Age And Beauty

The link between Age and Beauty has been explored in pornography since the very invention of the stuff. Typically, we see ripe young babes presented as the pinnacle of female sexuality, which makes evolutionary sense: they’ve reached peak child-bearing maturity, and we’re hardwired with an instinct to breed with them. On their other hand, older women may not be as fertile but often have sexual tricks up their sleeves the younger babes still need to practice. Cougar fans know this all too well, seeking out dirty movies with the hottest older chicks who haven’t been too ravaged by sounds like it could be a brand of MLM beauty products, hyped by your sister-in-law all over Facebook, but I wouldn’t be reviewing it here at ThePornDude if it was. It’s actually a premium porn brand focused on mature women in realistic erotica. I drop the word “Erotica” here because it’s what they use in their marketing copy, but don’t mistake this for some arty bullshit that borders on SFW. It’s part of the Adult Time network, so I already have a feeling it’s going to be some good, hardcore shit.The Age and Beauty of Classic PornstarsThe first clue you get that AgeAndBeauty isn’t hyping overpriced skin cream is the Adults-Only warning out front. There’s a hot mature blonde looking out from the page background, setting the vibe before we see any T&A. Her pretty face and sly smile hint at decades of sensual experience, and I know she’s willing to share or she wouldn’t be here. (Also, because I recognize classic pornstars when I see them, and so will a lot of you.)Clicking through to the main tour page, I see more of these goddess-like older babes. I struggle to adequately drop them into an easily definable porno category, but I’m not sure it’s fair to call this a premium MILF or a GILF site. A lot of MILF sites feature chicks in their late 20s, and the term “granny porn” conjures up wrinkly old hags with weathered faces, titties to their knees, and vageens that hang like sleeve of wizard. The women of Age and Beauty fall well between these extremes.What you get are some of the most beautiful pornstars in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s, plus a smattering of younger starlets for some intergenerational variety. A lot of these babes, like the illustrious Nina Hartley, are such classic pornstars they’re practically adult-movie royalty at this point. Check out well-versed babes as Payton Hall, Dee Williams, Sally D’Angelo, and Rita Daniels, with more to come.Speaking of Rita Daniels, the 70-year-old stars in a full-length, free scene on AgeAndBeauty’s tour page. Rita plays the titular Grandma in Grandmother’s Blessing, starring alongside Alison Rey, who plays the sexy granddaughter. Right away, you’ll notice the high production values in the sets, lighting, and crystal-clear camerawork. It’s a meet-the-new-boyfriend scenario where granny is demonstrating blowjob techniques on the new beau by the 9-minute mark. This naturally leads to a full-on threesome on an expensive-looking couch.Granny Would Love This ValueI mentioned in the opening that is part of the Adult Time network, which I’ve talked about a lot here at ThePornDude. Adult Time calls each of their brands a Series or Channel, though it’s helpful to think of each as a premium site on its own. A membership to Adult Time gets you into AgeAndBeauty and more than 250 other premium porn channels. It’s a lot like cable TV, except you can beat off to a lot more of the channels.It’s also a lot cheaper than cable. A streaming-only membership will run you just twenty bucks a month. If you want downloads, that’ll bring you closer to the industry-standard of thirty bucks, but if you’re not the file-saving type, that’s a nice price break. The yearly plan is the best value, breaking down to ten bones a month with downloads thrown in on top. There’s also a cheap 3-day trial, but be careful about that auto-bill.They’ve also got some big discounts available on top of that. I lingered on the sign-up page a bit so I could write shit down. While I was lingering, a chat-bot window opened up, offering me up to 50% off the regular price, even on the shorter memberships.The network gives access to a ton of smut in a wide variety of categories. There are some big-name brands on Adult Time that you’ve definitely heard of if you like porn, classic or modern. Evil Angel, Girlsway, PureTaboo, Vivid and Rocco Siffredi come to mind. Altogether, you’re looking at well over 50,000 porn videos on the network.The big downside to that is you’re only getting a handful of movies released under the Age and Beauty imprint. Right now, there are only 9 videos on the channel. Fortunately, they don’t account for all the mature fuck flicks on the network. A quick search for the term “Cougar” brought back around a hundred movies, so fans of older women will be well-served.Naturally, this has some ramifications with regards to the release schedules. Adult Time adds at least 8 new releases to the network every day. The flipside to that is that the movies are few and far between. The most recent was put out 6 months ago, and was their only release of 2021. Well, they do say COVID affects the older generations worse, so it makes sense they’d be hit harder by the social distancing issues that have plagued porn shoots over the last year.How to Get Your Grandma on ZoomI figured I’d start my official Age and Beauty faptest with the newest video, since it was at least released in the last year. You Should Visit More Often is a half-hour cougar porno starring Payton Hall as a grandmother who loves her step-grandson beyond words. On his nineteenth birthday, she hatches a plan to seduce him via the magic of video chat. Your tech-hating grandma could really learn a lot from watching it.Grandma Payton’s plan starts with busting those big tits out of her top a couple of minutes into the call. For a chick born in ’61, those jugs have held up magnificently. The young man goes wide-eyed and slack-jawed as Granny takes it all off, lays back and starts diddling herself right on the video call. This grandma is kind of a freak, so she’s working herself over with two different toys before we even reach the 9-minute mark.The self-love was fun, and I certainly played along at home, but I wanted to see a hot old lady getting banged. There’s an intergenerational lesbian scene with Scarlett Sage, Nina Hartley and Dee Williams I’ll definitely be watching later, but for now, I checked out Extra Care starring Erica Lauren as a wealthy widower getting a grocery delivery from a senior-citizen care services program.This one plays up the grandma stereotypes in an almost comical fashion but plays it straight. Erica is knitting when the doorbell rings, and shuffles to the door with a cane, wearing fuzzy slippers and a silk robe. She’s a good-looking old cripple, though, and seduces the young dude by having him help her up the stairs. Seriously.He massages her to help with her poor circulation, and our dude can’t help but pop visible wood. She grabs his package through his pants and it’s on, quickly turning into a sepia-toned fuck scene. It’s a slower, sensual porno, but grandma sure knows how to fuck. There’s cocksucking, pussy-eating, and a lot of different positions over the course of 41 minutes. I got the sense that Erica couldn’t do certain positions for all that long, but she showed a lot more sexual flexibility than I expect from a babe her age, clearly enjoying herself.Seeing more than you expect from babes at this age is kind of the whole theme of Age and Beauty. They’ve got these old ladies having some pretty freaky, intense sex, wrapped up with really fucking high production values. The scenarios really do feel realistic and the camera work makes it feel pretty natural, but despite the age of the participants, you get the kind of sex you expect from hardcore porno.AgeAndBeauty’s biggest shortcoming is the overall small number of movies released under the brand, but most users are going to be more than satisfied by the total amount of material included with the Adult Time membership. I think the network represents one of the all-around better values in premium porn today, and this imprint will make the whole package more appealing to fans of mature babes, cougars and GILFs. Check out that free movie out front and see how it makes your junk feel.