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Are you a fan of lesbian porn? I know you are since you clicked on this review, so I’ll get right down to it. If you were looking for a good porn site where you can watch HD porn videos, you’ve come to the right place. Now, not all videos on XNXX.com are in HD and not all of them are lesbian pornos. Still, you can quickly change that just by clicking on the lesbian category and then adjusting the settings of all the videos that are displayed there to be above 720p, which you can do quite easily. Don’t worry; this won’t affect how much porn you have to work with since there is just so much of it on XNXX.com in general.Some of the finest HD lesbian pornLesbian porn has always been one of the most popular genres out there. The reason why is cause guys just love seeing girls make out since they can’t really get to see that all that often in real life. Me personally, I like to find two chicks who are down for a threesome and I get them to make out in front of me before we start banging hard. So, if you want to see lesbo action in real life and not just on XNXX, then you’ll need to be a macho guy like me and be able to seduce chicks into threeways with you. But hey, don’t bang your head against the wall over it; you always have XNXX.com for your lesbian fun.In many ways, lesbian porn has become the norm for most guys who aren’t really comfortable with seeing another guy’s dick and all that. And if you don’t like seeing another man’s dick, then you can go straight to XNXX.com to enjoy some of the best lesbian content in HD quality too! I don’t know what to tell you; I’m a sucker for lesbian porn too, and I like to look around different sites and it just so happens that XNXX.com just works really well and it’s able to present you with so much great lesbo porn that I can always recommend it to any guy looking to have fun with that genre of porn in particular.Watch lesbian porn free of chargeAnother great thing about XNXX that you probably already know (but that I’ll tell you about anyway) is that you can enjoy all this porn for free on it. You don’t have to register for an account, not even a free account, and you don’t have to worry about any kinds of payments, be they in the form of monthly subscriptions or hidden fees that they throw at you the moment you pick the porn video that you want to watch. With XNXX.com, you don’t have to deal with any of that. You can just waltz right in there and start watching the hottest lesbian porn without a care in the world about any of those things I just said.Of course, it’s not like XNXX.com is a non-profit organization. I’m sure the guy who made the damn thing is passionate about porn just like me and wants everyone to have access to it, but there are bills to pay and employees to feed. So, the way XNXX pays for all this is through subtle ads. In fact, the ads are so subtle that you might not even notice them while you’re browsing through the different video thumbnails. It’s only when you open up a video that you will see banner ads on the side and different little pop-ups at the top of the video player that will lead you away from this site. On the video browsing page, there are only some thumbnails which are actually ads and these can be really hard to spot.More than 167,000 videos to enjoySo, you know that you have free videos on this platform, but you also know that there are ads on the site. You also know that you can set the quality to be HD only (which means above 720p), and you also know that you will be able to do that specifically for the lesbian category of videos. When all of this is said and done, is there anything else that you should know? Well, here’s an idea, how about knowing how much porn you’re actually working with here? It’s not the same if you have a few dozen, a few hundred, or a few thousand videos on your website. Well, XNXX beats all of those timeframes by a lot.By how much, you might be asking yourself? Well, let me just say that there are over 167,000 videos to check out on this platform in the lesbian HD category alone! How does that sound to you? I know that you might think that this is impossible and that I’m just fucking with you or something, but I promise that I’m telling you the truth. In fact, you don’t have to believe me. You can go to the link I have for you ready in this review and you can check the video count in the top-left for yourself. Now, depending on when you’re reading this, the number that you’ll see can only be greater than the one written in here.No filters for Full HD, 4KAfter all that, are you still having doubts about checking out this website? You really shouldn’t because this might just be one of the best things in the entire world. To tell you the truth, I really like it and I think that I’m going to use XNXX quite often when I’m in need of some new lesbian pornos and all that. The only thing that I will say that could be better is the design of the website. Now, I’ll rant and rave about that a bit later, but first, I want to talk a little bit about the user experience in general. You see, while there are tons of videos here to check out, not all of them are actually all that great in my opinion.There are many videos on this site that just don’t make the cut for me. I like to find the best videos that I can for free, so when I’m met with HD lesbian porn and I find out that most of it is in 720p, I just don’t want to watch it. I feel like if you’re going to give me an option for 720p and better that you should also show me videos that are in 1080p full HD and better and even 4K videos. Other free porn tube sites do this, but XNXX doesn’t, so you are basically left to your own devices when you want to find high-quality 1080p or above lesbian porn to watch. So yeah, it’s a great site, but not all videos are that high in quality.The design could’ve been much betterAnd now for the design, since I know you are all wondering what I think of XNXX.com as far as that is concerned. Well, listen, if it weren’t for the ads, the site would still have a few problems that I don’t entirely enjoy. For example, I don’t like the blue color that they are going with here. They could do a lot better with a different color scheme since this one just doesn’t seem all that erotic or anything. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Maybe someone sees blue colors and thinks that this color is really got. I don’t know; all I can say is that I don’t like how XNXX went with their site design.As far as the features go, there are plenty of them here, but still not too many to overwhelm you. You can easily access the lesbian category on this site by clicking on the collapsible menu where all the different categories are. After that, you can easily turn on the 720p option in one of the dropdown menus near the top of the site. All of this leads to a very smooth user experience where you will be able to freely enjoy yourself with the hundreds of thousands of lesbo porn videos without any issues whatsoever. Check out the lesbian category on XNXX.com today!