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What is it about nursing homes that smell like shit and death? I hate going to them, though I didn't have much of a choice the one time I had to visit a family member. I don't even know how I got dragged into that hellscape, but it happened. Once I was there, there was no turning back. I can't say I minded though: the family member was sharing a room with a fucking hot granny that immediately made my dick hard.She didn't even look like she belonged there. It was like she was barely old but wanted a place to squat, so she felt like she could blend in at a nursing home, and nobody would ask any questions. I don't think anyone even came in to check on her or give medication the entire time (isn't that what these places fucking do?).It's a good thing no one checked on her because long story short, it wasn't 30-minutes into the visit until I bent her over and fucked the ever-loving shit out of her. She didn't care how loud she got, and I didn't either: I filled her pussy up with my grade-A semen then left. I never saw her again, but goddamn, I wouldn't mind taking another turn with her.I guess, for now, I'll have to suffice with PornPics.com/Granny. It’s a porn pic site that’s perfect for those enjoy staring at porn pictures instead of watching...well...moving images those new kids are calling ‘videos.’ For those that want to take in the beautiful shots of grannies instead of watching them get railed on video, this is the place for you!Popular tags to sort byAlthough you can expect to find sorting options at the top like most porn sites (you can sort content by popular and recent), one of the things you will notice at the top of the page are the popular tags you can sort by. It's an interesting concept and one that makes it incredibly easy to combine tags for custom results. For example, you can click a popular tag like very old granny and hairy granny, and only the images matching those results will appear. For those that enjoy fine-tuning porn pictures and looking at the type of content that will speak to them, this is a great place to start.Beautiful thumbnailsIf there is one thing you expect to find on a porn pic site like PornPics.com/Granny, it's that the thumbnails will look immaculate and at their very best. I'm happy to say that this is most certainly the case with PornPics.com/Granny. One glance at the homepage, and it's clear that these thumbnails are not only crystal clear, but you're dealing with high-resolution images that are not going to look grainy in the slightest.And that would be the death knell for a site like PornPics.com/Granny, don't you think? If the pictures looked grainy and like 90s JPEGs versus the cutting-edge HR images that they're expected to be in the 21st century, I don’t think I could write enough words to say how dumb that would be.Fortunately, I don’t have to do that. The thumbnails and clarity of the images at large are pristine and immaculate. You will be glad you visited PornPics.com/Granny – especially when you’ve got so many grannies to jack that cock off to. But it all starts with the thumbnails. Take a look at them, find one that speaks to you, then look at the rest of the gallery. Take it from your fellow ThePornDude: you won’t be able to help yourself. They will make you want to look at the rest of the galleries!Slideshow lets you sit back and watch the galleryLooking at perfect granny porn pictures is all well and good, but how hard is it to touch yourself when you’re constantly clicking through the gallery? It’s almost impossible to type with one hand; jacking while browsing through a gallery is impossible. That's especially true when you’re dealing with a monster cock like what’s flopping between my legs.That’s why I found myself pump fisting my cardboard cutout of Jason Statham with mad glee when I discovered that PornPics.com/Granny has a slideshow mode. Instead of stopping to jerk it between clicks, you can merely press the ‘Slideshow’ button and watch every image appear in the gallery hands-free. Less clicking, more jerking, and faster cumming to the perfect grannies over at PornPics.com/Granny!Night mode for when you’re watching in the darkHow many times have you been browsing a porn site at night only to be blinded by the bright white space of the page? It doesn’t even have to be white. What about the blinding light of a monitor that isn’t properly adjusted to the darkness? It’s a pain in the ass, and if you’re a weakling like PornGeek, you’re going to get a headache and vomit the rest of the night.PornPics.com/Granny doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable while you’re browsing the hot grannies on its site. That’s why they’ve included a convenient night mode for when you’re stroking that cock at midnight to the old bitches you wish you were eating out at that very moment. Click the ‘moon’ icon at the top right of the page to activate it.Amazing picturesNow for the photos! I've already teased that these pictures are mouth-watering, but it bears mentioning just how beautiful these pictures are. Everything is so crystal clear that you're not going to find yourself squinting or wondering why the picture looks like hot garbage in the first place. The clarity is there across the board, no matter what gallery you look at.That's only one part of the story, though. Sure, the pictures look grand and clear, but they don't look overly edited. There is a precise balance between images that look amazing and those that seem too refined and fake. PornPics.com/Granny toes the line perfectly. You will find yourself staring and appreciating the beautiful grannies in these galleries without being thrown out of the fantasy and wondering if the granny looks like that or if some Joe Schmo spent hours editing the pic just to make it look decent.You know what I’m talking about. We’ve all seen pictures of models where they look more alien than human. Those women’s fitness covers look like the bitch’s ass is sitting in the middle of her spine at times. Other times, their face looks like it was sculpted by artificial intelligence that's learning about humans for the first time. They look like shit, and thankfully PornPics.com/Granny avoids that garbage.Thumbnails autoloadFor those that hate clicking from one page to another, you’re going to be in for a real treat. PornPics.com/Granny auto loads, meaning that as you continue scrolling down the page, the thumbnails for granny galleries will automatically load. It's an excellent addition as you keep scrolling down to see what appears.Keep in mind that this feature cannot be turned off. Some people are going to prefer not to use this feature and may even wish they could go back to clicking from one page to another. It's a fair criticism, though I believe that once you get used to the auto-loading feature, even if you have doubts about it, you're going to be on board before you can cum to your first granny gallery. Still, for those that prefer to have their options open, it would have been nice to choose to turn auto loading on or off.Tons of granny galleriesIf you enjoy looking at porn pics and can't get enough grannies, you're going to be in geriatric heaven over at PornPics.com/Granny! The amount of granny galleries that are on display is insane, and with new content added on a nearly daily basis, there is always something new to see. Because it is so convenient to use the slideshow feature and watch the pictures appear hands-free, it's simple and quick to jump into a new gallery and start viewing the pictures that appear to your heart's content.Channels at the bottom of page show themed imagesYou may not know it, but you can also browse by channels. There are certain granny-themed channels Luscious Grannys, among others. You can find them at the bottom of each gallery page (between the main gallery and the ‘related’ galleries). Click a channel, and you will see only the content from that channel.It’s convenient, but it would have been nice to have easier access to the channels within the granny section. For example, while you can find and look at the content from Luscious Grannys by clicking the Channels section at the top of the page, when you're browsing the granny section, you're not thinking about this. Showing only the granny channels available within the granny category would make more sense. It isn't a huge deal, and in truth, this is a nitpick instead of a gripe. Still, PornPics.com/Granny could have made finding these relevant channels a little easier.