Literotica Lesbian Stories

I know it may be hard to believe, but not everyone is out there fapping to hardcore vore videos or anal fisting movies. There are still horny fucks out there who haven’t completely desensitized their brains and dicks to that sort of shit. Or maybe they just prefer fapping to softer shit like erotica. That’s right; we’re diving deep into the minds of horny writers and aspiring storytellers who think they know how to write a sultry, sexy short story or two. If you love romance, sexy babes, and lesbian porn, then you should stick right there in your seat and keep on reading.I’ve got a treat for you book nerds and horny romance novel readers. And, well, you’ve probably heard of this site by now if you’re into that sort of shit. Literortica.com is one of the oldest erotica sites in existence. It launched way back in 1998 and still brings in a staggering 52+ million readers every single month. But I’ll pack peddle a bit and say that we won’t be covering the entirety of what this monolithic site has to offer. See that shit? How’d you book nerds like that big word? Anyway, we’ll be focusing on just the steamy lesbian fetish stories this time around. If it’s not about two girls eating pussy and fucking each other with dildos, then I’m not going to be talking about it.One of the Oldest and Longest-Running Erotica Sites on the InternetI have to commend this site for sticking with the same dated-ass theme for over twenty years now. And, honestly, I don’t know if they could get away with changing it at this point. Their audience would probably fucking revolt if they even changed the font size. But I wish they would. Hell, most of the site is contained to a left-hand column and that’s it. Really, I’d settle for a dark theme. If I’m going to be reading a ton of smut, then I’d much rather have it on a dark background. Think about it; I’m sure tons of you horny nerds like to set yourselves up under blankets in the dark and get down and dirty with this shit.Regardless, I’ll stop complaining and actually start talking about the hot content you horny readers came here to hear about. You can get over to the lesbian story section by navigating to categories and clicking on “lesbian sex stories.” Or you can do it the hard way and plug literotica.com/c/lesbian-sex-stories into your browser. You’ll be brought to a page full of, you guessed it, recently published lesbian sex stories.New Lesbian Sex Stories Uploaded Every Single DayI was impressed with just how many have been published here over the last few days. You’ve got a few dozen new ones to scroll through, and the odds are that you’ll have at least 5-6 to check out every day. That’s a fuck ton of content for a single category on this site. You’re probably getting the picture as to why I’m just talking about the one section. If you horny erotica addicts are good at anything, it’s picking up on context clues.Each story will have a short preview where you can see what the title is, who wrote it, as well as a very short 1-2 line description of the story. Off to the right, you can see the story’s average rating out of 5 stars, when it was posted, and how many people have favorited it. You can scroll down the page to view different sections for the newest, random, and stories that have made it into that category’s hall of fame. Those last ones are the highest-rated lesbian stories on the entire fucking site. They’re all worth a read.Dated Design can Make Long Reading Sessions Hard on the EyesThere’s a tag list on the right if you want to dive deeper into more specific types of kinky lesbian action. You can scroll through massive lists of stories about fingering, lesbian romance, oral, cunnilingus, and plenty more. If it involves two sluts fucking each other, then there are pretty good odds that this site has a thousand stories about whatever niche fetish is involved. You can even sign-up and submit your own lesbian-filled fuck stories if you really want to. And, hey, you might just pump out quality stories that tons of people fap their brains out to.To read any story on the site, all you have to do is click on the title and you’ll get taken to a page with the entire thing. The story will run down the left side of the site. It’s decently readable, though I would zoom in on this shit if you plan to read it for any length of time. I don’t get why this site doesn’t present their content in a larger format down the center of the page like, well, most other sites where you read content. It would make it so much fucking easier on the eyes.Great Beta/Mobile Site & Pretty Decent Story Quality Across the BoardThough the site does have a beta version/layout that is more in-line with that. It’s actually the format they use for printing and mobile. Fuck, this should be how their site looks all the damn time. I don’t know why Literotica even keeps that old layout around. It’d be like meeting some whore who still does her hair up like it’s the 80s. I mean, I’m still going to pound that pussy raw, but I’d rather not be coughing on chemicals while I do it. Where was I going with that? I don’t fucking remember. Anyway, yeah, definitely use this site’s experimental version if you want a decent reading experience.As far as story quality goes, it’s going to vary quite a bit. Some stories are full of the steamiest, hottest lesbian action of your dreams. And, well, others are steamy piles of shit that sound like they were written by a horny teenager with no idea as to how sex actually works. However, I’ll say that the former is much more frequent. The bad shit gets voted down and the good shit gets brought to the top. It’s easy. And most authors have decent ratings on here if they’ve been at this shit for a while.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesIf you want erotica, then this is the site to use. Holy shit. It’s like an entire goddamn library full of lesbians scissoring each other and talking about their “forbidden love.” You’re getting a little bit of everything. I’m talking cheesy, softcore, hardcore, fucked-up, romantic, and every genre in-between. If you want nothing more than to rub your dick raw while reading about a girl going down on some slut for the first time, then I don’t know why you haven’t already made an account and gotten started. There is a pretty much endless treasure trove of fap-worthy content to read here.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI’d like to see the beta version of the site made the official version. I know I may piss off some of the boomer fans with this, but it’s so much better than the ancient shit they have going on right now. It’s hard to read the text for long periods of time, and that’s a fairly big issue when that’s all you fucking do on this site. And, really, that’s my only big complaint. Other than that, this erotica site kicks ass and has a ton of excellent content worth blowing loads to.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Literotica.com’s lesbian sex story section is full of fap-worthy stories that you won’t find anywhere else. These amateur stories will have you fucks hard as diamonds and refreshing the page for every new chapter. It’s an easy to browse site with a simple, albeit dated, layout and design. You can even sign-up and submit your own smut-filled stories if you want to experience the sexual thrill of having other cucks get off to your writing. It’s one of the oldest and longest-running erotica sites out there for a good reason. It’s a damn good site. I highly recommend you nerds check this site out if you want to fap to quality stories of kinky lesbians.