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Are you the kind that has mommy issues rooted so fucking deep that they have now transitioned to granny issues? What if I told you there is a whole niche of granny porn? That's right; you pussy starved motherfucker. The name itself is self-explanatory, but I still feel like I have to explain to some of you noobs and newbies; granny porn is just that-porn featuring grannies. I'm talking 60-year olds who still have that sex drive. They may have sagging breasts and wrinkled skins, but these old sluts have years of experience and sexual maturity. Never mind their loose looking pussy lips.In case you are wondering, it's not easy to find granny porn. As a matter of fact, you are more likely to come across porn featuring granddaddies. I don't know why old men fucking is more regular in porn than old grannies. Now that I'm thinking about it, how do these grannies get screwed at that age? Aren't their pussies dry or something? I mean, they must really love sex if they can fuck like 25-year-old sluts at 60+, don't you think?Anyway, if you are seeking porn featuring these silver foxes in all their glory, who better than the king of porn to point you in the right direction? After all, fucking a granny has its benefits. Think of having your dick sucked by a super sucker with no teeth. Also, no hole is off-limits.Old sluts teaching all of you whippersnappers a lessonOk, I'm done fucking around. Today I'll be reviewing a site that allows you to stroke your small knob to granny porn. Everyone and their dog knows Xhamster.com, but did you know they have an entire section dedicated to horny mature whores? You read that right. This place has a big collection of scenes showing these crazy old moms sucking cocks, being fucked in doggy style, missionary, engaging in lesbian trysts with younger, equally depraved sluts, and generally showing that their pussies still got it.Xhamster.com is serving all of you fuckers with a collection of middle-aged and elderly women who look like they've seen better days. The ladies on this site are well seasoned. They've got irregular bodies, with all the pudge and droopiness you'd expect from mature women. It is your fucking opportunity to see what the sands of time can do to a pussy. Allow me to let you in on a secret; you are not going to believe how old some of these sluts are and how hard they can take cock. Seriously. You have never seen boobs bounce like you are going to see here. You love to see these elderly mamas bend over to take a young cock from behind and how their torpedo tits go wild.The best of golden girlsWhat first comes to mind when you are searching for real granny porn? Are you usually worried that you will come across videos parading some 30-year old sluts and trying to pass them off as mature? Well, you don't have to be concerned about any of that shit on Xhamster. These fucks provide you with real grannies; women who are over 60 and horny as fuck, ready, and willing to fuck young cocks like it's time for the rodeo. They have managed to nail the genre and hire some of the hottest (in a granny kind of way) senior actors in the business.But PornDude, how did you know these are real pensioners and not some younger imposters? Cut me some slack, you granny pussy loving motherfucker. I don't need to be a genius to tell that these old sluts don't have bleached blonde hair, huge fake tits, and high heels permanently attached to their feet. Their bodies are more haggard, wrinkled, full of folds, and massive droopy tits.Don't get it twisted, just because they are old doesn't mean they can't take a pounding. Their busted bodies can still take a cock, and they suck dick in ways younger whores simply can't. I think that comes with experience. These grey-haired old bags love getting stuffed with big stunt dicks. Damn, some of these grannies would put you and your 25-year libido to shame. You really want to see them begging for cocks to rip them open. It's going to ruin your fucking childhood for good. Trust me; you will never see your sweet, old grandmother the same way again. Shit, you won't even look at milk and cookies the same way again. I swear I'm not kidding.Let's play some videos at XhamsterBeing a porn tube, Xhamster presents porn in much the same way as other tubes; content is presented in preview thumbnails. Just hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnails and see a sneak preview of these old mamas proving to you that they are yet to shed their raunchy side. Thumbnails show the number of views, rating, and length. Click open to see more of the action.Whichever videos you pick should stream without giving you a headache. The settings button on the video player allows you to adjust quality with multiple resolutions available starting from 144p for your small gadgets [and awful connections] to 720p HD. Not bad for free videos, is it? Each of the videos has a list of tags to give you a hint of the kind of action you should expect. There are also options to favorite, rate, comment, share, and report. I wonder why you would use the last option, though. I mean, you are here to bust a nut, not to fucking snitch. It's not like you are a fucking saint, either.Away from that, it turns out you can also download the video. Just like streaming, similar resolutions have been offered. There is a catch, though; if you are not a registered member of Xhamster, you will have to wait for 60 seconds before the video becomes available for download. That's not an entirely long time if you don't want to leave you details on a porn site. After all, it is way longer than you last in bed. Below each video is the customary list of similar videos in case the granny in the first video is not sucking cock well enough for your satisfaction.Loads of options at your disposalXhamster.com features a pretty standard porn tube layout, but with all the options, you need to have an excellent fapping time. They have the usual header menu taking you to different parts of the site, including channels, photos, pornstars, and all that stuff. There is a search feature at the top next to which is a drop-down feature that allows you to browse the site in different languages. And how can I forget the dark mode feature next to the upload button? Trust me; you don't want to lose your sight fapping to old sluts with dry fucking pussies.Besides, there are options for you to sort the videos by featured, newest, and best. You can also filter the content by duration as well as quality (All, HD, 4K, VR). You are going to need those options to sift through the enormous collection of granny videos that spread 586 pages, each teeming with 60+ videos.Things to love about Xhamster GrannyThousands of granny videos; the site presented all of you wrinkled pussy lovers with over 35k videos featuring nothing but the horniest and most depraved of grannies. The amount of content is merely incredible, given how rare granny porn is to come by.Reliable options; navigating through this sea of granny smut has been made easy by the amount of sorting options provided. You will be able to pick your type of granny poison without breaking a sweat.Multiple regular updates; new granny smut is always being added to the site with 10+ new scenes added daily.Possible concernsAds; the experience is riddled with advertisements, although to be fair, it's not precisely unbearable. You can expect the occasional boner pill ad and others promising you mature women ready to fuck. Don't be the fool that falls for that.Improvements the site can makeWell, it's fucking Xhamster.com we are talking about here, folks. They are one of the most massive porn tubes, and there is nothing I can possibly tell them that they don't know already. Just take the good with the bad and enjoy your fap sessions.Wrapping it upLooking for fresh porn featuring old and experienced whores? Look no further Xhamster.com's Granny section. There are tens of thousands of videos for you to pick from, with loads added every day. 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