MILF Hunter

MILFHunter! I never understood hunting for food. I mean, why wake up before dawn, get all bundled up and go sit in a tree all morning when I can just eat a bowl of cereal while surfing porn in my heated apartment? Hell, even if I go grab a McMuffin, I can gawk at the teen babe behind the counter. Then again, there are different types of hunting. For example, it ain’t deer or w-w-wabbit they’re after at is a cougar porn site from those filthy perverts over at Reality Kings. I’m guessing you are already familiar with the RK network of premium smut, but if not, check out my review on The Porn Dude. They’re one of the biggest names in porno, with millions of hits every month. They’ve got their fingers in all kinds of porno pies, from teenage blowjobs to lesbian gangbangs, so I can’t wait to get in and check out their spin on MILF smut.Even Moms Need a Good, Hard FuckYou don’t have to dig very deep into the site to find some boner-inducing depravity. There are some pictures of Luna Star in her newest film for the site, Grocery Store MILF, at the very top of the page. I’m kind of curious where she shops now, because I’d like to buy that cucumber she’s using.Recent and popular movie thumbnails are displayed all over the page. I see a lot of hot older broads that I recognize from dirty pornos I’ve been watching over the years. India Summer is sucking cock, Reagan Foxx is fingering herself, and Olivia Austin is getting boned in a grocery store.I have to admit; I got a little chuckle out of seeing all these pornographic soccer moms getting hammered in all kinds of really domestic situations. There are girls getting banged while shopping, giving piano lessons, and being completely fucking clueless about cars. They don’t stick strictly to these kinds of scenarios, though. There is a femdom scene with Nicolette Shea, a cat of nine tails, and sex in a crazy bondage harness listed right out front.As a further reminder of all the prime mature poon on the site, a bunch of recently active girls are lined up like sex movie trading cards toward the bottom. Alexis Fawx, Dana DeArmand, and Alura Jensen have all shot recent flicks for MILFhunter, as have Lexi Luna, Alena Croft, and Eva Notty. What do you expect from Reality Kings? They’ve been working with big names for years, and they ain’t about to start putting out movies with crack whores they found behind 7-11.The Benefits of Lust for MILFsI clicked on the button to get the full MILFhunter experience. The sign-up page tells me what I was hoping to find out: membership includes not just access to the MILFhunter catalog, but over 45 sites on the Reality Kings network. They’ve been around for over 15 years, which means you’ve got a giant mountain of porno to shake your dick at, not to mention daily updates. There are literally thousands of movies here in every pornographic category and over 800 of them under the MILFhunter imprints.A regular month of access to the network will run you 30 bucks, though you can score a cheaper rate for longer memberships. They’ve also got a two-day trial for just a dollar, but be careful to cancel that before it’s over, because it auto-bills you at an inflated rate. It doesn’t pay to be a dumbass.Once you get signed up and logged in, you’ll be dropped off at the main Reality Kings members page, with all the recent updates from across the network. As quickly distracted as I am by these Abella Danger videos, I’m going to stick to the MILFhunter material for this review. To follow along, click the Sites link in the header and then find MILFhunter.Older Sluts in… Older Porno?I’ve got a little bit of bad news, though just how bad is up for debate. Once I made my way to the MILFhunter collection of movies at Reality Kings, I realize the content is a little bit stale. While there are daily updates across the network, the newest one on MILFhunter was added about seven months ago at the time of this writing.It kind of sucks. Before that, they were releasing material fairly regularly, sometimes every few days. Hopefully, RK revives the imprint, but in the meantime, the overall volume of content on the network makes up for the problem.However, what I do see looks sexy as fuck, though. So hot that I’m not even sure where to start. Do I want to watch a soccer mom getting busy in a car or an athletic babe taking it in a gym?I’m a total sucker for that taboo shit, and I see a few out on the front page that hint at some pseudo-incest. Titles like My Stepmom Just Needs a Dick give away more than just a little bit of the plot of some of these MILF fuck movies. I think I know what goes on in the one called Study Hard, Fuck Harder, but I’m definitely willing to take a longer look at the full movie just to be sure. It certainly helps that Katie Morgan is opening her shirt to show a younger dude her black, lacy bra in the thumbnail.Top-Shelf Pornstar MILFs in Exclusive XXX ScenesVideo quality is adjustable, or will automatically be selected based on your available bandwidth. I was able to watch the movie in full 1080p HD without any issues with buffering. Reality Kings is a big-ass porn empire, so you shouldn’t run into any problems with shitty tech on their end.The movie opens with the scene’s stud talking to himself as he studies for anatomy class. His stepmom walks in, cleavage hanging out and talking about how cute it is that this grown, buff man is studying. She’s married to his dad, but confesses to checking him out while he’s out by the pool.“But you haven’t studied my anatomy,” she says, opening her shirt to give him a better look. Katie is really a gorgeous old slut, and you can tell from her giggly demeanor that she really is eager to get banged by this dude. I’m anxious to watch, so I skipped ahead a few minutes.It’s a half-hour movie. Five minutes in, he’s pulling her G-string out of the way to lick her asshole and her twat from behind. She moans and presses her body into his face, pushing that tongue deeper. “Oh, yeah, you know your dad eats my ass, too!”Cougar Porn from Reality KingsKatie sucks his dick like the expert she is. The broads who star in MILF porn have often been practicing for decades, and this broad is a prime example of that phenomenon. Watch as she really works the shaft and head while caressing the base. She opens wide and fits it deep.I clicked the Download button during the face-fucking scene. Unfortunately, Reality Kings charges extra for the privilege of saving these dirty movies for later. Most perverts nowadays are fine with just streaming during the membership, but you’ll have to shell out some more cash if you’re building an underground porn bunker for when the world ends.The surcharge for downloads and the stale content are easily my biggest complaints about MILFhunter. It’s a little frustrating, because otherwise, I really like what I see here. I’m not surprised, given this is a Reality Kings site. It lives up to what you expect from an RK movie: the production values are high, the camera work is absolutely solid, and the girls are some of the sexiest, most talented mature sluts in the industry.Despite its flaws, MILFhunter is still a pretty fucking decent bang for its buck. Not only do you get over 800 exclusive cougar movies produced by the proven pornographic geniuses at Reality Kings, but you get access to over 45 different porn sites on the network, and the thousands of porno movies within. You’d need a ton of time, lube, and Viagra to crank your way through this stash.