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Is there a more welcoming name for a tube site than AlohaTube.com/Lesbian? I’m not sure. It sounds like a friendly place when you first read the name of the site, though. If you were hoping to get a double dose of lesbian goodness here, oh boy, do I have some fucking news for you!You won’t see a tiny bit of lesbian content here and there. Instead, the amount of lesbian content offered here is fucking massive! I will get into the number in a moment. All you have to know for now is that if you crave watching beautiful women eat each other’s pussies and cum in one another’s mouths, this is the tube site for you! Check this shit out and beat off to hot lesbian action that you will never see in real life!Over 705,000 lesbian videosOh, I’m fucking sorry? Did I upset you when I told you that you’d never see hot lesbians fucking in real life? Sorry you horny fuck, that’s the deck life dealing your ass! Oh well, at least you have access to over 705,000 lesbian movies to choose from! That’s a lot of pussy eating and female-on-female tit sucking to choose from.With the option to browse by the newest content (more on that later), you can see the latest and hottest lesbian videos added to AlohaTube.com/Lesbian. You will see for yourself just how much lesbian content is added to the tube site from one day to the next. It’s a whopping assortment of lesbian goodness that you will want to see again and again.The thumbnails will make you want to click on the content too! I’ll get to all of that shit in a moment. But I have to give credit to AlohaTube.com/Lesbian. The way the content is showcased really brings to life how you can expect the content to look. Before you start saying something fucking stupid like, “yeah, PornDude, that’s what thumbnails are supposed to do,” fucking save it. There is a difference between thumbnails that don’t capture your attention and those that instantly make your eyes lock on it.The thumbnails on AlohaTube.com/Lesbian are the latter. Maybe it’s because there are roughly 10 images per thumbnail that can act as a slideshow of sorts (again, more on the video listings later), and you internally know that if you like what you see, then you’ll enjoy the rest of the images. I’m not sure what the reason is. All I know for a fact is that the thumbnails on AlohaTube.com/Lesbian grab my attention more than most tube sites.Helpful video listingsNever mind how good the thumbnails are for a moment. When a video already has your attention, it is good to know whether or not it’s ideal for watching at the moment. Do you know what I’m fucking talking about? For example, sometimes, you don’t want a video that’s only a few minutes long.AlohaTube.com/Lesbian solves this problem by listing the duration of each video. You can know for sure how long each video lasts just by looking at the thumbnail. That’s par for the course on most tube sites, but it would have been convenient if users could see a rating of some type in the thumbnail. AlohaTube.com/Lesbian does not currently have a rating system or view count meter. That could be a positive or a negative, depending on your stance on the matter.The lack of these two standard tube site features aside, AlohaTube.com/Lesbian’s video listings provide enough information such that finding the content you wish to watch isn’t a chore. Between the title and the date the content was posted, you have enough information to go on. With all of that being said, the thumbnails, in the end, will still decide whether you make the click in most cases. I found myself clicking through each mini-slideshow within the thumbnail, seeing all 10 snapshots per thumbnail.In the end, that is what made me decide which videos to watch. AlohaTube.com/Lesbian seems to think that you know what good porn is and is not, so they allow you to decide for yourself. That’s smart, and it makes choosing a lesbian video to watch pretty fucking easy. It almost makes me wish tube sites didn’t feature a rating system or view count meter; almost.Related tags at the bottom of front pageIf you enjoyed what you watched but cannot seem to cum, you’re going to want to keep trying. Take a deep breath, stop putting so much pressure on yourself, and most importantly, stop just fucking thinking about it! You’re masturbating, not splitting a goddamn atom!When you get your wits about you and find the inner strength to shoot a load, go to the bottom of the front page. Here, you will find related lesbian tags. When I looked at the tags, I noticed lesbian tags such as first-time lesbian, German lesbian, granny lesbian, hairy lesbian, and more. It was a variety of lesbian content all available to me. Clicking one of the tags obviously showed me the videos that matched those tags.Now, I don’t know how many of you are into specifically German lesbians, or hairy lesbians for that matter. But if you want to see a specific type of lesbian, it’s at least pleasant to see that AlohaTube.com/Lesbian provides a convenient option where you can see more niche lesbian content.Videos load quicklySo AlohaTube.com/Lesbian entices you to want to click and watch all types of fucking videos. Great, that’s goddamn fantastic. But how does the tube site perform when actually watching content?It turns out, pretty goddamn well. When I clicked on videos and looked at the following page, the video loaded fast as hell. I only had to wait one second for the entire video to load. I experienced zero buffering, hangups, loading times of any sort, or any similar problems. Everything just fucking worked – and quite well at that!The one gripe I have about watching content is the ads. The ads nearly pissed me off, though they are not even close to as bad as some tube sites. Still, ads can be a problem on this site.As I was browsing the tube site, I noticed that there were ads on the sides of the page when watching content. That’s annoying, but it’s par for the course. What really irked me more were the pop-ups when pausing content. When I paused videos, ads would sometimes appear in a separate pop-up. This took me out of the moment and made me wonder if I had accidentally closed the video altogether.I had not; the pop-up just confused me. But between these problems and an ad appearing at the front of each video, it annoyed the piss out of me. Ads are OK, but for fucks sake, keep them to a minimum. Or, at the very least, ensure they don’t pop up so annoyingly.It’s hard to stay pissed at AlohaTube.com/Lesbian and their bombardment of ads when the tube site browses so fucking greIt’s godat as well. damn awesome, and you won’t think secondly about visiting this page or loading that video due to the slow speeds. It all just works thanks to the site’s minimalist approach to web design.Unfortunately, the minimalistic design also means that the site kind of looks like shit. It isn’t PornGeek ass ugly, though I will say that the green background reminds me of the post-hangover shits. They need to at least change the background color to anything other than what they have. Even black would look better.Huge variety of lesbian contentThe quality of the content is ultimately what matters. Along with the overall functionality of navigating the site and how quickly content can load, a tube site needs to at least nail these three things to not be a giant pile of shit. Fortunately, AlohaTube.com/Lesbian accomplished this.Beyond that, the variety of lesbian content available puts AlohaTube.com/Lesbian over the top as a tube site you will want to visit for lesbian lovers. I found a huge selection of amateur lesbian content, semi-amateur lesbians, professional lesbian movies, and so much more. These are not the same Brazzers teaser clips you find on every goddamn tube site. The content you can find here is unique and shit you may not have seen before.From old lesbian content to full-length videos that look brand-new and everything in between, there is plenty of amazing lesbian content for you to jerk off to. You will enjoy what you find here, especially if you have a hard-on for lesbians. That’s practically everyone! If you want to cum to beautiful women getting face deep inside each other’s pussies and assholes, AlohaTube.com/Lesbian invites you to see what they offer!