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Man, I’m so fucking excited about this one. This genre is a tried and true favorite amongst me and just about every dude out there. Lesbian porn. Its popularity needs to explanation. Watching two slutty babes eat each other out, scissor, get fingered, and do all kinds of sexy shit is amazing. It’s fucking magical is what it is. Who needs dicks in their porn? I’d much rather watch some chick with a huge rack fuck another slut, hopefully with even bigger tits if I get to choose, with a big ass dildo. Fucking “regular porn” always has ugly ass dudes or throws in those weird shots where all you see is the guy's sweaty ass and weird-looking balls. Fuck that. The female body is a damn work of art.I’ve taken you to this site before, be here we are again at How could you forget a domain name like that? And we’re coming back to talk about their awesome selection of lesbian porn. If you’ve got zero taste and don’t find lesbian porn appealing for some reason, then you can take your dumb ass over to one of my other reviews for the site. But I’m taking you back here because, fuck, this site has so much content that one or two reviews just can’t do it justice.To put this shit in perspective, brings in just under 100 million views every single month. Holy shit that’s an insane number. And they’ve only been around since 2014. That amount of growth in that time is almost unheard of for a porn tube site. But, as you can read in my other reviews, this site does a lot right. I’ll cover some of the broad strokes here too, but most of the focus will be on their sexy, sexy catalog of lesbian porn.Nice, Dark Them with Easy to Use HeadersAlright, let’s kick this shit off. Getting their lesbian selection is as easy as throwing “lesbian” into the search bar. Gotta keep shit simple when your dick is doing the thinking, right? The main page you’re brought to has all of the previews going down the center of the page, a set of menu options directly above those, and way up top (above the ever-present ads) is another header that mostly just links you to other sites.I have to say. It’s nice seeing a site with a dark theme for once. Everything here is in shades of black or grey, so it’s very nice on the eyes and great for night browsing. Already I can say that this site has a solid selection of lesbian porn. The “Videos” option shows that there are almost 10 thousand lesbian videos on the site. Fuck, some sites don’t even have 10 thousand videos total. And that’s not the end of it. There are almost 1 thousand photos and over 5 thousand torrents available for just lesbian content. The photos number is a little low, but they more than make up for that with the other options.Lots of Offsite Links and Annoying AdsOh, and just know that the “Photos” and “Torrents” options will take you to other sites to get the content. I think they’re associated with yourporn, so you’re probably fine going there. Just make sure you’ve got a VPN and a good Malware fighter if you’re hopping into torrents. That shit is definitely not for you computer noobs out there.I’ve touched on it in my other reviews, but I have to warn you in case you’re too horny to go over and read those reviews too. The ads fucking suck. They’re not just bad. They are abysmal. I don’t blame them though, I’d want to capitalize on those 100 million views as much as I could. But, yeah. It’s not like it’s just banners. That would be fine. You get so many redirects it’s not even funny. Every time you click on anything, you’re bound to get at least 2 or 3 redirects before you can click on that menu. Also, be careful. I got some pop-ups trying to make me “update flash” or some shit. But they have the content that keeps people coming back, so I don’t see them stopping that practice anytime in the near future.Videos from All the Big Name Studious and Sites.The videos. Oh man, the videos. They are fucking awesome. Lesbian threesomes, girls eating each other’s ass and pussy, bondage, orgies, and more all from popular porn sites like “Girls Gone Wild, Haze Her, Lesbea, Girls Do Porn,” and pretty much any other studio or site you could think of. And these videos aren’t just shitty, short clips. No, no, no. Almost all of these are at least longer than 30 minutes. Most are even full movies.I was surprised to see fully animated previews on a free tube site like this. But I guess that ad money has to be going somewhere. Hovering your cursor will play 5-10 second clips from the video. Good shit. And the video previews have some other interesting features. First off, you get the title, video length, HD tag, studio name, date uploaded, view count, rating, favorite, tags, and name of the models in the video. They put other site’s previews to shame. The amount of information they pack in there is crazy. And there’s the weird emoji system where each video is tagged with different emoji that represent popular tags. Cool, I guess.Free HD Downloads!If you were worried about the video quality or video player, then don’t be. The videos play pretty quickly. I had a few that took a minute or so to buffer, but those were few and far between. And, damn, you get most of these videos in 720p. Not bad for this shit being free. The video page itself is pretty standard. Comment, rate, add to playlist, view related content, and all that jazz. But the best part is that you can download all of these videos for free.Mobile Site is Good but Cluttered with Hard to Avoid AdsThe mobile site is designed well, but it feels really chaotic with the ads. They are everywhere and avoiding them on mobile is a lot more difficult than it is on desktop. Other than that, the menus are hidden well and easily accessed using dropdowns. The videos play just fine, and you can download them on mobile without too much fuss. It’s a good mobile site, especially if you want to sneak off and look at some sweet, sexy lesbian porn on the go. Or, fuck, throw that shit on a tablet and go have yourself a great fap sesh.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesDamn, already to my favorite features. See what I mean about this site having a lot of content? My favorite shit about’s lesbian porn selection is the fact that they have content from all the big names out there. Don’t get tricked into paying for that premium content. If it can be put online, then odds are you can find it for free. This site is no exception. You’ve got a massive catalog of slutty lesbians all for free. How could you ever need more than 10 thousand fucking videos anyway?I didn’t get to mention it earlier, but the multiple filter options are pretty great. You can sort the entire page by “Latest, Views, Rating, or Orgasmic.” I’m still working on figuring out what that last option means exactly, but those options make it much easier to find some quality lesbian videos.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsAs for suggestions, I’d say be easy on the ads, but I’m sure that fat wallet is more convincing than I am. Maybe work on video streaming speed. The buffering isn’t that bad, but it’s not great. I want videos, not slideshows. And a pornstar page would be great. Other than that, just keep pumping out quality lesbian porn for free.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, you need to check out’s selection of lesbian porn. You literally have nothing to lose. You’re not doing anything important, and if you had someone to fuck you wouldn’t be reading this now would you? Go watch some awesome lesbian porn on a great, free porn tube site. Why the fuck not?