50 Plus MILFs

50PlusMILFs! They say things get better with age, though you wouldn’t notice by looking at the leftovers in the back of my fridge. Of course, if I’d been snacking on the prime cuts of meat you can find at 50 50PlusMILFs, there’d never be any leftovers to speak of. As the name implies, these women may be over 50, but you absolutely will want to fuck them.50PlusMILFs.com has been in the MILF porno business for a long fucking time. They just celebrated their 27th anniversary, which means the original sluts from the website have long since graduated into GILFhood. They’re constantly restocking the shelves with gorgeous mature broads with overactive libidos, which is part of the secret to their everlasting longevity. Even after all these years, they still get almost a million visits a month.Real XXX Begins at 50According to the motto on the preview screen, Real XXX Begins at 50! Now all you young whippersnappers out there have something to look forward to besides needing to take Viagra, Cialis, and Rogaine. It seems like a bullshit claim, but the old ladies all over the page seem to be having a pretty goddamn good time.There’s this gray-haired slut named Jynn getting hammered with some BBC from a former student. The photos show her cramming that monster cock in her mouth before getting her ancient pussy all stretched out. This broad is 50 years old, just barely making the cut if they’re serious about the name. It’s almost like 18-year-olds losing their virginities on other premium porn sites. Happy birthday, grandma!There’s also 51-year-old housewife and granny, Beau Diamonds. They’ve got some quotes from the busty redhead, who has such fascinating things to say as, “I love sex. I have sex as much as possible.” The photos back that up, as we see Beau getting her bald twat boned from multiple angles.These chicks are old. If you’re looking for the standard cougar or MILF you see driving her kids to soccer practice down the street, look elsewhere. These are legit horny grandmas, with the gray hair, wrinkles, and liver spots to prove it. Still, they’re all prime examples of aged beauty, making your own granny look like a haggard old witch.You don’t always think of babes this age as sexual beings, but the smiling faces in all the preview photos show the kind of sexual enthusiasm you typically associate with young, newly ripe college girls. Apparently, you’re never too old for threesomes and anal.Make Grandma Proud with Money-Saving TipsA membership to 50PlusMILFs will run you 30 bucks a month, the same as most premium porn sites these days. Granny porn is a bit of a niche, so they could probably get away with charging more, but they know old folks always appreciate a good deal. You can get 33% off if you’re willing to sign up for three months at a time.Subscribers can also add 40SomethingMag to their package for just 20 bucks. That’s an Alexander Hamilton off the regular price and includes nearly a thousand movies and a few new ones every week. Even if you’re not willing to sign up for any add-ons, 50PlusMILFs members also get free access to 60PlusMILFs. It’s like taking grandma to Costco and boning all her friends at a deep discount.The release schedule at 50PlusMILFs is pretty goddamn decent. Once you get signed up and logged in, you’ll see all the new stuff represented in filthy thumbnail format. Every few days, the website is releasing an exclusive new movie featuring old ladies masturbating in the bathtub, seducing the pool boy, and getting some deep DP.The full collection contains around 500 exclusive and original MILF fuck flicks. I like how the website proudly displays their age on each thumbnail. Sindy’s hairy pussy is 54 years old, and exotic beauty Persia is a spry 50. Summeran doesn’t look a day over 52, but surprise! The anal sex fanatic is just a year shy of the big six oh.Thirsty Old Broads Getting NastyThese old bitches are really fucking dirty, which is really fucking hot. Instead of baking cookies with the grandkids, it seems like they’re all trying to push the limits of perversion. I see so many old ladies trying to swallow big cock and getting fucked up the ass.There’s also what purports to be a first-time threesome between an old lady, her best friend, and some really lucky young dude. It’s that chick Jynn I saw on the preview page, losing her video virginity with one of the starlets of 40SomethingMag.The movie plays as soon as I clicked the Play button, with no apparent buffering at all. The maximum resolution here is 720p, which is admittedly a bit weak for a porn site in 2021. Everybody else is in the process of upgrading from 1080p to 4K, so hopefully, 50PlusMILFs gets on the bandwagon soon.“Your kids will never find out!” Alby tells Jynn in the opening conversation. She introduces the stud, a young muscular dude who’s already fucking their faces before the two-minute mark. As we age, we get closer to death, so it makes sense that these horny grandmas aren’t willing to waste any time getting to the good stuff.Ten minutes in and Alby is riding hard while Jynn licks the dude’s balls. These chicks are as eager as they looked in all the thumbnails, with a lot of enthusiastic moaning and groaning as they go to town on the young dude. It looks like grandma is really thirsty!Jizz-Soaked Grandmas in 720pThey managed to fit quite a lot of perversion into the 35-minute scene. I love the scene where Jynn is riding her friend’s face while the dude pounds that lady’s cunt. I love it so much, in fact, that I clicked the Download button beneath the video player. MP4 files are available at 360p or 720p.The movie ends with the two old ladies making out with jizz all over their faces. They lick the salty sauce from each other’s cheeks, and you may have a difficult time not recalling the scene the next time grandma serves you pasta with alfredo sauce.Each of the movies is also presented with an extensive gallery of photographs from the scene. These don’t appear to be simple screen grabs from the video, but professional shots taken during the cock sucking, cunt eating, and pussy stuffing. These chicks are total professionals, often making really sexy eye contact with the camera. Zip files are available with each collection in a few different resolutions.The entire production is done really fucking well. It’s pretty obvious that 50PlusMILFs isn’t some fly-by-night operation, as nearly everything about the website and the porno within is professional on every level. After watching some of the movies, it doesn’t seem like any big surprise that the company has been putting out MILF porno for nearly 30 years now.My only real complaint about the website is the relatively low video resolution. It’s pretty unusual to find a premium site maxing out at 720p in 2021. The format hasn’t been king for a couple of generations now and might be a dealbreaker on a more vanilla porn website. 50PlusMILFs probably gets away with it because granny porn ain’t the most common style of smut in the world, and there aren’t really a lot of great premium websites to get it.50PlusMILFs.com is one of those great premium granny porn websites. Fans of the wrinkled old genre will be hard-pressed to find such an extensive collection of older MILFs getting banged, and will have an even harder time finding a collection of such consistently high quality. Having been around for nearly three decades, the stash is extensive, with multiple updates hitting the site every week. Subscriptions are rounded out with free access to 60PlusMILFs, making this a solid value for grand-motherfuckers everywhere.