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At first glance, it may seem like visiting a site like is not the place to go if you want to see a plethora of lesbian content. Hell, the idea of visiting a blog to watch videos sounds pretty fucking stupid when you think about it. That’s like visiting a forum to buy your erectile dysfunction pills in bulk: it’s not the ideal type of site to visit when you want a particular thing.Believe it or not, but is actually a fucking awesome place to visit when you want hot lesbian porn videos. Does it browse like a tube site? Absolutely not. But if you want full-length lesbian content that you probably will not find on many other tube sites, this sexy-as-fuck blog has what you need. It’s all in one place for you, so check it out and see what this one-of-a-kind site has in store for you!Over 20,500 lesbian videosWhen I first visited, I was not sure what to expect. As I told you, the thought of visiting a blog to look at porn videos sounded pretty fucking stupid. But I was pleasantly surprised, and I think you will too. The biggest initial surprise was when I discovered that has over 20,500 lesbian videos to date!That would be a pretty decent number of videos for a blog, period. But this is for only the lesbian category on NaughtyBlog! When you look at it from that perspective, it becomes clear that what has pulled off is actually pretty fucking remarkable. Blogs seem to be dying nowadays, but to see so much sexy lesbian content on a blog like this one is impressive no matter how you look at it.Not only that, but there is new content getting added to the blog every single day! I visited the blog early in the morning just to see if I could spot new content, and I was not disappointed. There was a handful of new lesbian content that had been posted within the last few hours! Looking further back, I noticed that the day prior saw new lesbian content posted as well. The same held true for content that was posted the day prior.If that wasn’t enough of a reason to celebrate, I also noticed that each video listing showed the release date of each video. I will cover the informative listings in a moment. But for now, let’s take a moment to appreciate how recent these videos actually are on the blog. It’s one thing to say that new content is posted every day. But it’s another to state that much of the new, posted content is from videos that were released recently.Look, any tube site can put out full-length lesbian content from videos that were released years ago. It isn’t impressive to regularly post lesbian content from years ago since that shit has been floating around for years anyway. But to see that releases lesbian videos that have only been around for a few months, well, that’s fucking impressive. And the fact that it’s almost all full-length and the total, complete version is even more impressive!Full-length lesbian contentIt is one thing to say that there is an abundance of lesbian content. It’s another to say that much of the posted content was originally released in the recent past. But it is something entirely different to say that the majority of the lesbian content is full-length. I am pleased to say that that’s exactly what you are going to find when you visit as you begin exploring their content.The majority of the lesbian videos on is full-length without anything cut out. While I cannot say with 100% certainty that the videos on the blog are totally full-length, what I can tell you is that I never came across any videos that seemed like teaser clips to me. You know the kind of content I’m talking about. The pornography has 10-minutes of buildup with only 30-seconds of anything sexual.I’m not going to go out of my way and say that you will not find that kind of shit here. But what I can tell you is when you’re browsing through the library of lesbian content that is available, you are probably never going to find anything like that. I never did, and that was after looking at page-after-page of lesbian pornography. What I can say with absolute certainty though, is that you will never have a problem finding full-length lesbian porn on aspect about that I am not a fan of is how there are zero sorting options. The content can only be sorted by most recent, which is the default sorting option. That is a huge misstep, especially considering that there is so much lesbian porn to watch. As fucking stupid as that may be, one thing I have to congratulate them on is sharing their RSS feed.Users can subscribe to the latest lesbian videos by adding the RSS feed into their preferred RSS Reader. If you’re fucking laughing at ThePornDude right now, cut that shit out! I get that most people do not use RSS Readers anymore. But for the few that do – and for those that don’t understand the convenience – try it out. You can use a free RSS Reader like Feedly. When you get an alert every time a new lesbian video has been posted, I think you will understand how convenient RSS feeds can be.The only thing you have to watch out for is opening the RSS Reader around people who would gasp at the thought of a pervert like yourself watching lesbian videos. What I’m getting at is you probably don’t want to open Feedly or a similar RSS Reader during your daily commute. Do you really want an old blue hair to say to you, “oh my, you’re watching two women make love?!” and give you the business about it. Even though an RSS Reader can make your life infinitely more convenient when you’re trying to get the latest on the newest lesbian videos on, avoid opening that shit in public.Must be a premium member to stream full videosAlthough there is plenty of full-length content on, there is a problem. You see, does not actually host any of its content. That is the job of the various file hosting services that the site uses to embed its content. Thus, has nothing to do with making it easier or harder to view its content. The onus is on the file hosting services that it utilizes.I am disappointed to say that most of the file hosting services that are used to embed content on the blog seriously neuter the overall experience. Especially when you are streaming content from a file hosting service like Keep2Share, you will find in a hurry that you have to become a premium member to stream full-length content.Not every file hosting service has the same limitations. Even still, there are substantial limitations on every file hosting service. You are not going to be able to jump into a video and start streaming it immediately as you would on a normal tube site. You have to play by the rules of that file hosting service. In almost every case, the rules make it difficult for free users to stream fucking anything.You can at least download content to view for offline use. Each video has multiple links that allow you to download from different sources. If one source does not work, you can go to another source in hopes that it works better. But again, each source has its own rules. When downloading as a free user, some speeds may be so slow that it takes hours to download content when it should take minutes. In other cases, you may only be able to download content once or twice a day.In that sense, is not actually free. To get the most out of it, you will have to become a premium member on at least one of these file hosting services. Prices range widely too, so it is up to you to decide if taking the plunge and becoming a subscriber is the best course of action or not. If you love lesbian videos and want to see full-length content all in one place, maybe it will be worth it for you. Your mileage may vary, and it’s up to you to decide for yourself if a membership is worth the is an amazing blog that features tens of thousands of lesbian videos. The content is full-length and recent. Unfortunately, the file hosting services that the blog uses makes it difficult for free users to stream and even download full-length lesbian videos. This needs to change if the blog hopes to make it easier for free users to stream and download videos.