Old Goes Young

OldGoesYoung! As dudes get older, they start wondering what they’re going to do with themselves after they retire. Some will pick up a hobby like woodworking, devoting hours, days, and ultimately years to perfecting a craft. Others will simply grow fatter and drunker while watching TV on the couch. Thanks to Viagra, plenty of old fogies these days will spend their golden years smashing much younger sluts. Those are the kind of elderly studs you’ll find hammering away at OldGoesYoung.OldGoesYoung.com is exactly what it sounds like. If you heard it mentioned somewhere else, you might think it had something to do with age-defying, skin rejuvenating cream. Since you’re reading this at The Porn Dude, you already know it deals with an entirely different type of cream.Old Dudes Going for Young PussyOldGoesYoung isn’t all that young, as far as websites go. Their first movie, the subtly titled Erotic Teen Chick Sucks Older Cock and Is Fucked by Older Man Who Loves Younger Girls, was uploaded to the site in October 2011. The collection has grown steadily since, with a stash now running in the thousands of movies. That library of old gray hairs fucking young blondes, brunettes, and redheads draws about 5000 viewers every day.The landing page breaks down the collection into hard numbers. As of this writing, the site has 1,184 girls, 332,666 dirty photos, and 2,248 movies encompassing 3776.64 gigabytes of content. You’d better delete a bunch of your wife’s vacation shots if you want to save as much of this grandpa porn as you can.The landing page also gives you a solid fucking idea of what you’ll find in those thousands of gigs of old/young porno. A 19-year-old shooting a masturbation scene is interrupted by a Santa Claus looking motherfucker, who takes her from behind. An athletic 20-year-old spreads her legs wide for an old dude after trading oral sex. Rebecca Volpetti is in one called Home Alone, where a masked stranger comes in to rob her of more than just her jewelry.I love the contrast between these innocent little babes and these ancient old men in every nasty thumbnail here. A cute black-haired chick is getting stuck from behind by a fat guy, and a wrinkled old dude gets his cock sucked on a couch. There’s a gray-haired teacher perving on a teen with a foxtail that I’m pretty sure is attached to a buttplug.There’s a one-minute trailer for a movie about a dude giving his fresh stepdaughter some doggystyle action. He sets up a hidden voyeur cam, which then captures the young slut walking into the room and lounging on the couch. Naturally, this leads to masturbating. Stepdaddy walks in, catching her in the act, and she lets him stick her fingers inside. There’s a montage pulled from the full 35-minute flick, culminating in the babe getting sprayed with jizz.Cheaper Than a Good Retirement PlanAfter the video plays, OldGoesYoung hits me with the sign-up screen. Like most paysites, they’re asking for 30 bucks for the standard monthly membership, with cheaper options for longer plans. There is also a two-day trial for just a buck, but be careful about those auto-rebills.They promise daily exclusive updates and ultra HD 4K videos, with unlimited streaming and downloading. The numbers here are a little different than I saw out front: 5000+ exclusive videos and 2000+ exclusive models. (On the sign-in page for members, they list the number of videos at 12,000. Weird.)Maybe the discrepancy has to do with the fact that this is actually a network membership. Your subscription to OldGoesYoung actually comes with access to more than 30 sites. There are some other age-themed porno sites here, like AnalOldYoung, SheMadeUsLesbians, MILFsOnSticks, and 18VirginSex. You’ll also find plenty of general perversions like Horny Thief Tales, Dirty Home Vids, and Dirty Ass to Mouth.Watch Gramps Live it Up in HDThe network OldGoesYoung has been around since 2005, and that shows a bit on the member’s page. Once I got logged in, I couldn’t help notice the outdated layout. The thumbnails don’t show moving previews, and the text-heavy layout is a sharp contrast from the flashy look most premium sites are pushing these days.The smut still looks really fucking good, though. The main member’s page shows you recent updates from across the network. The sign-up page promises daily updates, but I’m only seeing one or two. That’s a bummer, because most of the big-name porn networks are putting out a flick or two every day.If you’ve come to the network specifically for the old guys banging the pretty young ladies, I’ve got some bad news for you: the OldGoesYoung movies are added even more infrequently. Looking at the recent updates, I only see about one movie a month.Hot Young Babes Who Love Older CockI guess we might be able to forgive that relatively slow release schedule if the porno is good enough. I mean, there are thousands of movies to jerk off to in the stash already. I pulled up the most recent scene to see how sexy they are.They don’t have clever titles, that’s for sure. Sexy Czech Teen Having Sex with Gray-Haired Old Man is a 22-minute movie that opens with a young beauty in a little blue dress leaning under the hood of her car. She’s stopped at the side of the road, apparently having engine trouble.The movie looks crisp enough playing at the maximum resolution, not giving me any buffering troubles as grandpa comes along to help save the day. He might have fixed the car, because she acts grateful afterwards, but I didn’t see them try to start it or anything.Whatever, though. In the next scene, she invites him into her apartment. Grandpa must be feeding her some smooth lines over wine, but I don’t speak Euro-trash, so I skipped ahead a few minutes. By that point, they were just making out, so I skipped ahead a few more and found the guy wrapping his lips around her nipples.If this broad is turned off by the wrinkly old man fingering her clit, she does a good job hiding it. She’s moaning like a little slut as he fingers away. She’s got her eyes closed, though, and I can’t help wondering if she’s imagining a guy a few decades closer to her own age.Stream and Download HD Grampa SexThe video player is surprisingly responsive, even at maximum resolution. On a home connection, I can jump from the intergenerational blowjob to the septuagenarian lick-down to the old guy cumshot with maybe a second of buffering each time.Downloads are accessible via a button right beneath the video player. OldGoesYoung, and the rest of the sites on the network, offer a range of downloads to make the best use of your dwindling resources. I’m telling you, your wife isn’t going to notice if you delete a few thousand of those photographs she takes of her lunch.My biggest problem with OldGoesYoung is definitely the slow release schedule. One release per month is absolutely fucking garbage for a paysite. The saving grace is that they’re actually on a network, so the full package includes more, even if not on the old/young porno site specifically. But, and this is a big but, the network itself has a pretty weak release schedule for having over 30 websites under their umbrella. They do one or two releases per week, which would be fine on a regular paysite but is weak for a premium network.If the release schedule doesn’t bother you, the porno is undoubtedly worth a look. There are only a handful of sites that really have much grandpa porn to speak of, and OldGoesYoung.com is one of them. Slow releases aside, you end up with thousands of movies in all categories across the network, which also helps make up the value. They’ve got free video previews, so I recommend checking them out if you like seeing grandpa reliving his glory days.