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It only takes a Google search to discover that streaming lesbian videos is easier than taking a shit. It’s some of the easiest content to find, and there is no shortage. You could cum to lesbian content every day of your life, and you still wouldn’t see everything. For fuck sake, there are probably more lesbian videos published every day than you can jerk off to in your entire life, period!But even though there is a constant influx of sexy lesbian videos of all shapes and sizes, sometimes you want to jerk off to lesbian content the old-fashioned way. You know, by masturbating to lesbian GIFs. If you’re scoffing at me, shut the fuck up! GIFs have never been more popular than they are now. With one look at the GIFs selection at Sex.com/Lesbians, you too will become a believer.So pulls those fucking pants down! Take your cock out! Looking at the lesbian GIFs that Sex.com/Lesbians has to offer, and you will cum all over your device. I guarantee it, so you best get a fucking tissue ready and prepare for the inevitable.Over 40 pages of lesbian GIFsWhen you visit Sex.com/Lesbians for the first time, you will be inundated with a wall of lesbian GIFs. All of the GIFs automatically play on each page. When browsing on a desktop, I noticed that every GIF loaded without a problem. I was not waiting for longer than a second for every GIF to load on each page, which was pretty fucking impressive.In that regard, I can firmly say that the loading times on Sex.com/Lesbians are spectacular. You will not be waiting around for minutes at a time just so every GIF can automatically load. With that being said, the device you use could play a factor in how quickly each page loads. The age of your device and the reliability of the connection you are using plays a factor. Still, I don’t think you will be waiting too long for each page of GIFs to load on your end.Even then, the thumbnails for each GIF loaded first as I was browsing. Thus, if a GIF does not automatically load, you still get a basic idea as to what the GIF looks like. All you have to do is click the GIF, give it a moment to load on the proceeding page, and watch it in its original, full size. It could not be easier to watch these GIFs, and it’s never a chore to watch them.That’s the goal of any GIF section of a porn site: to make browsing GIFs as easy as possible. Sex.com/Lesbians certainly pulls this off when it comes to looking at its lesbian GIFs. With over 40 pages of lesbian GIFs and over 30 GIFs per page, that's a fuck load of GIFs! The fact that these GIFs load so quickly from one page to another is the icing on the proverbial cake.You may find yourself whacking off to just watching the dozens of GIFs that are on each page. That’s fine! These GIFs are large enough as thumbnails that, in many cases, you don’t have to click on the GIF to view the original image. They are large enough, complete, and looped, so you can essentially jerk off to dozens of GIFs simultaneously. It’s awesome, convenient, and will make you want to fucking come back for more.Good sorting optionsThere are hundreds of lesbian GIFs to masturbate to on Sex.com/Lesbians. But don’t think for a moment that this porn site makes it challenging to sort GIFs. If you have ever visited a porn GIF site in the past, you know exactly what I am talking about. You visit the site, you see the same fucking GIFs, and you browse through hoping to find something new for a change.That does not happen on Sex.com/Lesbians! The sorting options allow you to sort via latest, popular this week/this month/ this year/ or all time. If you want to see the best of the best, I highly urge you to look at the most popular lesbian GIFs of all time, as they are so many sexy GIFs you will want to jerk off right then and there. But when you find that you have seen a fuck ton of lesbian GIFs that the site has to offer, sort by the latest to see the latest and greatest lesbian GIFs that Sex.com/Lesbians has to offer.Look, Sex.com/Lesbians could have thrown all of their lesbian GIFs on their site and given no fucking thought about the sorting options. They could have made the lesbian GIFs automatically sort by latest by default without giving one shit about how they could make sorting the content easier and more manageable. But they didn’t go that route. They seem to give a shit about creating an awesome experience and making it convenient for horny fuckers like you and I to browse their XXX GIFs.Clickable tagsAdding on to the fact that Sex.com/Lesbians makes it so fucking convenient to sort and look through their library of female-on-female GIFs, they also go the extra mile to assist you with browsing subgenres of lesbian content. When I looked around at the available GIFs, I noticed that each GIF’s tag was listed in its thumbnail.Clicking a tag could take you away from the lesbian content. For example, clicking the young and old tag showed me GIFs featuring age gaps. While I did see GIFs of young and older women, I also saw plenty of GIFs featuring old dude’s balls plowing 20somethings that they would never be able to bed in real life. That was a no-go for ThePornDude; I’ll stick to the lesbian content, thanks.I found plenty of clickable lesbian tags through my search, though! I noticed tags such as double dildos that showed me many GIFs featuring hot bitches fucking one another with each side of their giant dildo. There were also obvious tags that showed me lesbian content, like lesbian sex.As you explore the sexy lesbian GIFs that Sex.com/Lesbians has to offer, you too will find tags that you can click on and explore. I urge you to do it, too. Sure, some of the tags will showcase GIFs that may or may not be lesbian by nature, but it’s an excellent way to see even more lesbian GIFs that are more tailored to your tastes. When you don’t want a scattershot list of GIFs and want a grouping of lesbian GIFs that feels more refined and categorized, clicking on the appropriate tags in each GIF’s thumbnail is the best approach.Pin any GIF with a free accountI get it: it’s fucking annoying when tube sites try to entice you to sign up for an account. In most cases, the last thing you want to do is link an e-mail address to a tube site that will probably have a data breach one day anyway. When you think of it in that manner, is it even worth it?While I cannot answer that question for you, what I can tell you is that Sex.com/Lesbians makes a good case for why you would want to sign up for an account. Not only is signing up for an account 100% free but when you sign up for one, you can pin any of these GIFs to your account. Yes, it works just like an XXX version of Pinterest.That means when you find a sexy GIF on Sex.com/Lesbians, you can pin it to your account and save it for later. This allows you to create a ‘greatest hits’ sort of list of all of the sexy lesbian GIFs you have come across on the site. It’s a great idea that may not seem like it matters at first. But when you begin pinning GIFs, you will discover that it’s far more convenient than you may have thought initially!So go forth, you horny mother fucker. Check out the lesbian GIFs that Sex.com/Lesbians has to offer, and find something worth jerking off to! Save your favorite GIFs, come back to see the newest GIFs as they are posted, and always have content that will make you orgasm!Suggestions:Sex.com/Lesbians is an awesome way to browse lesbian GIFs. There is a mountain of lesbian GIFs available, meaning viewers will probably not run out of content any time soon. As convenient as it is to look at the lesbian GIFs, there are way too many ads on the site. Ads are embedded in the search results, and new ads pop up whenever you look at a full-sized GIF. Sex.com/Lesbians needs to decrease the number of ads popping up to make it more convenient and less tedious to browse the site.