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I don’t know how some of the horny bastards call yourselves straight when you’re fapping to videos that have more sausages in them than a fucking Oscar Meyer factory. You’ll sit there and rub yourself raw to a dozen micro-dicked Japanese men blowing loads on a petite slut and call that normal and masculine. Fuck, we all know most of you are wishing you were that Moaning Myrtle of a JAV star in the center. Screw that noise. It’s time you take a break from that shit and jerk off to hot babes scissoring and eating each other out.Of course, I’m talking about lesbians. It’s the one category of porn that I don’t think I could ever give up. I can take or leave the hardcore shit when I really think about it. But, man, I don’t think my life would be the same if I couldn’t sit down and blow a load to bangin’ hot sluts sucking tits and riding Sybians. That’s why I go to You fucks should know that name by now. It’s a dope porn tube site that’s been dishing out loads of free videos to the horny masses since back in 2002. And they’re still going strong with 26-28 million visitors every single month.Redirects Every other Click make Browsing Content FrustratingBut I’m not going to be going over the entirety of this wonderful treasure trove of free porn today. I’m narrowing in and going elbow deep into the lesbian porn section. If it doesn’t have two bodacious babes tribbing and squirting in each other’s mouths, then I don’t want to see it. Luckily, Porngo has no shortage of lesbian content. Hot damn, there are well over 130 pages full of free HD video to wank to. Don’t worry; it’s not one of those sites with a few videos per-page. There are well over a couple of thousand videos to enjoy. That’s not too bad!I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, though. Let’s talk about the basics real quick. The site looks great. You get a dark background with videos running down the entire page and there wasn’t a single ad in sight. But, man, I wish that meant there weren’t any ads, since the opposite is true. You get a redirect every other click on this damn site. Yes, I get it, since they need to make that dosh somehow. But it’s so fucking annoying when you’re trying to navigate anywhere on this site. I’d rather this page be cluttered with banners. At least, then I wouldn’t get shunted off-site every other time I clicked.A Large Selection of 720p & 1080p Lesbian VideosIt was so close to being a clean user-experience. Oh well, at least they have the content to make up for it. You can filter through the long list of quality lesbian porn videos by newest, top-rated, or most viewed. Those aren’t bad options, but I felt like I was fucking a bitch with A-cups. I found myself wanting more to play with. I’d like to see search options added for video duration, sub-category tags, and stuff like that. You can filter by 4K videos, but there were under 10 videos that were even available in that resolution. Fucking lame.Though I guess having 10 is better than not having any at all. I’d have rathered they put a filter for videos in 1080p or higher instead. Most of the content you see here is in 720p, with a sparse few videos being available in anything higher. Again, you cucks can’t complain too much since you’re getting all of it for free. But, man, I’d still have liked some higher resolution videos to jerk off to. I want to see every little detail when I’m rubbing myself raw to lesbian whores getting naughty. But it could be worse. I’ve seen some sites that don’t even have videos that meet that 720p mark. So, you cheap fucks should take what you can get.Download as many Kinky Videos as You want for FreeThe video previews are pretty solid. You get the title, video duration, rating, view count, quality tag, and a list of the sluts starring in the video. The previews are fairly HD and you can hover your cursor over any of them to get a short preview clip from the video. But, man, that redirect shit likes to reset after a few seconds. That makes it so you can’t even see those video clips until you click somewhere on the screen to trigger the goddamn ad. Fuck me; these redirects are the gifts that keep on giving.Simply click on a preview to get taken to the full video page. The video players are decently sized, but damn these videos load slow as fuck. It’s like waiting for some makeup-addicted broad to get ready for a night out. You’ll be sitting here with your limp dick in hand for a solid few minutes before most of these videos will be finished loading. At least you can right-click and download any video you want from the site without needing an account or any of that bullshit. But, again, don’t expect a fast response from whatever dinky servers these bastards are using.Decent Mobile Site but Cluttered with Suspicious AdsThe mobile site is fine to use, but the ads are even worse. You’re hit with some really shitty ones that try and push notifications, tell you your device is full, and all of that dumb shit. Looking past that, the site itself works great and is optimized for mobile use. You can scroll through videos one at a time and make use of all of the same features you could on a desktop. Download videos of lesbian whores getting fucked, stream videos on the go, and all of that good shit. It’s great as long as you don’t mind sitting through a bunch of buffering and ads.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesYou sure get a fuck ton of free content. You may not be getting the highest-resolution or fastest loading videos, but at least you can download anything you see here for free. And it’s not like you horny cucks are lacking in free time. You have all the time in the world to sit there and jerk your dick while your video downloads. The catalog is decently easy to navigate, and you can get your hands on some quality videos that you wouldn’t normally find for free. I’m sure you fappers will be more than pleased with the selection of hot babes on here getting down and dirty.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsThe ad experience is fucking abysmal. I hated the redirects. They really made browsing this site tedious and just not fun at all. Nothing kills a boner more than getting shunted off-site every other click. Okay, yeah, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. I can think of a few things that would kill a boner faster. Like, uh, scat when you’re not expecting it. That would suck. Though I know some of you degenerates can’t get enough of that shit, pun intended.I also would have liked to see better download times and less buffering across the board. It takes so long for videos to play and download regardless of how fast your internet speed is. I don’t mind waiting a little bit, but man, this site will have you sitting there for an hour just to download a single 1080p video.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall,’s lesbian section is jam-packed with thousands of free videos of horny babes riding double-ended dildos and rimming each other. Fuck yeah. This site is great if you don’t mind a little bit of waiting around and a fair number of redirects. But, hey, it’s the price you pay when you’re getting full-length HD videos without having to dish out any dosh. The site itself looks great, and the catalog is pretty easy to browse using the on-site sorting and filter options. It may not offer the best user experience, but being able to download any kinky video you see on here nearly makes up for it. I recommend all of you lesbian porn lovers check this site out and see if you can find your next favorite video to blow your load to.