Creep Shots seem like a modern phenomenon, but I wonder where their true roots lie. As a full-time pervert, I have a feeling creepshots existed long before the days of cameras in every pocket. When cameras were invented back in the early 19th century, I bet people immediately tried to capture secret shots of the sexy ladies of the time. The most scandalous ones showed a bare ankle or sometimes even a knee! Of course, those early cameras needed a subject to stay motionless for a few minutes, so the earliest creepshots could only be sleeping babes.We’ve come a long fucking way, haven’t we? follows a long tradition of creeps taking shots of pretty girls out in public, only now there’s way more content than there ever was before. One of the amazing things about modern chicks is that their look-at-me culture essentially turns almost every single hot chick into a bona fide attention whore. Creeps don’t even have to take their own shots, since the girls are already doing it. Since 2015, Creepshots has been collecting it all: sexy selfies, hot candid photos and voyeur spycam videos.The Evolution of the CreepshotJoking aside, the evolution of the creepshot is some fascinating shit. When you even hear the term, you picture some inbred, methed-out cretin lurking in a lady’s bathroom stall with a Polaroid camera. At some point, rest area perverts and shady motel owners really were some of the only sources of creepshots. If you wanted to crank a few out to the girl next door, you’d have to peek in her window or go blue balled.Things changed as cameras became more ubiquitous. Dudes took more creepshots, obviously, but women also started taking more candid shots of each other. When social media came around, the web was flooded with fuck-me-face selfies and slutty poses. Sites like Instagram became a better source for fap fodder than the local creep who built an upskirt cam into his shoes.Some might argue that the definition of the term “Creepshot” is a little too loose, since much of this content has not historically been considered creepy. Can a teen’s own gallery of pool party pics really be lumped in with secretly taken pics of the same girl’s ass at Burger King? Does a sexy selfie truly belong on the same website as hidden camera footage of a babe changing into pajamas in what she thought was a private restroom?What unites all the content on is its focus on gorgeous everyday girls, not famous sluts, and the candid nature of the photography. Whether these creepshots were taken with their full permission or with their complete unawareness, they capture genuine girls next door looking fapworthy in their natural environments. If you like real chicks, you’re probably going to love these ladies.Gorgeous Teens and Sometimes Their Moms, TooSo, what kind of ladies are we talking about here? Well, the front page shows the latest additions to the creepshots library, and it’s a fine-ass selection of fine asses and cute faces. There’s a pair of cuties taking a mirror selfie in their underwear and a teenage blonde flashing her new pink bra. Somebody posted a 48-image set called Little Sister Tight Ass, and I agree with that assessment of the ass’s tightness, at least based on those legging pics. There’s a TikTok Teens Porn Mashup that includes 15 videos, and a fucking gorgeous high school teacher upskirted.Besides that stunning MILF of a teacher, most of these girls are young. Jailbait abounds, but almost everybody I see on the site is fully clothed. I checked out their Disclaimer page to see what their content policy is. The site runs on user submissions, but they have a strict policy against underage nudity. Also, they ban revenge porn, stolen nudes, CP and blackmail.Most of the front-page content at looks like it was pulled from social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. There are a few “real” creepshots posts where gorgeous teens don’t seem aware of the camera, an on/off gallery, and some scenes from the 1978 Susan Sarandon movie, Pretty Baby. There’s also a surprising amount of incest.It’s not actual incest, which would be hard to secretly capture on camera. Instead, they’ve added incest captions to Snaps, selfies, and sometimes straight-up porno. It’s amazing what a few words can do to turn a pic of a brunette in leggings into a masturbatory fantasy about your sister. A recent gallery offers 61 images of “My Little Sister Leah”, including at least one panties creepshot taken from behind a barely cracked door. There’s also volume 5 of a Best Incest Snaps collection, and a gallery upgraded with the title, Would You Spy on her if She Was Your Sister?Leggings, Jeans, Shorts and Upskirt ShotsI like to say how many photos and videos a site has when I’m writing up a review, but I couldn’t tell how big the back catalog is. There are no numbers on the pages, and the site seems to stretch forever in every direction. It’s a massive collection, which would be unwieldy without some simple ways to browse through it. They don’t have a ton of sorting and filtering options, but they have a nice breakdown of categories accessible from the header.The categories at Creepshots vibe perfectly with their focus on creepshots and candid photos. You can dig deep into the Beach and Bikini section, take a class in Legging and Yoga Pants, or go do your dirty old man thing in the High School and College area. They’ve got a whole selection of girls in Shorts, another of babes in Tight Jeans, and a gaggle of broads wearing See Through and VPL.If a Visible Panty Line isn’t enough for you, why not go for the whole prize in Creepshots’ extensive Upskirt aisle? It’s arguably one of the more “traditional” forms of the creepshot, along with the site’s Voyeur and Spycam selection. Those incest captions follow you through all the categories, so you’ll find videos with names like Thick Busty Sister Spycam and Spying on My Nerdy Sister (Big Natural Tits)!I clicked my way to the Porn category, curious about what I’d find. As with the term “Creepshot”, porn is often a matter of opinion. A lot of the Porn section on this site is fully-clothed women with incest captions added in later, though I do see a few stray boobies and at least one nice young lady fingering herself.Where’s the Premium Shit?There’s also a Premium category listed in the dropdown and marked with a padlock icon. I knew about it before I even saw it on the list, because I clicked on a few Premium posts I didn’t realize were Premium. Click on posts like Young JB Teens at The Mall, Cute Teens Yoga Challenge #4 or Best Incest Porn Captions #3 and you’ll get a message saying you need to be a premium member to view the content.Premium content can be an obnoxious feature on what’s supposed to be a free site, but you know what’s worse? When a site has its premium content locked up and doesn’t give you a way to even sign up for an account. I like to list prices in my reviews, but I couldn’t find a price list or even a Signup button. When I did find a Join link, it led me to a broken page. I have to assume it’s a temporary issue, but jeez.My only other issue with Creepshots was the lack of updates. I visited the site halfway through October, and the most recent content was added back in June. Fresh creepshots and candids were added prior to that almost every day, so again, this is hopefully just a temporary setback for the site. It’s possible there’s a backlog of user-uploaded updates stuck in moderation, just waiting to be delivers on what they’re offering right from the site’s name. Their broad collection contains not just hidden camera footage, upskirts and photos secretly taken at Wal-Mart, but a sweet collection of social media content created by the young cuties themselves. It’s not exactly hardcore porn, but it showcases the natural beauty of real everyday chicks in a way you won’t find on the free tubes.