RedTube Lesbian

What’s better watching two girls doing it? You might think you can come up with something, but I guarantee you’re wrong. Trust me, try it. Give yourself a minute and come up with the happiest, best, most perfect moment you can think of.Got something?Now, add two of the most attractive women you can imagine into the mix. Take off their clothes and make them do any depraved sex act that you desire. They won’t say no, it’s your dream.Better, isn’t it?Though now that I think about it, maybe there is something better out there. Three girls. Or maybe even four…? I’ll have to look into it and get back to you.And lately, the place that I find myself going when I want to watch multiple babes lick each other’s pussies without driving down to Tijuana and spending a few too many pesos is RedTube’s lesbian section.About ten years ago, RedTube reigned nearly supreme in the porn landscape. It may not be in the top five anymore, but it’s still got something to offer. Just like your grandmother—she might not actually have any instrumental value, but she used to be a good person. Give her a call now, otherwise the guilt of not doing so will ensure that she’s on your mind while you’re trying to masturbate to hotter, less wrinkly lesbians on RedTube.I’ve heard rumors that say that RedTube’s early popularity might have had something to do with the fact that it was slightly more discreet than that of its prime competitors—namely, PornHub and YouPorn—due to the fact that they brilliantly did not advertise to anyone glancing at your web history that you spend an embarrassing amount of your time masturbating. But, if this is the case, then maybe their decline can be explained their own popularity—as RedTube became a household name, it lost the advantage that helped it grow.Now the only people who won’t know what’s going on when they see you’ve been going to RedTube are ancient and senile, like your grandmother. In case you forgot about her.Powerful Filters and TagsWhen pulling up RedTube’s Lesbian page, what you see is pretty much what you get. They were one of the pioneers of the format, so come looking for execution rather than avant-garde new features that distract more than they benefit.By default, you’ll see the recently featured videos, but you can also sort by best rated, viewed, and most favorited if you prefer the taste of the people more than the taste of the porn nobility. You can also sort by longest videos if you’re really looking for an enchanted evening alone, or newest videos if you’re feeling like taking one for the team and exploring for hidden gems among an endless sea of porn.But sorting isn’t really all that important. I know what you’re like. You’re desperate, by the time you’ve pulled up a page you’re reading to pull down your pants and pull on your cock until it explodes. The finer details of finding porn don’t matter to you. So just stick where you are and you’ll find a good selection of lesbian porn, almost entirely in HD. Most of it is professional, so if you’re more into drunk college girls than punsters, you might need to dig a little deeper, but most of us should find what we need within a page or two.If you mouse over a video you’ll get a quick preview, as well as the option to add the video to a list so that you can watch it later. This isn’t what your mom and dad meant when they said you need direction on goals in life, but I’m sure you can’t disappoint them any further either way.RedTube’s lesbian content comes with a powerful set of filters, so any searches you do should allow you to quickly pinpoint the specific pair of girls that you’re looking for. But where RedTube goes a bit further is the use of some suggested filters—right above the videos, they have a couple of ideas for you if you don’t know quite what you’re looking for—“lesbian squirt,” “lesbian milf,” and “lesbian teen.” If you’re uninspired, click through until something awakens below your belt.All in all, RedTube’s tagging system is like that cute employee at the grocery store that keeps offering to help you find things. On that note, I hate to break it to you—she’s not a lesbian, but she’s also not interested. She’s only being so helpful because she thinks if she doesn’t you’re going to tie her up in your basement. Move along.The mobile site is about as good. I count more advertisements on each page (two instead of one!), but I didn’t encounter any pop-ups, so I think that’s a fair trade. If you see two girls holding hands in public (it’s 2021 and that’s allowed now, you bigot) and it gives you the urge to find two more that look just like them but are slightly less modest, RedTube’s access lesbian content on your phone will fit the bill.Uniquely Good Premium PlanRedTube has ads. That’s to be expected. They offer a lot of legitimate professional studio content and don’t hide it behind paywalls. They’ve got to eat too, and we can’t all mooch off of our parents forever. Thankfully, the ads don’t really get in the way—you’ll usually see about one per page, with the occasional popup as well.If you have AdBlock installed, you’ll notice two things: one, it doesn’t really seem to be working that well, since I still managed to see a few ads. Two, RedTube will call you out on the fact that you’re trying to blow your load without supporting the good men and women that gave you a place to do it. But, rather than using this to block your access to the site entirely, you’ll be allowed to browse normally, with the only difference being an additional message offering you a free week of RedTube Premium set aside exclusively for AdBlock users.And you know, AdBlock giving me a popup asking if I want to hide RedTube’s message about RedTube Premium is actually more annoying than the message itself. It’s almost like AdBlock is giving me ads and becoming the very thing it swore to destroy. I can handle RedTube’s ads myself without you adding to the problem, thanks, guys.Here's the biggest surprise, though. RedTube Premium? It’s actually good.Take advantage of RedTube’s generosity and snap up that free trial. If you don’t have AdBlock, go install it on your browser of choice and come back. It might not be the most honest move, but I’m sure RedTube doesn’t expect any more from its customers.I tried it with the sole intention of telling you guys how terrible it was, how much of a waste of money it was, and how nobody but a millionaire who hasn’t gotten laid in a year should even consider it.But it’s actually pretty good. Unlike you, I do get laid, so I don’t pay for porn unless it’s one of the uncommon offerings that actually provides something that I couldn’t just find for free somewhere else. RedTube premium gives you access to lesbian porn that proves to be that rare exception.You get an ad-free experience, but alone that wouldn’t mean much. Then they add in a listing of exclusive videos from all of the big names in porn, including Brazzers, GirlsDoPorn, Exploited College Girls, and FakeTaxi. Now we’re getting somewhere. But then, all of a sudden, they throw us a bone: thirty thousand plus streaming DVDs. This is like being set loose in a porno-Blockbuster of yore where everything is free. Every kid's dream is now achievable for ten bucks a month. You could flip through and binge watch for years without running out of porn. This is a revolution. This is the Netflix of porn.And, since nowadays everyone knows that RedTube is porn just as well as they know Netflix is streaming video, RedTube premium will bill you discreetly. I have a suspicion that even your sweet old granny knows what RedTube is (old people have needs too, don’t forget), but this way she won’t find out that you spend your days and her pension paying to watch girls fuck each other.Now fucking call her, alright?