Blue Pill Men

BluePillMen! I don’t think anyone can deny that we’re living in the golden age of boner technology. In the old days, if a dude couldn’t get it up, he was stuck fiddling around with a bullshit penis pump that probably wasn’t going to do the trick. These days, it’s as easy as popping a little blue pill. That’s kind of the entire premise behind BluePillMen, a site about really old dudes smashing teen hotties.I like the candidness of, the way these elderly fellows don’t seem to have any issue admitting they’re popping Viagra before popping boners and popping cherries. It’s niche porno, that’s for sure, but they get over 100,000 visits every month, so I guess they’re doing all right. To be honest, if I was an old dude boning young babes like this, I wouldn’t give a flying fuck how many people were watching. Let me at that teen poon!Horny Old Dudes Banging Teen SlutsNot much is left to the imagination on the preview page for BluePillMen. The very top image on the screen features a group of old dudes sitting around a kitchen table, gawking at a hot, naked Asian broad as she pours syrup onto their pancakes. Let’s be real here: nobody is going to eat those sweet griddle cakes when there’s sweet pussy on the menu!The preview images and video trailers for their movies tell similar stories. The Guys Land a Porn Star is about this dude Frankie who claims to know a guy who knows the guy, who in turn knows THE guy who owns BangBros. Some phone calls are made, and Aliyah Hadid comes over to pleasure a couple of gray hairs. She gets her cunt licked and returns the oral favor before getting that tight pussy stuffed, and her face jizzed on.    If exotic babes ain’t your thing, maybe little blonde Stacy in Educating Through Experience will do it for you. The teen cutie gets a dildo shoved up her twat by a couple of ancient perverts before they tag-team her with cock.Over and over, up and down the preview screen, I’m seeing ripe young things get hammered from every angle in group sex scenes with the oldest dudes I’ve ever seen in a porno. Some of them look like dapper fellows in suits and bowties, and others just look like dirty old men.Check out the About Us page linked in the header for another nice video trailer. Old dude Frankie introduces himself to the camera before talking about the great response they’ve had to ads they put out for young pornstars. They asked this young broad about the oldest dude she’s ever been with, and she says, “Um, like, 31?”They’re popping those titular blue pills right in the fucking trailer before drilling these young things. I was worried the chicks would look grossed out or uncomfortable banging these wrinkly guys, but it seems like they’ve managed to find some real nymphomaniacs. The girls seem excited as fuck in the trailer, and I can’t wait to see how they get down in the full versions.Cheap Rates for Doubly Old ContentIf you just want a look around, you can get a one-day trial for BluePillMen for just one buck. The standard membership will run you 25 bones, which is actually a few dollars less than most premium adult sites are charging these days. I guess these fuckers have spent their lives saving up for retirement, and now they’re passing on some of those savings to you. We appreciate it, grandpas!I got signed up and logged in. BluePillMen dropped me off on the main member’s page, which is covered in thumbnails for their exclusive old/young porno movies. I see redheads drooling semen, brunettes riding old man erections, and a beautiful Ebony nurse getting fucked doggy style. I love the naked Latina bending over to get fucked by a guy using a goddamn walker!Halfway down the screen, I can see the latest videos stretched out in front of me, their upload dates beneath each clip title. Uh-oh. It looks like the content is a little bit stale around here. The last update was February 3, 2017, which was nearly three whole years before I sat down to write this.Shit. Maybe that’s why the membership is cheap here. It looks like there isn’t much of an archive to speak of, either. If I’m looking at this right, there are only a couple dozen BluePillMen movies to jack off to. With content this stale and such a small collection, it’s a little surprising the site is still even online. Then again, it fills a deep niche, so fans don’t have many options if they’re looking for this kind of material. That’s one way to stick around in this business!Let Grandpa Show You Hot It’s DoneWith so little to choose from, I decided to spank it to the top-rated movie on the website. It’s a 52-minute movie called Online Hookup, starring redheaded beauty Dolly Little. With around 30,000 views and a 97% like rating, the scene is held in high esteem among fans of sweet little babes being corrupted by the elderly.I clicked the Play button, and the movie started up immediately. It was only in 480p at the start, but I didn’t have any buffering issues when I bumped it up to the maximum resolution of 1080p.“Okay, I’m turning the camera on,” says the old man turning on the camera. “Hi, gang!” He takes a seat next to his wrinkled old buddy on the couch, surprising himself by sitting on a big black dildo. There’s a bit of banter as they explain how they set the scene up and found this young broad to come slurp their jizz out of their sagging balls.They bring in the redhead, who sits in between the two old perverts for her interview. “Can we see it?” one of them asks, to which she stands up, pulls up her dress, and drops her panties. Her twat is shaved and looks incredibly tight. Ah, the glory of youth!You can hear another old guy off-camera, adding in his two cents. I love how these dudes treat her a little bit like a piece of meat. They turn her around and examine all her parts, but there’s also a sweetness to their interaction. Is that some grandfatherly charm I detect?Intergenerational Porn on DemandI skipped ahead a bit and found Dolly stretched out on the couch with her dress open and all her goods hanging out. Frank is going to town on the little slut with that black dildo he found, and the other dude is enjoying a skillful blowjob from the little broad as she fingers her clit. These old guys keep chatting the entire fucking time!Downloads are available in a range of resolutions, and you’d better believe I saved the 1080p version of the MP4 as soon as I saw her swallowing a load of old seed. Goddamn, this girl is nasty, and I love it! A zip file of screencaps is also available for all you old-school masturbators. For some reason, I’m guessing there are more old-timey viewers of BluePillMen than your typical premium porn site.It’s a really fucking hot video. So hot, in fact, that it just reminds me of the frustrating lack of content at BluePillMen. Sure, the videos are nice and long here, but you only get a couple dozen of them. A determined masturbator can fap his way through all of these movies in a month. Hey, probably even faster if they employ some of the same chemical enhancement as the titular BluePillMen.Of course, the deep niche status of this old/young porn gives them quite a leg up on other sites with stale content. Seriously, where the fuck else are you going to go for elderly dudes deflowering teens? I’ve got a few websites on my list, but it’s a very short doesn’t have much on the menu, but what is available is some of the best porno of young chicks getting hammered by the oldest, most wrinkly grandpa dudes out there. They’ve got some video trailers to check out for free, so follow my link if you’d like to get a taste.