing about Parody Pass: alongside the variety in content, I am impressed by the quantity as well. A lot of parody porn sites, due to budgetary concerns (and quite possibly copyright concerns as well), just do not have a ton of videos to enjoy. Some sites go all the fuck out for each of their productions, though, blowing all their money on crazy graphics and elaborate sets. With Parody Pass, though, you’re not going to get a half-assed 2 page-long list of videos to choose from. Instead, enjoy six full pages of videos … well over 200 full-length scenes.Even though Parody Pass doesn’t blow their whole budget on elaborate sets or Hollywood-style CGI, that does not mean that their videos take a hit in quality. Not at all. In fact, I was very impressed with most of the videos. They all seem to be very well cast (the porn stars actually look like the characters they’re playing) and, most importantly, the fucking is spot on. I wouldn’t expect anything less, though, from a studio as respected as New Sensations.Quality Parodies Without Sacrificing Quality PornIn porn parodies, there is a fine line to toe between accurately parodying a show or a movie and bogging down the porn in too much narrative/exposition. This is another common pitfall of the parody pornographer—in trying to pay homage to the movie, he will give us too much context and acting when what we really need is the hardcore fucking in character costumes. Parody Pass, however, does not fall into this trap. I think that they have managed to find the perfect balance between giving just enough to put the viewer in the headspace of the show without overdoing it. These videos are porn heavy, not parody heavy. It’s nothing but great porn placed in familiar sets with the characters that we’ve always wanted to see fucking each other. As it should be!As an added bonus, the producers of Parody Pass respect the aesthetic visions of the shows they parody as well. What I mean is that the way in which they shoot the porn versions offer mirror or emulate that of the show they are spoofing. Take The Office, for example, their porn parody of it actually utilizes the mockumentary filming style that the show made famous. Some scenes will even cut to a camera peering in through the windows the way that they do in the show as well, which not only pays respect to the show, but also adds a hot sort of voyeuristic element to it.Although Parody Pass doesn’t update as regularly as other premium pay porn sites out there, it is important to take into account the length of the films. All are longer than an hour. Some come close to reaching three hours in length. That’s as long as Titanic! (sadly, Parody Pass does not have a Titanic spoof … not yet anyway.). This makes it even more unlikely that you would run out of awesome parody porn before the next update.All in all, Parody Pass is a great site. My only complaint would be that they don’t update as frequently as maybe they could. But the more people that sign up and use it regularly, the more often they’ll update it, I’m sure, so go check it out!