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So now that my hands are no longer covered in semen, let's get to this review, shall we?Lots of good full-length contentInitially browsing around the free tube site, you are going to notice just how many full-length videos there are. You can see this by looking at the duration for each video in the respective thumbnails. Just from the top of the page alone, you're going to notice videos that last 20+ minutes – with many of them lasting longer than that.That’s what’s so great about visiting Pornktube.porn/Teen the first time around. You get to see all of the full-length clips that are available. Much of the content found on the free tube site is in the same resolution with the same length as one would find on its source site. That 20+ minute Brazzers clip and 40-minute New Sensations video are exactly what you would find on those respective sites. It’s hot, teen content from top brands all in one place – who the fuck can complain about that?!Hot content from hotter brandsMost people don't visit free tube sites just to find hot brands. Visiting such websites, you kind of get what you can take. You expect to get off to hot bitches, but you don't always expect to be able to tug your cock to a teen slut, getting doubled over in 1080p from a premier porn studio. Yet, it's exactly what you can expect when you visit Pornktube.porn/Teen.From the top of the homepage, it's evident that there are compelling videos from trusted brands like Bang Bros, DDF, and more. The watermarks for the brands are typically advertised in the thumbnails, and that's certainly by design. It's an excellent way to show visitors that Pornktube.porn/Teen has the hot, AAA teen porn that will make your cock begging to cum. Whip it out, you horny bastard: find the tight ass teen you’ve been craving all day and blow your load to her getting fucked like there’s no tomorrow!Good sorting optionsAnother useful thing you will notice at the top of the homepage are the convenient sorting options. Pornktube.porn/Teen has added attractive buttons that make it clear where users should go to sort the content to their liking. They’re large and silver, sitting at the top right of the page.Users can choose to sort content via most recent, top-rated, most viewed, and longest. This gives visitors an excellent way to sort the content however they wish. It's especially convenient that Pornktube.porn/Teen decided to add a longest sorting option. This makes it easy to look at the longest teen content from the start, perfect for those that want to look at only the longest and full-length content available on the free tube site.Can’t filter by dateAlthough it isn't a deal-breaker, the convenient sorting options on Pornktube.porn/Teen make you wish that you could also filter by date. Just imagine if you could apply the top-rated and most viewed content based on the last few weeks, months, or just the last year. It would give the sorting options even more power. Other free tube sites do this, so why Pornktube.porn/Teen can’t is a mystery to me.Look, it’s a nit-picky thing to say. Pornktube.porn/Teen has good sorting options, and for what they are, they're excellent. Still, it's hard not to think that they could have gone the extra mile and made the sorting options even more functional. Oh well, it's something to consider in the future.Compelling thumbnailsOne of the things visitors are going to notice straight away when they log onto Pornktube.porn/Teen is how beautiful the thumbnails look. Everything looks phenomenal, and the thumbnails will make you want to click and watch just to see these sexy as hell teens getting the hell fucked out of them. These aren't screencaps like you would find on most free tube sites. They're detailed and clear: the perfect representation for what a thumbnail should and can be on a free tube site!These thumbnails are absolutely in a class all their own. They are high quality, look almost perfect, and paint a picture for what the viewer can expect to find within the video. These thumbnails make you want to watch the video. You know that ThePornDude sees all kinds of porn every single day, and these fucking thumbnails made my mouth water so much I thought I was going to have to put a mop bucket under my face. What better compliment is there?!Useful info in video listingsComplimenting the beautiful thumbnails are the detailed video listings. Each video listing shows the duration, thumbs up/down (i.e., the rating), and title. It's information that makes it simple to quickly glean whether or not the video is worth watching or if there's something better to watch further down the library.One thing to note is that there is a lack of view count. It isn’t a necessary feature, but when so many free tube sites show the view count it’s a wonder why Pornktube.porn/Teen didn’t include it in the listings. They should consider adding view counts at a later date to make it even more convenient to find popular content.Over 70 pages of teen contentLet’s get one fucking thing out of the way: Pornktube.porn/Teen doesn't have nearly as much teen content as some other free tube sites. We'll cover why that doesn't mean a goddamn thing in a moment, but keep in mind that the free tube site also features over 70 pages of hot teen action. Add to the fact that most of it is full-length, and you're going to discover that this is a situation where quantity doesn't matter.Quality teen contentPornktube.porn/Teen does not lack the quality content! Don't let the smaller number fool you: the amount of good content makes this a moot gripe. You have access to some of the hottest teens in existence getting fucked in glorious HD without a second missing from the video. That's a fantastic feat and one that Pornktube.porn/Teen should be proud of. It isn’t every day that you see a free tube site feature this much full-length porn, and the fact that Pornktube.porn/Teen does it for all of its teen videos is the icing on the cake for teen fans.Download videos for freeDid you watch a video that you never want to lose again? If so, click the download button in the video. Not only can you download content for free, but it's also possible to download the video in every resolution available for streaming. Even if the content is available in 1080p, it doesn't matter: Pornktube.porn/Teen lets you download the full thing in your preferred resolution – all for free! That's fucking amazing – and Pornktube.porn/Teen deserves a round of applause for pulling this off!Works perfectly on mobileYou know how when you visit a free tube site, you’re bombarded by pop-ups ads that make just watching a video a chore? Nothing pisses me off more than that bullshit! Luckily, it doesn’t happen on Pornktube.porn/Teen. When you load up the mobile version, it works as flawlessly as you would expect. Everything loads quickly, it’s simple to find the video you want to watch, and there are no pop-ups or any weird site artifacts that make it difficult to do basic tasks like sorting or jumping to another section. It just works, and that’s honestly the best compliment you can give for a site’s mobile version.