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Still, for 99% of the time when you're looking for teens to bust that nut and move on with the day, you're going to want to watch it in HD.That’s why it is so convenient that Daft Sex.com/Teen allows users to choose only to look at content that is in HD. Most people don't have time to waste weeding through the HD and SD content, so this is a welcomed addition. Select 'Only HD' at the top of the homepage. Immediately, only the HD teen videos listed on Daft Sex.com/Teen will appear. It could not be easier or more convenient to watch videos that are in high definition. Unfortunately, it isn’t perfect, though.Fake 1080p Chrome extension?You can only view HD content up to 720p on Daft Sex.com/Teen. An icon pops up, telling users that they can only view 1080 content in Chrome and that they must install an extension before doing so. However, when clicking the extension, it becomes evident that there's no extension to download. 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With so much hot teen action on Daft Sex.com/Teen, this is the last thing the free tube site wants to happen to their reputation. Please, fix this!Good sorting optionsWith that unfortunate detail out of the way, consider just how many good sorting options Daft Sex.com/Teen features. When you want to watch the hottest teens getting fucked every which way, use the sorting options at the top of the page. Visitors can sort content by date added, duration, and of course, most popular. The beauty of this sorting option is that you can also apply those to the duration.For example, if you wanted to watch the most popular teen videos, but only if they are long, choose the most popular and long options. This will show you every teen video from most popular to least that’s a certain length in duration. Moreover, you can even apply this to only HD videos by selecting the Only HD option on the homepage. 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They sometimes give too much away, they can be distracting, and sometimes it could be difficult to avoid an autoplaying thumbnail as you’re browsing through a free tube site’s library!Daft Sex.com/Teen doesn't pull any of that mess. Sure, if you don't like autoplaying thumbnails AT ALL, then you're probably not going to opt to make these thumbs autoplay. And that's the underlying reason why Daft Sex.com/Teen uses autoplaying thumbnails so successfully. If you don’t want anything autoplaying, it’s easy to avoid them. If you don’t mind them but want to feel like you haven’t watched the entire video by seeing an autoplay thumbnail, these thumbnails don’t exactly give that much away. It’s a fine line, but Daft Sex.com/Teen never steps over it!Informative video listingsOne thing that you have to slap Daft Sex.com/Teen on the proverbial back for are the informative video listings. The thumbnails grab people's attention, but beyond that, these listings also showcase the duration, view count, and when the content was posted. The titles of the video even include the pornstar and even the name of the series when applicable. It's useful information that lets viewers know a ton about the video before they even make the jump, and it's a smart move on Daft Sex.com/Teen’s part.Can download most contentAfter choosing to watch a video, most people will find that they can download the video. It's a smart move by Daft Sex.com/Teen, and although one may wonder if this is a premium feature, it isn't. After allowing a video to load to the point where it can be played, you will notice a download icon (next to the gear icon for settings).Click the download icon, and Daft Sex.com/Teen will ask you to choose which resolution you want to watch the content in. Choose your preferred resolution, and you will be on your way to downloading the material directly in the browser. That’s right: Daft Sex.com/Teen does not require you to mess with torrents or magnet links in any way. Content is downloaded directly from the browser and into your downloads folder. It could not be easier!