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WifeysWorld! I’m not sure if you’ve ever guessed this about me, but I’ve never been much for settling down. I always ask, why buy the cow when the milk is free? I love being able to bang all the broads I want without the ball and chain dragging me down. The thing is, I’ve been looking at this site WifeysWorld recently, and it’s kind of changing my attitude about marriage. This dude Hubby seems like a lucky motherfucker!WifeysWorld.com is a premium porn website about the adventures of “the web’s most well-endowed, orally obsessed, horny housewife and MILF!” It’s run by a real-life husband-and-wife couple with a passion for sex and a thing for exhibitionism. They’ve been online since 1998, meaning they’re practically an Internet porn classic. They’ve maintained popularity over the decades, and these days get over 16,000 visitors every fucking day. I don’t care how hot you think your own wife is; I don’t think she has anything on Wifey!A Free Tour of a Wife’s PerversionThere’s a link to a Free Tour on the landing page, right underneath the Adults Only warning. I clicked through and saw previews of the newest MILF porn on the site. The blonde, big-titted Wifey goes interracial with some BBC in the latest scene and got double fucked in the scene before. Though they release a fair amount of material, updates hit the site at an uneven pace. Sometimes a week goes by, sometimes two before a new creampie video shows up.Initially, I thought this website was going to be entirely devoted to Wifey and her sexual adventures. Considering how hot this cougar looks, I’d definitely be cool with that, but it seems like she gets her friends and family in on the action as well. One of the more recent videos features her sister coming to town for Christmas and getting a little action on the side. It turns out Wifey has a lot of horny friends; the Friends list features 12 pages of friendly freaks and horny amateurs.There’s a video preview right below that, so I figured I’d hit the Play button and see what’s up. The montage features Wifey in lingerie and a blindfold, playing with herself. She swings her enhanced jugs at the camera and poses with her twat exposed. The second half of the trailer’s a bit more hardcore, with Wifey getting her cunt pounded and taking loads of jizz to the face.“Do you just want to bust your nut in my mouth so we can finish this hike or what?” she asks at the very end of the trailer. I love how enthusiastically and unrepentantly slutty this old babe is!I took a quick look at the Our Story page. More than 20 years ago, Hubby and Wifey decided they were tired of seeing paid “actresses” yawning their way through sex scenes, dodging the sperm spraying at their faces, and just generally acting like they weren’t into it. Wifey is a genuine nymphomaniac, so they figured, what the hell? And with that, WifeysWorld was born.Creampies, Interracial Action, and Other PerversionAt just 20 bucks a month for the standard membership, WifeysWorld represents a solid value in the world of premium pornography. Most websites cost about 10 dollars more, and you can score an even better deal if you want to sign up for 90 days or a full year.The website’s age was showing a little bit from the outside, and the inside doesn’t look any more modern. That ain’t really a big deal, because the site mascot is still cute, and Wifey herself is still a hot nymphomaniac getting banged on camera every week or so. The main member’s page features, you guessed it, a wall of thumbnails from all of the newest movies.I wonder what it’s like being Hubby and seeing your wife bang all these different dudes. She’s no stranger to perversion, either. This broad really seems to love group sex, creampies, and trying to fit the hugest dicks inside her mouth. On Wifey’s Happy Christmas, some stud had his nose in her ass crack while licking her from behind.By default, the page shows you the newest movies first. If you’re the kind of old school pervert who likes beating off to still photographs, click the Photos button at the top of the screen. If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing you’re going to click on the dirtiest, most perverted thumbnail you can find. With that in mind, I clicked on a picture of Wifey sucking a dude’s cock through a hole in a board.Wifey Loves Cock Every Which WayI wasn’t expecting anything terribly kinky here at WifeysWorld, so I was a little bit surprised to see the milking table being used. Still, I can’t deny the hotness of a woman slurping a stranger’s semen when she can’t even see the dude.Video resolutions are a little bit limited here, with downloads and streams available in either 480p or 720p. Most paysites these days are at least 1080p, with more and more upgrading to 4K ultra-HD. This is just another way that WifeysWorld shows its age, though I think most users aren’t going to complain. The broad still looks pretty fucking crisp, smiling so big you can see all her pearly whites while a guy sprays jizz in her mouth.At maximum resolution, the 18-minute movie starts playing without any buffering to speak of. There’s some cheesy music featuring a keyboard trying to sound like a rock ‘n’ roll guitar, and then Wifey appears on the screen, ready to give a dude a massage.Wifey has her titties out as she starts rubbing the dude down. I can see why this bitch is such a hit among fans of big-breasted MILFs! She’s got a breathy, seductive voice as she talks dirty to the dude. Three minutes in, she climbs under the table, lays on a beanbag, and aims his hard cock at her face.You can tell from the look on her face that she absolutely enjoys doing this. Wifey is living her dream by taking on all kinds of cock on video and sharing her adventures with strangers. She’s a real nymphomaniac and a genuine exhibitionist!Her partners are pretty fucking enthusiastic, too. A couple of minutes later, after a little bit of stroking, but before she’s even tasted the thing, the dude almost loses it, and she has to slow down, so he doesn’t pop early. Viewers at home may have the same exact fucking problem.Semi-Amateur MILF Porn Done RightIt’s a lengthy suck session. Wifey doesn’t seem to get tired or lose her enthusiasm at all during the entire thing. Her decades of practice are apparent as she strokes the man’s balls and takes the shaft deep into her very talented lips. She must have on some special dick-sucking lipstick, because her lips stay bright pink the entire time.I love the way she talks to the dude. She’s sexy as fuck, but also very sweet in almost a motherly way, encouraging him to cum on her whenever he wants to and whenever he’s ready. She ends up swallowing his children a few times throughout the course of the scene.WifeysWorld has been making these movies for 20 years and clearly knows what the fuck they’re doing, from the way the babe fucks to the camera angles and overall production. It would be a mistake to call this an amateur operation; clearly, fucking on camera is Wifey’s full-time job. At the same time, there is a rawness and realness to the sex scenes that is hard to find outside the world of DIY smut. While she is getting paid for this, it’s obvious that Wifey really loves what she’s doing!Fans of gorgeous, slutty exhibitionist cougars looking for well-made porn with the enthusiasm of amateur sex movies will find it here. Wifey has been in business for a while, honing her techniques and her sexual expertise. WifeysWorld.com features regular releases of some pretty kinky hookups between Wifey and her friends, and it’s cheaper than your typical premium porn site. If that sounds remotely sexy, I recommend checking out the free trailer on the front page.