Digital PlayGround Parodies

People have this totally wrong image of depraved porn addicts. They think we’re just a bunch of humorless creeps jerking off in dank basements, our only utterances the primal grunts and groans of men, little more than apes, caving in to their basest desires. Well, those people have never heard me cranking it to the parody pornos over at Digital Playground. That shit is sexy and laugh-out-loud hilarious.Parody scenes can be a quick and easy way for porn studios to cash in on current trends. There’s definitely an art to combining comedy and cultural references with hardcore fuck scenes, and most attempts fall short. has been around since 1995, though, so clearly they’re doing something right. Let’s see why 6 million visitors a month are so turned on.Award-Winning Parodies with Top-Shelf PornstarsThe sample page is impressive as fuck. Most parodies are just regular pornos with superhero costumes thrown in, but there’s a high level of cinematic realism here. I’m not saying you’ll believe those are Nicolette Shea’s real titties, but you’ll sort of believe Hand Solo is on a perilous and sexy mission through space. They’re selling it to you a little harder here than the other guys.There’s a banner with some laurel leaves at the bottom saying “Winner!” and then listing the accolades: Best Special Effects, Best Adult Company, Best High-Definition, Best Actress/Scene. It doesn’t say who gave them the awards, so I looked the site up on Wikipedia. These slick motherfuckers were being modest!You can look it up for yourself, but to sum it up, Digital Playground is one of the five biggest porn studios and has been described by Reuters as one of the handfuls of studios that dominate the U.S. industry. Half of the Wiki article is just a long-ass scroll of awards they’ve won and recognition they’ve achieved. Awards from AVN, XBIZ, and NightMoves are stacked high like rubber fists in your mom’s closet.Well, now I’m even more eager to get in there and start shaking my dick at things. There’s a Store button in the corner that leads to DVD and VOD sales. All the ones I looked at were $12 for a streaming rental. I’m not big on the crackhead model of porn consumption, so I headed over to the sign-up page.DigitalPlayground asks the industry-standard $30 a month for access, with cheaper rates for longer memberships. There’s a cheap 3-day trial, but they burn you for a few extra bucks a month if you forget to cancel and it becomes a recurring charge.They accept credit card, check, crypto-currency, and gift cards. That’s great news for normal people, your dirty old grandpa, darknet drug dealers, and broke-ass losers willing to trade the Chik-Fil-A card your mom gave you for a porno based on Back to the Future. You’ll go hungry, but at least you won’t have blue balls anymore.Lost In A Sea of PornographyIf Netflix overwhelms you with choice, DigitalPlayground is really going to fuck you up. Better come up with a good excuse now for why you’ve been in the restroom so long. Sorry, boss, I had explosive diarrhea. I certainly wasn’t trying to decide which of these parody movies I want to jerk off to on company time. What do you think? Mob-affiliated sluts or killer wives?The update schedule is a little inconsistent, but not in a bad way. Just expect a lot of porn to trickle out all the goddamn time. The front page shows the 10 latest videos, and they’ve all been added within the last 2 weeks. The full DP movies like You Will Regret This, Night of Reckoning, and Greedy Bitches, come out every month or so.To date, over a thousand girls have done scenes for DigitalPlayground. You can browse the full list to see if your favorite slut has shot a flick you’ll want to watch on the site. Spoiler alert: she has. The Recently Active Girls on the main member’s page shows established babes like Chanel Preston and Abigail Mac, as well as up-and-comers like Anny Aurora and Amilia Onyx.DigitalPlayground isn’t strictly a parody site. A lot of their storylines, characters and porno worlds are original creations, not based on some existing non-pornographic property. As much as I love the original stuff, I mainly came to the site today to get off while laughing like an idiot. On the Tags page, I found Parody listed at the very top, with a giant image from a Star Wars sex movie.Glorious Parodies with Hardcore SexThe archive stretches way the fuck back, but DigitalPlayground has a bunch of what might be modern classics in their recent history. I love how a lot of them are based on things you may have already jerked off to, only now there’s more actual sex.They’ve got a parody of G.L.O.W. called, naturally, B.L.O.W. Women’s wrestling is a lot hotter when the tits come out, and also during the scissoring and pussy eating. There’s also a Black Panther parody and a few based on Star Wars, a Tomb Raider riff called Poon Raider, and an XXX-rated sitcom called How I Fucked Your Mother.I got a boner every time I watched Jessica Jones and was disappointed when she never at least took off her shirt, sucked a mean cock, or double-teamed on some lucky motherfucker with one of her superhero friends. Well, from the preview of Jessica Bones: A DP XXX Parody, DigitalPlayground has made my dream come true.The chick who plays Jessica Bones looks enough like Krysten Ritter to really do it for me, but it’d be a hot scene even if she looked like some random, beautiful pornstar. It’s a 40-minute scene, with the action kicking off right away. She punches a guy unconscious with one hit to the stomach and then explains in a voiceover that she also likes to have sex. Typical superhero stuff, you know.You know, I think this Jessica is a bit sluttier than on the real show. Some nerds might scream about deviating from the source material, but this is damn fine smut.Ass-Licking, Ass-Stacking and Other FavoritesThe built-in player has the basic set of features, but nothing special. The quality is set automatically based on your connection, or you can fiddle with it manually by clicking the gear. Go full-screen or hit the Chromecast icon to show your roommates what makes your dick hard.DigitalPlayground has the standard tagging feature you expect from a porn site, but it seems to be implemented better than in other places. Jessica Bones: A DP XXX Parody is tagged with a thick cloud of genres and sex acts including Multiple Cum Cleanup, Office, Big Dick, and Face Sitting. Click something to get more of it.I really liked the film. By the time Jessica was getting her pussy filled with cock and her mouth with a hot snatch, I knew it’d be a permanent part of my masturbatory fantasies. I clicked the Download button to save it for later.Fuck! I knew there had to be a catch somewhere! On DigitalPlayground, downloads cost extra. An extra fifteen bucks a month lets you fill your hard drive or micro-SD card to your heart’s content.The extra fee to save files has got to be the biggest bummer I’ve seen on the site. Everything else has been practically flawless, from the clean and simple interface to the jaw-dropping, boner-popping level of quality put into the actual fuck movies.The whole package is so beautiful and hot that yeah, it makes sense that they would charge extra for downloads. They can, so they do.Downloading is included with most paysites, which means that the full DigitalPlayground experience is a little more expensive than most. Is it worth it? It depends on how much you like good porno. If you’re happy beating off to any second rate porn parody, go ahead and find something else. If you’re looking for the absolute best in the genre, look no further.