Karups Older Women! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I love older women so much. The hottest cougars have aged like the finest of wines, occasionally with some cosmetic enhancements along the way. They’ve also got sexual talents they’ve been working on for literally decades, practicing on scores of different partners. Probably my favorite thing about MILFs, though, is how much they remind me of your mom. Maybe that’s why I’ve been getting off so hard lately to KarupsOW.KarupsOW.com has been around for a good, long fucking minute. Though the domain was registered in 2006, they’ve been putting out mature porn since 1998, amassing legions of fans along the way. They pull a couple of million visits a month, and today your old friend The Porn Dude is among them.Older Women Exposing Themselves on CameraI pulled up the landing page for KarupsOW and got a big, raging stiffy almost immediately. Images from some of their newest, most popular features slide across the top of the page. There’s a blonde mama eating dick and a redheaded older bitch getting her shaved cunt speared. One of the flicks is called Better Than Your Brother, a title that brings up as many questions as it does erections.Further down the page are thumbnails from some of the newest exclusive flicks on the site, shot and released in 4K ultra-HD. There’s a big-titted cougar on her knees playing with herself, and a MILF getting fucked beside the Christmas tree in Carol of the Balls. A couple of lesbians are scissoring in the thumbnail for Teacher’s Pet. On hover over, the two sluts eat each other out on a couch without bothering to put down a towel to catch the inevitable pussy juice explosions.KarupsOW focuses on the titular OW. If you’re fucking retarded and haven’t figured it out yet, that stands for Older Women. They seem to have a broad range of mature babes, from soccer moms in their late twenties to ripe cougars in their forties, and a handful of genuine GILFs who may well be in their sixties but are holding up well. I’m looking at you, Amy D.I see a handful of recognizable sluts like Kagney Lynn Karter and Casca Akashova pleasuring themselves for the camera, but most of the babes on the front page are relative unknowns in the industry. The vibe hovers between professional and amateur; the video screengrabs show solid production and pornographic camera angles, but the babes seem like genuine housewives and soccer moms getting a little bit playful. As a serious fan of seeing the mom next door getting pounded with cock, I couldn’t wait to get in and see more.Three Porn Sites Included with MembershipKarupsOW.com is asking the industry-standard 30 bones a month to sign up. That’s a recurring rate, but you’re free to shell out 45 bucks for the nonrecurring membership if you’re a dipshit and don’t understand how to cancel these things. They’ve also got a lower rate for longer subscriptions, and a three-day trial for five bucks.They lay out some of the perks of membership in hard numbers on the sign-up page. They’ve got nearly 6000 world-class models at this point, starring in almost 17,000 videos. Membership here includes both streaming and download access to all the content. They’ve also got around 35,000 photosets if you’re an old-school masturbator who likes still pictures. You can let your imagination fill in the blanks with lesbian encounters, titty fucks, and hardcore unlubricated anal fisting sessions.One of the major perks of membership here is that you actually get access to three different websites. You’ve got this one, Karup’s Older Women. You also get Karup’s Private Collection and Karup’s Hometown Amateurs. I’m a real sucker for a package deal, which is why I’ve got entire storage lockers full of knockoff Chinese Viagra, silicone schoolgirl vaginas, and barrels full of industrial lubricants. KarupsOW is way fucking cheaper than any of those and doesn’t come with a serious risk of chemical burns. It turns out that lubricant wasn’t rated for human consumption. Who knew?Look at All This Mature Porno!Once you get logged in, you’ll be dropped off at the main member’s page for Karups.com. There’s a fucking shit ton of content here, and you’re immediately hit with a wall of featured videos, Coming Soon movies, live shows, latest photos and videos, and also bonus videos from sites like Girlsway and Team Skeet. Holy shit!I got so distracted. I forgot that I came here specifically to review KarupsOW. I hit the Sites button in the header and selected Karup’s Older Women. That brought me to the stash of perverted older babes I was looking for. Buttons at the top let me narrow down the selection to Hardcore Videos, Softcore Videos, Action Photos, Mature Photos, Toys Photos, and Uniforms Photos. I’m pretty much a stone-cold pervert, always looking for the hardest, nastiest smut I can find, so naturally, I clicked the Hardcore Videos button.KarupsOW served up a thick wall of hardcore thumbnails showing MILFs and cougars getting drilled from every angle. There are big-titted redheads getting gropes, lesbians sharing dildos, chubby babes getting it from behind, and a handful of really sexy threesomes.Release dates are listed on each thumbnail. They put out plenty of movies every month, though they don’t seem to have a particular release schedule. Lately, movies have been coming out roughly every week, though a couple of months ago, they were putting out new stuff every couple days. Given the site is part of a wider network, viewers will have no shortage of dirty movies to shake their dicks at.Watch Thick MILFs Get BonedA thick MILF with massive jugs graces the thumbnail for Stepmom Takes a Stuffing. I clicked through to the video page and clicked Play on the player. By default, 720p was selected as the video resolution, but I didn’t have any buffering issues when I bumped it up to the maximum 1080p HD.After a short intro montage, we see a dude in bed fucking a Fleshlight while looking at pictures on his phone. It’s that redhead from the thumbnail, Maggie Green. Maggie walks in, catches him jerking off to her photos, and silently watches for a little while. She’s wearing the same exact dress as in the pics.“Is that me?” she asks, interrupting his session. She sits down beside him, titties practically popping out of her dress, acting surprised he got all turned on by her. She tells him it’s inappropriate, but a minute later, she’s encouraging him to feel her up. By the five-minute mark, step-mommy is jerking his dick while he sucks her nipples.Maggie is eager for a taste of that hard thing, and the camera angle switches to a gonzo POV shot with great eye contact. A few minutes later, she is fully naked on the bed, getting her mature cunt licked down as she moans. “Will you fuck me with that nice big dick?” she asks, and the dude immediately obliges because only a fag wouldn’t.The full scene runs 45 minutes long and includes an incredible titty-fucking sequence halfway through. Using the baked-in speed control, I watched that part in slow motion. She opens her mouth for the cumshot at the end, catching some of it, but it mostly lands on her giant boobs. She promises not to tell his father, and then we’re treated to a little bit of behind-the-scenes footage as she showers and talks about the scene.KarupsOW has been making mature porn for a couple of decades now, and it shows. They really know how to showcase all these beautiful older women, letting us gawk at those beautifully age-ripened bodies and witness those nearly superhuman sexual talents. They’re putting out a ton of content every month to add to the already enormous mountain of cougar and MILFs smut. Throw in the rest of the Karup’s porn network, and you’ve got a great package of amateur and mature porno for your dollar.