Oldje, aka old young porn videos! Age is a hell of a thing. Sure, you get wiser and more experienced, but your nuts start to sag, and your belly gets fat. That usually means your sex appeal fades as you get wrinkly, and your dreams of fucking teen sluts go right out the window. Fortunately, old dudes can still score some prime poon if they play their cards right, or at least that’s the impression I get from Oldje.Oldje.com bills itself as “The #1 Old and Young Site,” with “Real Swallows and Kisses.” Old guys smashing ripe young things has been their gimmick since they started putting out movies back in 1992. Corrupting the youth is a time-honored and time-tested tradition, enabling Oldje to maintain a solid standing in the world of old fogey porno. These days, the site gets around a million visits every month.Ugly Old Dudes and Ripe Young SlutsA lot of words come to mind when you land on the front page of Oldje. You’ll instantly want to call these photographic previews sexy, downright erotic. I think nubile when I look at these pretty girls and beautiful women, and I think ancient when I see these wrinkly bald dudes with their hanging jowls and liver-spotted skin. Creepy is the word many would use to describe these couplings, but what do they know?I’ve got to say, for really old dudes, they’ve sure got hard wieners around here. Thank God for Viagra, I guess. Now grandpa doesn’t have any trouble at all getting up for girls like Abigail Johnson and Ava Black. You should see what these elderly guys are packing, and what they’re doing with that meat!The preview images show gray-haired guys plunging their penises into youthful young blondes. You’ll see redheads riding on old heads and hot whores with their legs over their heads, making up for their partner’s lack of flexibility due to his advanced age. There are young babes eating old sausage, and a cute little thing getting double teamed by a couple of dudes, each a couple of generations older than her.It’s worth noting that these guys don’t look like old porn studs or silver foxes. For the most part, they look like some busted-up old ugly guys. There are a lot of fat dudes on the roster, and a bunch with droopy faces like they drink whiskey for every meal. It’s incredible how many of these guys shave their balls but otherwise appear to have the hygiene of homeless men.Cheap as Hell with Porn to SpareThese dudes are so ugly that I wonder if they have to pay the sluts more to spread their legs for them. I was worried some of that cost might be passed along to the masturbating viewers, so I checked out the sign-up page to see what the prices were like.The standard membership will run you around €30 a month, which is pretty much in line with what all the other premium porn sites are charging these days. There are some cheaper rates available if you’re willing to shell out for 90 days or a full year, assuming you’ve got that much time left and aren’t running out your days in hospice care.Oldje is actually a part of the Sensual Girl network, and your membership gets you access to several sites. There is Oldje, of course, with almost 800 exclusive movies about old guys boning much younger, much more attractive women. There’s also the 80 flicks over at Class-3some, and a couple hundred at Class-Blowjob. Class-Nudes.com is a serious archive on the network, with nearly 60,000 photos and videos to engorge your genitals.They let you know right on the sign-up page that both streaming and downloading are included with your membership. These days, I always have to check to see if downloads cost extra, since so many premium sites are tacking on an additional charge.Fapping to a Massive Old/Young StashOnce I got signed up and logged in, they dropped me off at the Sensual Girl main member’s page. I clicked the Oldje link at the top of the screen, which featured seven wrinkly old guys surrounding one tiny little blonde beauty. The main Oldje member’s page looks exactly like the front page, only now I have full access to those old/young porno movies.I was hoping to find upload dates for all the new movies in the members' area. That would tell me how often the site updates with new material. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the dates listed anywhere. I know Oldje has regular updates based on the size of the collection on hand, but I can’t tell you if those updates come on a weekly, biweekly, or even monthly schedule. I can tell you there are hundreds of movies on the website for you to feast your horny eyes on, so you’re definitely not going to be hard up for fap material.I decided to check out the very newest movie on the site, A Little More Action. The thumbnail shows a sweet-faced young thing getting her pussy pounded by a fat old dude with an unshaven face and a beer belly, which will make even virgin neckbeards like yourself feel like you have a chance with this little bitch.It’s a 22-minute scene, available in a range of resolutions from 272p toaster quality up to blisteringly crisp 4K ultra-HD. The premise is simple. The old dude tries to impress the young girl with his ping-pong skills, but it turns out there is a different set of balls Ivi is really good at playing with.Young Babes Playing with Old BallsWith the resolution maxed out, I get a couple of seconds of buffering when I clicked the Play button and went skipping around throughout the video timeline. It’s not a bad trade, especially given the crisp video quality. The scene opens with that ping-pong match I mentioned, so I jumped ahead to the three-minute mark where the girl is fondling the guy’s dick through his pants.Age differences are pretty common in pornography, but it’s really fucking stark here. This guy looks like a grizzled old gym teacher getting his cock sucked by one of his students. There’s no way this tiny slut has been out of school for very long as she works her way from the shaft down to his balls.Five minutes into the movie and dude’s already got his face buried in her ass crack, tongue up her twat. I love the look on the girl’s face as she closes her eyes and moans; I kind of wonder if she’s picturing a younger, much more handsome dude with his nose in her butthole. Then again, she seems pretty enthusiastic for a hot babe with a gross old guy. I’m guessing she’s a real nymphomaniac.Goddamn, this girl has some serious daddy issues. Check out the big smile on her face as she puts a leg up on the ping-pong table to get hammered from behind. She grins up at him in between squeals, eager for more of that old guy cock as he slams away.After getting a good fap session in, I checked out the Photos and Screenshots included with the video. Some of the posed shots are pretty cute, the two looking genuinely flirty as they stare into each other’s eyes and exchange kisses on the lips.Oldje does a hell of a great job selling the sexual dynamic between these ripe young things and the old guys fucking them on camera. I was expecting to see some disgusted-looking girls sucking on shriveled members, but these teen sluts are legit excited to get banged by dudes who are decades older than them. There’s hope for you yet, you old geezer!There aren’t many sites out there that show ripe young hotties fucking guys old enough to be their grandpas. Oldje.com is easily one of the best places on the net to find this kind of material. Access includes membership to a few other porno sites, so you’ve still got plenty to jerk off to even if you get tired of seeing old farts score more than you do.