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GrannyTube! When it comes to guys and their preferences over women, there are usually two schools of thought: Some dudes like younger girls who are more inexperienced and wouldn’t make them feel inferior with their older more mature brains. These dudes also like younger girls due to the fact that they’ve ‘been around the block’ a lot less than older girls, which again goes hand-in-hand with their egotistical preference of being with women who haven’t had a lot of sex, because it doesn’t make them compare themselves to the dozens of dudes their girl has fucked before them.On the other hand, you have guys who don’t care for younger girls and prefer older, more experienced women to cook, clean and teach them about life. Now this is rarer, but it can happen if there’s say, an older woman nearing her 30s with no chance of finding a boyfriend and a guy whose a total hunk in his early 20s and just wants to fuck as much as possible. Guys who go out with older women can’t escape being ‘babied’ by them in one way or another - even if the older woman doesn’t have ‘mommying’ in her agenda, she will instinctively take care of her younger male partner through ways that maybe even she doesn’t even realize.But then there are some dudes who go way beyond that normal preference for older women and even skip a generation or so in their target audience’s age range. These guys are out for one thing and one thing only: Matures. Now I’m not a huge fan of sexy grandmas (even though I do commend them for still being horny in their late years) but I do know that a lot of dudes out there have fetishes for these very same sexy grandmas.Even some guys who watch normal porn sometimes step into the ‘mature’ category out of curiosity and end up splurging a huge load a few minutes later while watching some 50+ cougar take dick like she’s been doing it all her life. There’s just something undoubtedly mesmerizing in a sexual way about a wrinkly old grandma doing X-rated things on camera, and GrannyTube is perhaps the best destination on the whole damn internet for that kind of stuff - let’s see what this site is made up of and if it can stand the Porn Dude’s test…This Isn’t Your Typical TubeThis site doesn’t look like your typical porn tube even though its name suggests it - there’s a lot of things about this website’s interface which looks suspicious right from the start; for example, it’s nothing but thumbnail images with ambiguous granny-related descriptions on it, which gives off the impression that it’s one of those many spammy, suspicious porn websites that lead you through a never-ending rabbit hole of other spammy, suspicious porn websites by luring you in with otherwise attractive looking thumbnail image links. These sites promise you quality porn videos, but all you get is an endless supply of similar sites and possibly malware and/or viruses into your poor pc.Not here though; Grannytube looks like one of these sites, but after a thorough inspection I found out that it’s legit. Each one of those thumbnail image links that are fitted with an ambiguous description which incorporates the keywords ‘granny porn’ actually leads to a standalone page that’s full of links related to that category, and trust me when I say, there are a LOT of categories (more on that later though).To put this point I’m trying to make in a nutshell: This site looks super suspicious, but it’s actually legit and you shouldn’t be afraid of getting your computer infected with an STD by exploring it because there’s nothing to fear - you can browse and fap through all the granny porn you’d like as long as you have AdBlock and some sort of antivirus running.The Categories Cover Pretty Much EverythingThe categories here on this website cover the full spectrum of vanilla pornography and all the themes, kinks and fetishes that come with it - there’s nothing missing here when it comes to standard pornography. Anal, oral creampies, threesomes, lingerie, blondes, brunettes, BBW, POV and literally every other kind of keyword that can pop into your head when browsing internet porno categories and tags is present here, all you gotta do is find it.Finding the right category can be challenging however, because they’re not organized in any kind od way - each thumbnail image link seems to be pasted randomly, which can make finding a certain kind of kink, theme or fetish somewhat challenging due to the fact that you’ll have to resort to scrolling down the site’s homepage whilst thoroughly looking for something you’d be down to fap to. Category organization and presentation seem to be this website’s main flaw...Some of Them Are Pretty Vague or Repetitive(cum on granny mouth/granny love cum, granny pussy, granny sex)In addition to the seemingly random layout of categories, another thing which bothers me and all the granny-lovers out there about this site is the fact that its category titles are just plain wrong. They look like they’ve been written by some person whose only knowledge of the English language comes from 80s action movies and they’ve somehow managed to put together some kind of description for various categories which can otherwise be titled with one simple word.For example, instead of ‘oral creampie’, you have ‘cum on granny mouth’, which explains what the act itself is but doesn’t really look like something you’d like to click on - most XXX sites with spyware and/or viruses on them usually display non-native English.In addition, to make matters worse, there are repeating categories which lead you to the same category page, but are titled differently. For example, the aforementioned ‘cum on granny mouth’ category can also be seen on another thumbnail image link with the title ‘granny love cum’, which is just totally unnecessary and clutters up this site’s homepage to the point that it makes it look like a fishy porn website that’s actually here to give your computer an STD. There are also other categories which contain very ambiguous-sounding titles which don’t actually let you know what they actually centralize on.A few examples are ‘granny sex’, ‘granny fuck’ and ‘granny pussy’, which to me all sound like the same damn thing except the theme they cover is totally generic and they’ve been repeated three times in order to clutter up the homepage for reasons unknown to me. I’ll say it again; this is hands down the main problem that Grannytube has.Every Video Link Actually WorksTo put it simply - every video link this website leads you to is fully functional and doesn’t lead you down an endless rabbit hole of fishy XXX sites until you’re forced to throw your computer into quarantine. The way this site works is quite simple; you get on its homepage, find a category among the dozens of badly-titled and randomly presented categories, and then you find a video thumbnail image that looks promising.Afterwards, you’ll be lead to an alternative XXX website where the video is guaranteed to play - I personally tried opening around 20 video links here and they all worked. The alternate sites they play on are usually XHamster, XVideos, RedTube, NuVid, Megatube and GotPorn, which are all confirmed to be safe XXX portals, so you can definitely browse for porn to your dick’s contempt here on GrannyTube.Site is Optimized for Mobile UseThis site, despite its fishy style and unorganized layout, is actually 100% optimized for mobile use, meaning that you can take your granny porn with you on the go. If you’re ever not home and find yourself in a moment of heat and fiending for some granny-porn to fap to, know that you can always whip out your phone and start ‘working on your needs’ in a minute or so.