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Are you afflicted with Forumophilia? It sounds like a sexual fetish where you’re incredibly turned on by the very idea of an Internet discussion board, but it actually ain’t half as weird as all that. I’ve reviewed the sprawling, long-running Internet forum before here at ThePornDude, but today I’m dipping into one of the newer and more popular areas of the site: the teen babes section. You like ‘em just ripe, right?Forumophilia.com has been around for 15 years, meaning they’re practically an online institution at this point. While so many porn sites have come and gone in the last decade and a half, these guys have stuck it out. They’re not just long-lasting, but popular, too. Even in the days of 4K premium sites and high-tech VR pornos that drop you right into the scene, their old-school forum setup is still pulling in nearly 15,000 visitors every day. I’m guessing part of the secret is these Teen Babes, but it’s my job to find out for sure.A Time-Honored Method of Sharing PornThese days, forums don’t get nearly the love they used to. Back in the dialup days, the message board format was the main way to share dirty photos and explicit videos. The vids took hours to download, but hey, it beat driving out to that stinky porn shop at the edge of town and buying VHS tapes that might not live up to the previews on the back. The Internet has really streamlined the fuck out of the process, though, and a lot of people have stopped using forums entirely.Forumophilia may not have the flashy layout or high-tech bells and whistles of the big porn tubes or smut aggregators, and sure, maybe that’s a turnoff for a generation raised on louder joints like Facebook, YouTube, and Pornhub. What they do have, though, is that classic message board format that’s going to be instantly familiar to anybody who’s been online for more than a few years. The site has a range of fapworthy topics and subtopics ranging from full hardcore movies to celebrity nudes to our topic of the day, teen babes.Any and every forum thrives on a big, active userbase. That’s why Reddit has so much good content, and why MySpace has turned into a graveyard. Forumophilia.com has nearly 360,000 registered users, who have posted a total of 11,087,415 articles to date. That’s the kind of thriving community you look for in a site like this.The different message boards are broken first into broad ranges like Entertainment Videos, Full Movies and Popular Models, Pornstars and Celebrities. Even before the launch of their new Teen Babes section, the top group of subforums on the Forumophilia front page is dedicated to their Teen Babes Fanclub. They’ve got a couple hundred thousand posts in subs like Teen Babes Video Clips, Teen Babes Pictures and Non-Nude Babes Fanclub, but for today’s adventure, we’re looking to the site’s header. There, you’ll find a link simply labeled Teens and marked with a red NEW to let you know how fresh it is.A New Twist on an Old FormatGiven the overall setup of Forumophilia, I was a little bit surprised by what I found when I clicked that Teens button. The whole site’s a forum, so I figured the link would lead me to a text-based listing of forum posts, with all the good pics and videos hidden behind some more clicking I’d have to do. Imagine my pleasant, bonerific surprise when the page loaded up with dozen of those titular teen babes showing their tits, sucking dick, and getting their twats pounded in group sex scenes.It’s a beautiful sight, with a layout more akin to an X-rated image site like Sex.com or ImageFap. The Teen Babes collection aggregates content from Forumophilia’s teen message boards, giving you quicker, easier access to the site’s freshest teen content. If the forum format had previously been a dealbreaker because you hate clicking or reading, this new section might be exactly what you’re looking for.Remember how I mentioned the importance of a thriving community when it comes to porn forums? You’ll find a great example of exactly what I’m talking about as soon as you load up those Teen Babes. Since the page draws material from those active teen message boards, the section is updated with fresh content all day and night. I just refreshed the page and found a fresh post of a sexy blonde teen pretending to breastfeed a stuffed bunny before slurping on a real ding-dong.At the end of the day, Forumophilia.com is still a message board underneath the Pinterest-style photo presentation. Click on one of those masturbating schoolgirls, titty-flashing teens or couples engaged in risky public sex and you’ll be transported to the full post in the relevant subforum. For example, I clicked on the newest addition to the Teen Babes area, a trio of stills from a double-penetration teen flick. That brought me to a post on the Teen Babes Video Clips board. The full post has a bigger set of large thumbnails to enjoy, plus a download link to grab the whole 17-minute scene.Have a Nice Visit and Take Some Home with YouForumophilia.com’s Teen Babes has been updated with fresh material about half a dozen times since I started banging out this review. The new stuff includes a skinny schoolgirl getting banged in her bedroom, a freaky incest scene where a babe asks her stepdad to administer her first orgasm, and a 13-gig 4K ultra-HD scene of two tatted-up babes showing off their bods before getting double-stuffed.Given the focus on Teen Babes, I half expected the library to consist mostly of candids shot at the beach, the mall, or the Starbucks where I got arrested for trying to hide a camera in the women’s restroom. While there is some amateur work in the collection, the Teen Babes area consists mostly of professionally shot, professionally produced teen smut.There’s a nice, wide range of content, too. Even if I stick to the first page of recent updates, all added today; I’ve got a lot of choices of what to beat off to. There are cheating schoolgirl scenarios, a few incest scenes and a couple involving sleeping girls. A babe with a hairy pussy is getting a rough orgasm out in the woods, a chick with a gag in her mouth is getting whipped and fingered, and a skinny broad is getting all stretched out by BBC. One sweet, naked teen is diddling herself next to a life-size teddy bear, and another cutie is sucking cock in a Pikachu outfit.I clicked on the Pokémon girl and Forumophila served up the full post. It’s a twenty-two-minute flick, meaning I can probably settle in for a nice wank before they kick me out of the library. The only problem is that it’s a 2-gig file, so I can’t download it without a Premium membership on Filejoker.One of the best things Forumophilia’s Teen Babes section has going for is that they have a ton of download links, many to full-length porno movies. Conversely, the biggest downside to the site is that those downloads are hosted on file locker services, which come with their own host of problems. As a free user, you’re going to miss out on some of the larger files, like that Pikachu porno I found. Even if you’re downloading smaller movies, free users will still run into issues like limited downloads, throttled speeds and spam.Ultimately, that ain’t going to be a dealbreaker for most porn fans, especially those looking for full-length freebies. What those filehost issues boil down to is you not being able to jerk off to these flicks immediately. You’ll either have to get off to the thumbnails, or just plan your fap sessions ahead of time. You could always do what I do and get some downloads going while you’re cranking it to something else. There’s usually some fresh fap fodder in my Downloads folder whenever I get horny.Forumophilia.com has been around a long time, and it’s largely due to that thriving, active userbase that constantly adds fresh nudes and porno to the file. While the message board format sometimes feels a little dated, its longevity owes a lot to its convenience and efficiency at helping fans share their favorite masturbatory material. The new Teen Babes section helps bridge the gap between the old forum presentation and modern image-based porn sites, further cementing their legacy as one of the web’s to-go places for sharing teen smut.