Mallandrinhas, malandrinhas,...? How the hell do you even pronounce this? Anyways, Latino babes are some of the most beautiful and sexy women on earth. These women vary from petite, curvy, tall, short, dark, light, tan, dark hair, brown hair, and blonde. They are incredibly sexy and funny with bronze skin, and because they live in hot countries, these are the kind of chics who are used to walking up and down during the day in scanty clothes. This should tell you that these babes really give special attention to their bodies, after all, you don’t expect them to display something you know most people may prefer not to see. Rumour even has it that they are some of the best dancers. Veronica Rodriguez, Bridgette B, Gina Valentina, Victoria June, Ariella Ferrera, Aaliyah, Hadid, Eva Notty, Abella Anderson, Harley Dean, etc. are some of the popular Latina babes in the porn industry.Mallandrinhas.net is all about the amateur girl next door vibe. Pretty Latino babes with sexy tanned skin getting their nipples pricked, asses spanked, giving blowjobs, letting out loud moans as their pussies are pounded mercilessly among other nasty action. There are lots of Latino amateur porn videos featured for both download and streaming. In addition, you can chat with other freaks or even upload your own amateur videos for others to see whether you've got game. To find out more about this site read the review below.StatisticsMallandrinhas, a Latino amateur porn site, has been around for over 8 years now. The large collection of content should tell you that they haven’t been bull shitting all this while. While the owner is using a service to disguise him or herself the website’s location is in France, San Mateo. To top it up, the site is deemed to be popular by Alexa with a ranking of 44270.Site design and navigationI have been to lots of sites whose designs I would term as ugly, but this one is way worse. It almost feels like they hired an amateur designer or it was a high school's kid project, you know, just something to go by. A simple white background and a homepage divided into two; cards of a couple of videos and a series of Ads on the right going all the way down. It’s even more fucked up than that especially because you have to keep dealing with some dumbass pop-ups, like what the hell is wrong with these assholes? Can’t they just let users enjoy free smut without irritating them with this kind of shit?I would have said normally that this ugly bitch is easy to navigate because there is a search engine alright although you will have to understand Latin to use it and a couple of sorting features, but there is no pagination only a previous and next button. See, my point, it’s just an amateur site with an amateur design, fuck these suckers. At this age, these guys must be the laughing stock or example of worst site designs.VideosI totally love amateur porn, and I am even heads over heels with Latin babes especially their moans. They are just as real and arousing as fuck. Don’t even get me started about their beautiful curvaceous sultry and bronze skin, am sure even white bitches envy them for that. It’s not just bones; they have some flesh and bums to spank, good sized round boobs with sweet looking succulent nipples and their pussies look like one hell of a honeypot. I swear just seeing that honey pot dripping will not only give you the, but you will be picturing how you would have eaten it all up and made her even juice some more.There is not too much difference between amateur babes, and the porn stars as you will notice, however, I must say at an age where porn movies are already advancing from HD quality, and almost all live cam sites are using HD cams it’s a pity that this site hasn’t still got the hang of it. The videos quality vary from shady, hazy to blurry. You can stream the videos at a relatively good speed; however, I wasn’t too excited about the download option because am not too sure whether even some dumb ass motherfucker would want to download such crap.ScenesThey are pretty much exciting and 100% authentic, so if you are expecting to find babes with perfect bodies and shaved pussies you probably don’t know the meaning of amateur or you don’t fucking know how to spell the damn word.There is lots of passionate kissing, touching, boobs sucking, pussy licking, cum shots on the face/ boobs, doggy sex, lap dancing, boob fucking, blowjobs/ deep throats and what have you. Some scenes even leave you astonished, like one I watched where some sick motherfucker is being given a blowjob with a CD on. Like what the fuck is wrong with that dude, don’t you think he is retarded or something? Well, I do.ChatAt least these suckers allow you to interact with other freaks. You can either enter chat with your nickname without registering or register with either of your social media accounts. Depending on whether you want to chat or not, I'll leave you to decide on that.UploadAre you some fucked up sucker with a couple of Latino amateur porn videos? Here is a chance to share them, it doesn’t even matter whether it is that long-time ago Latino girlfriend you want to revenge on before you getting married; you can always upload and let us gauge whether it’s your game that put her off. Anyways click on the upload button on the menu and upload as directed.Partnership/ AdvertisingIt seems like these motherfuckers could use some funds, so they are inviting you to partner with them and be able to advertise conveniently on this fucking site. Well, you know I wouldn’t touch an advertiser’s money even with a long stick so if you are interested check out the section and get over with that bullshit.MembershipIt’s not a basic requirement, and I would frankly advise you against hooking your social media accounts with the dark part of your life. If you do and get fucked up, remember this; I fucking warned you asshole!What I like about the siteI bet even the most dumbest fool will agree with me that this bitch is not any near likable unless you can, of course, afford to cut them some slack. It’s not every day that I come across Latino authentic amateur porn videos, and so I must admit that it is really something to look out for. Also, the streaming speeds are pretty much okay, and you can use your office WIFI to download and watch later at home.Most scenes are way to the top especially because the Latina babes are exceptionally pretty and fucking sexy. There is definitely lots of erotic and arousing shit to look out for! Besides, the site has a chat section where you can relieve some everyday work stress interacting with some dumb asses like you mostly sharing in your love for Latino bitches.What I hate about the siteThere is just so much that I don’t fucking like about this site starting from its amateur-built site design, numerous Ads and pop-ups that do not give you even a fucking break to enjoy the site and the dumbass videos with blurry and shoddy visuals. I just don’t get it; it’s been 8 fucking years of looking at your ugly site and realizing there is something that can be done.Suggestions that I have for the siteWell, from the many stubborn Ads on this site and your continual to call more advertisers in you can definitely afford a site designer, right? Am sure most users would love a site design overhaul; frankly this one is too ugly and utmost immature. Also, if you didn’t have a class, please get one because there are too many other classy free amateur porn sites out there offering HD quality porn. In addition, I don’t know how you will fucking survive, referrals or something but cut that too much advertising bullshit. Even free porn lovers have got some fucking class!ConclusionAre you a Portuguese speaking motherfucker who is utterly down for amateur Latino porn? Mallandrinhas.net (often misspelled as "mallandrinhas.com", "malladrinhas" and "malandrinhas.net") might be your best bet or even only bet in getting such a combo. Head on to this bitch for endless Latino amateur porn videos featuring some nasty scenes plus get to interact and kill time with other messed up freaks like your fucking self.