Novinhas Do Zap Zap

When I stumbled upon NovinhasDoZapZap (aka Novinhas Do WhatsApp), I just had to explore what they have to offer, and I am glad I did because novinhasdozapzap.com is worth the visit. Now, everyone has their own cup of tea, but if there is one thing we can all agree on it is the fact that the hottest babes are Latinas, and that is exactly what this site has to offer. If you are ready to get your world rocked, you should explore the site.A bit confusing at the beginning, and filled with ads…Believe me, you will be confused the first time you open this site because even I did not know what the fuck they were about. However, as I continued to browse, I realized that the point of Novinhas Do Zap Zap is to offer the hottest Latina chicks out there! So, if you love Latina sluts as much as the next guy, you have come to the right place.With that said, I really think that they could have made their whole presentation better. Usually, when you visit a site you want to know what they have to offer form the start, and not be the one guessing, right? Well, it should be obvious that they offer Latina sluts when the site is in Spanish, but their content seems so fucking random.I am not even 100% sure what kind of crap they are about, but I think I can safely say that their goal is to satisfy anyone who loves hot Latinas. Their homepage is filled with so many random pornographic videos and images, most of which are amateur… or well all of the content I checked out is amateur, so you could say that this place only offers amateur, to begin with.That should be enough for you to decide if this is a place worth the visit or not. I mean, if you like Brazilian chicks then you already know that novinhasdozapzap.com is the right site for you. Now, I need to say that they could have done a better job not just with their introduction but overall design. I am still shaken by the fact that it is 2019, and there are still so many sites that look this crappy.Did you know that creating a presentable site is almost as important as offering great content? You guys could pay an amateur to do a better job, and what the fuck is up with those flashing ads? I understand that free sites need to offer some ads otherwise how will they make a living, but common… there is no need for so many flashy ads that distract you easily.On top of the site, you will have the usual menu that will be enough to navigate you through the site and to the crap you need. The homepage I already explained, but other than that they have a categories section and a section called ‘Pedophilia’ … umm, what? Well, apparently it is just about chicks who look young but are actually legal… dodged a bullet.Though, I think that they should change the name of that tab because that just seems so fucking awkward. Also, they state that everything they upload is exclusive, and so far I have not found any videos that |I have already seen before, and keep in mind that my hobby is browsing and watching porn. It’s like the best hobby, to be honest.What kind of content can you expect?I am sure you are wondering what kind of videos can you watch since that is the crap I thought about when I was browsing through this site as well. I can easily say that they do not make it clear from the start as to what the fuck they have to offer other than the chick being Latinas, which fucking pisses me off. Lucky for you, I am here to tell you how their shit works.Well, if you scroll down on the homepage, you will have lots of videos presented, and it is quite obvious that they are all amateur videos… believe me. If you were searching for professional clips instead, I am not sure why the fuck you are browsing for free sites instead, you can check out other websites I have listed since here you will only get amateur clips.With that said, you should already know that that means that there will not be that much high-quality content since amateurs love to film with their phone cameras or whatever the fuck. In my experience, most of the videos here were of solid quality, and that is good enough since this place is free. Like I said, if you want premium HD content, then search for a fucking premium site, to begin with.As for their content, you have a lot of random crap here. These amateurs love to pose naked, masturbate and film their naughtiest bits while using toys to play with themselves. However, you also have videos that are featuring naughty couples who enjoy spending their free time fucking like animals in bed.One of my personal favorites included a well-endowed Latina who spread her asshole wide open, as her man shoved his pulsating donger deep inside and made her moan like the slut she is. It is nice seeing these horny babes getting fucked in front of the camera and doing what they were originally made for; to pleasure their men. Those who got offended by that, should not even be browsing my reviews.Even though all the chicks here are Latinas, whether you like the content or not is still up to you… I mean, all the videos will be different; from the clips where you will get to see some vanilla fucking, to those who get a bit kinky or invite friends to have a fun gangbang instead. So, what the fuck are you even into; is the first thing you should ask yourself.What I really loved here is the fact that Latina chicks are so incredibly hot and naturally beautiful. Those who’ve explored more sites like this one know what the fuck I am talking about because Latina hotties are difficult to forget. They have natural curves, are very feisty and definitely enjoy riding a hard pecker in their free time!Some categories, but not that many search options…As I have briefly mentioned, they do have categories, which is a good thing, but there are not that many categories overall. I expected a lot more since this is amateur content, but apparently, they only offer a couple of basic categories and that is all. Basically, you will have to keep browsing and browsing to find the shit you are into… which fucking sucks.You do have the search box on top, but we all know that that does not work so well… Their categories include crap such as amateurs, blondes, fights, nymphs and so on… which are not even that great. They could have included some actual basics, such as blowjob, deepthroat and other similar crap instead because with those categories you will still have to browse and browse until you find the shit you are into.For as much as I have browsed, I did see a little bit of everything here, so creating those categories is actually possible but they just might be a bit too fucking lazy. Oh well, if you do not mind browsing manually for the content that will make your dick crazy, then I think that you will love every aspect of novinhasdozapzap.com, because overall this site is quite nice.ConclusionOverall, I think that while they could have done a much better job with the design and all those technicalities one cannot really complain when you are offered all of this naughty shit for free. If Latina chicks make your woody hard, you have come to the right place, because this site is filled with such thirsty bitches.Most of the videos are amateur, so do not expect very good quality, but the content over is fucking great, trust me. I do wish that some of their videos were a bit longer, but for the climax, they are just enough. You have a little bit of everything presented, but you will have to spend some time browsing their content randomly because frankly, their search system sucks.As long as you are not a picky motherfucker, I can say that you will enjoy your time here. What is there not to be enjoyed? You have lots of horny chicks who love to post their naughty videos, and for the most part, everything on novinhasdozapzap.com is exclusive, which is definitely a big plus.