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PureMature! Looking for some mature sex videos? I love ripe teenage bimbos as much as the next pervert, but MILFs really have a specific sexual magic that gets the blood racing to my cock. I’m not talking about the wrinkly old bitches with liver spots and saggy tits, but the hoes who have aged like a fine wine. Sometimes there’s some surgery involved, but these days they do it so well you only notice if it’s fucked up. Best of all, cougars like the ones you’ll find at PureMature have the kind of sexual expertise that only comes with years of practice.Porn MILFs are the fucking best. Some of these video sluts have fucked hundreds or thousands of dudes throughout their careers, honing talents that you’ll pop raging wood to the moment you see. I wonder how some of these porn studs last as long as they do getting their cocks sucked by the practiced mouths of the world’s hottest cougars. Half of you fuckers are going to blow a load in the first couple minutes of viewing PureMature.com, but don’t worry; there’s plenty on the menu worth coming back for.Porn MILFs Sexier Than Your MomYour mom could probably tell you a thing or two about how popular old sluts are, or you could just look at the traffic numbers for PureMature. They get almost 10,000 visitors every single day because perverts want to gawk at these mature babes getting it on. The landing page alone is a veritable smorgasbord of moms you definitely want to fuck. I bet a lot of cheapskates just get their rocks off to the free stuff out front, but for others, it’s going to be too fucking hot not to take a more in-depth look.When I visited the site, a video montage of nasty, hard fucking played at the top of the screen. It stars blonde porn cougar Brandi Love, following her adventures as she gets felt up poolside and then takes it inside, where she proceeds to take it inside. There’s the obligatory blowjob scene, which leads to some excellent doggystyle action. The camerawork is the kind of nasty that I love, with solid views of her puckered asshole as she takes it from behind.The thumbnails stretched out across the screen tell similar sordid tales of mature women gone wild. ¬Destiny Dixon smiles as she takes a hard dick in her shaved cunt, and Shalina Devine looks divine as she gets some exercise, performing the titular Anal Workout. Alexis Fawx demonstrates her cock-riding in one thumbnail, and big-boobed Bianca Burke seduces a younger man. She’s grabbing his ass in the thumbnail and sucking his cock on hover-over.Pure Mature lets visitors watch five free previews per day. A lot of paysites are doing away with the freebies these days, so I appreciate the fucking hell out of the handout. I watched the two-minute trailer for Bianca’s flick, A Dominant Position. She hires this dude to work around the house, but they end up doing more work in the bedroom. The horny slut does some great solo play before the dude comes upstairs to investigate the moans. It leads, naturally, to hard, unprotected banging in a bunch of positions.One of the things I really liked about the preview, besides the fact that Bianca’s a smoking hot MILF who fucks really well, is that it’s shot and released in full 4k ultra-HD. More and more premium sites are busting out the next-gen resolution, but a lot of them are still putting out 1080p. PureMature’s flicks are always going to look crisp and clean as hell, even on a big-ass screen.Exclusive New MILF Porn and a Big StashPureMature.com was offering discounted memberships as part of a holiday sale when I visited the site. The rates were 40 to 70 percent off, depending on the length of your membership. A year broke down to just ten bucks a month, and even the regular one-month rate was only $18. It will probably go back up to around 30 USD after the sale, the typical price for almost any paysite in 2021.The site releases exclusive full-length MILF porn on a 10-day schedule. I usually like to see new smut every week if I’m paying for it, but I’m willing to wait a few extra days if the porn’s good enough. The thumbnail of Brook Page taking it up the asshole in A Very Naughty Xmas tells me it is, but I’m naturally going to have to watch it and find out. You know, for review purposes.The full archive stretches back a few years to the beginning of the site. To date, they’ve got nearly 400 movies in the archive. That’s hundreds of hours of cougars sucking dick, MILFs riding cock, and mature beauties taking it up the ass. Their very first flick featured India Summer getting her cunt licked in a little something called Candlelight Romance.As excited as I am to dig into the video history vault at PureMature, the thumbnail for their most recent movie has caught my attention. My dick started banging the underside of my desk as soon as I saw Alexis Fawx all stretched out on top of a dick that looks as big as her goddamn forearm. I guess I better take a closer look.Top Mature Pornstars Getting BonedThe video player serves up the 35-minute flick as soon as I hit the Play button, with no buffering. Alexis is in bed wearing a skimpy white dress and heels. I want to see her fully naked, so I skip ahead a couple of minutes. The video player is responsive as hell, jumping instantly to a fully nude masturbation scene with no wait time. Fuck yes!As advertised out front, the 4k video really is super fucking crisp. I can make out every vaginal fold and drop of cunt juice, though I guess I owe some of that to the cameraman. Thank you, sir, for your glorious service to humanity. Alexis works herself the hell up, and I did the same as I watched.I jumped ahead again, and suddenly there was a dude in bed with the MILF. Holy fucking shit, it wasn’t a perspective trick in the thumbnail. This White dude has a legit monster cock, which Alexis does her best to fit inside her mouth. Do you ever see those nature movies where a snake unhinges its jaw to fit some gigantic beast into its mouth and down its throat? Somebody send this fucking video to National Geographic!Jerk Off Now, Jerk Off LaterA dropdown menu beneath the video player offers a handful of download formats. After I watched Alexis get her pussy eaten out, I helped myself to a 4K MP4 of the scene. Members also have lower resolution options, including a 720 HD WMV file. Downloads are a dying perk on porn paysites these days, with a lot of networks charging extra or doing away with them altogether. Kudos to these old perverts for hooking it up right!Another button offers a one-click Zip file download of all the screencaps and posed shots from a movie. These can also be viewed in gallery format if you’d rather your wife not find your stash of MILF anal scenes. Then again, maybe it’s just the spark the old bag needs.PureMature doesn’t seem to use tags on their videos. It’s not a huge deal, but it does make it a little bit harder to find videos with specific sex acts. I’m a real sucker for anal scenes and backward cowgirl rides, but without tags, there’s no way to bring up the full list of flicks that have what I want.Overall, PureMature is a damn fine MILF site. These mature broads put on a hell of a show, showcasing sexual skills they’ve been perfecting for years. The movies are shot in 4k ultra-HD, and the camerawork is downright filthy, getting right into the action and taking you in there. They’ve got a regular release schedule and nearly 400 pornos in the archive, rounding out the deal. This is a good one if you appreciate older, more experienced broads. Oh, and hey, they’ve got free samples!