The first time I opened Older Tube, it felt like déjà vu… and it did not take me long to understand why the fuck I felt like that. The lads behind this site, have a whole network of good websites that all look the fucking same, which is so annoying. If this is not the first time the two of us meet, you might understand what the fuck I am talking about.However, oldertube.com does have a certain genre it likes to cover, which is something that you should be able to take out of its name. I mean, what the fuck do you expect to see on a site that is called Older Tube? Definitely not teens, right? Sure you have some teens here, but they are usually pleasuring an older cock or snatch.As for those who never saw a site like this before, I am here to explain all the important shit, so do not worry. One thing that makes this place different from others, and also very recognizable is not only it’s plain design, it’s the fact that they fucking offer categories at the beginning instead of actual videos.Usually, the point of the homepage is to offer some crap that will get you addicted, meaning some video suggestions and not the fucking categories… Sure, they cover most of the categories and offer some that were not even fucking needed, but I’d rather see some video suggestion instead of this bullshit.Keep in mind that while there are a shit ton of categories on the front page, they all feature the old muffs and cocks who still love to be in front of the camera! This is definitely a huge plus for those who enjoy watching this shit, as for me I am not a huge fan. Sure, I enjoy watching a sexy milf get fucked by a younger lad, but I still prefer to see some teen on teen action instead.Since you are here, I already know that you are into the older muffs, and I am happy to say that you have a shit ton of videos here, which I will talk about in a bit. First I do have to come back to the fact that they offer so many useless fucking categories, and if you do not believe me, just scroll all the way down on the homepage… there is no fucking reason for them to create so many tags…Now, one thing you need to know is the fact that this site is not really a porn website, but just a site that hosts videos from other legit websites… and that is both a good and a bad thing. I mean, it is good that you do not have to go around and browse every site to find some drenched granny pussy action, but on the other hand, host websites are quite fucking stupid.There is not much I could talk about if you have already seen sites like these because all the sites within their network look exactly the same. Since we are on that, you might want to check out other sites they have to offer, since some of them also cover specific categories, like VR porn, shemales, gays, and so on. But, all of those are also only host websites.One thing that pisses me off on all of these sites is that they do not offer that many search options, except the excessive amount of categories, and a couple of shits you are offered only when you actually open a category. On top, you will then have an option to list videos by popularity, duration, date and so on… all the useless shit basically.They could have made a much better search system, and filter options, since all they really do is host videos. In addition, I cannot really talk too much about the videos, because there Is not much to be said. These videos all come from different sites, so how the fuck am I supposed to know what quality you will be given and all that shit?Most of the clips I opened were of solid quality, and some were in low. If you want to watch only HD videos, you should filter your search that way, but honestly, the videos there, were not really in HD quality I was expecting. However, I still give them a pass since all of the shit on this site is fucking free, and at least they do have some sort of HD pornography, unlike many other websites I’ve seen.On top of the site, in the usual menu is where you get all the options that you will need to navigate through this website, and since this is quite a straightforward place, you will not need much to understand where is what. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a host website and that if you are not into mommies and daddies you will not really find any good shit here.The content of the clips, at least the ones I explored were quite fucking hot. You have plenty of stepmom and daddy action. There were some granny fucking videos as well as teens with their granddaddies, which were also quite arousing to watch. Now, I did not explore the depths because I am not into this shit that much, but I am sure you will enjoy yourself here.That is all you need to know about oldertube.com since everything else is meant for you to explore on your own. Just keep in mind that the videos here will always feature one older lad or chick who loves to take it rough, so get used to that.