The standard edition of a porn tube site, Xpaja.net is pretty much everything that you’d expect. It’s free, it’s got loads of porn on it, and it’s readily available for you to use. Really, with so much of the site being exactly what you’d expect, there aren’t very many defining features that it has which would differentiate it from the rest of the sites on my porn lists. That being said, let’s check out everything that Xpaja.net has to offer to see if there’s something that you can potentially do on here that you can’t do on other porn sites.A porn tube sites for all Hispanic countriesThe first and most important defining feature of Xpaja.net would definitely have to be that it’s in Spanish. This makes it a really appealing choice for all Spanish speakers across the world. I mean just imagine how many Hispanic countries are out there just waiting for the perfect porn site to show up so that they can watch all the porn videos that they want. These are some of the hottest sites for all Hispanic people and you can bet your ass that they’re taking full advantage of every single localized site that is in their language.I mean I would be doing that too if English porn sites were as scarce as Spanish porn sites, but they ain’t so I don’t do that. Either way, the place is exclusively in Spanish so don’t think that you’ll be any of that funny business and be able to translate it cause you won’t be able to. Heck, even Chrome doesn’t give you the option to translate the site, so the only thing you can do is copy and paste text over to the official translate page in order to know what it says. But at that point, what are you doing really? Just go and check out some of the many porn tube sites which are in English or whatever other language it is that you speak primarily.So many pages upon pages of porn to check outSo, is that all I have to say about Xpaja.net? Well hold it right there, I’m not even close to being done. There’s a lot of good things to be said about this website and I’m just getting started, believe it or not. There are over 760 pages of porn videos on this website, which definitely amounts to much more than ten thousand videos. In fact, I wouldn’t’ be surprised if there were tens of thousands of videos on here just waiting to be explored. And the best part is that Xpaja.net gets updated regularly so there’s always something new to see on here.Filtering the videos according to a certain time frame is impossibleYou can check all the newest entries to the sites by looking at the Newest videos under the Videos tab. This is where you’ll be able to find all the tens of thousands of videos that are hosted here but you can also sort them in a different manner as well. You can sort them according to their popularity for instance and let the community decide what the best thing for you to watch is. The only problem is that you can’t filter it according to a time frame, so you’re basically stuck with the all-time favorites in all sorting mechanisms.Categories are also present, modestly but stillI guess this isn’t too big of a deal since you can always just go to a certain category if you feel that the videos aren’t fairly represented in this section. By going to the Categories section, there are so many different ones to choose from so you’ll surely find something that you like. I mean, okay, it isn’t the biggest list of genres, but it’s good enough. It will definitely suffice despite the fact that it might be more modest than some other porn tube sites. Now I’m not trying to talk shit or discredit this website, I’m just saying that adding an extra category or two wouldn’t hurt. That’s all I’m saying so you can lay down the pitchforks.Porn galleries and pictures are also availableOf course, perhaps videos aren’t exactly your cup of tea. Maybe your internet is shit or you simply don’t like seeing things move too much and it makes you dizzy. Whatever the problem may be, you can always turn towards the Photo section on Xpaja.net. This place is just full of amazing porn pictures that you can enjoy without the problems of things moving too much. You can enjoy a nice and calm static image that you can jack off too while it isn’t too distracting or intimidating. Alright for real though, I don’t know why you’d prefer pictures over videos, I’ll tell you that much.I mean let me level with you here, looking at pictures while there are 760 pages of porn videos on Xpaja.net is like buying a Big Mac when there is a 2 for 1 special on the Royale with cheese. It’s just ludicrous. Why would you do that unless you didn’t have the extra buck that you’d pay for the Royale with cheese? It’s the same situation here. The only reason I can find that you’d want to look at porn photos over actual pornos is if you didn’t have the few extra Mbs of download speed needed to stream the damn videos. But you can always lower the resolution, but I guess not everyone is a fan of potato quality.The videos are porn tube quality as you’d expectSpeaking of quality, you shouldn’t expect the most premium content on Xpaja.net. I mean it is a porn tube site after all and you get all the content on it for free. So that being said, I don’t want you going into this thinking that you’re going to get an absolute banger of a website. You’ll still get some really great content and you’re going to enjoy it throughout, but there’s definitely something that’s missing when you compare the videos to their premium counterparts. Xpaja.net won’t give you the absolute best quality and production value with the pornos that they offer, but they’ll definitely give you what you need.And by the way, if you think that you’re the only one watching here, you’re sadly mistaken. There are so many people here that have an account on Xpaja.net that it’s become a serious community as far as I’m concerned. You can always join them and check out all the perks that come with having an account on here. I mean you can rate videos and even comment on them too. Create your own playlists and so on. And since it won’t cost anything to make an account, it really makes sense that you should try it out to get the full scope of all the functionalities that Xpaja.net has to offer.The ads are bad, but the nice design evens it outAlright, so one more thing that I want to rant about before I go and that’s the ads. Of course, nobody is a fan of pop up ads and they’re everywhere on this site. You’re going to get confused left and right with them and you won’t know whether the tab you’re on is the tab with an ad or whether it’s the tab with the content. I mean, the nice design and layout definitely helps even out the score here but I’m still not a fan of the ad system. But hey, they have to make money somehow, am I right?All in all, I still think that Xpaja.net is a great site. It’s got a familiar porn tube look and feel with the design being simple and minimal with a few tabs here and there to help you navigate the place. Also, the layout is reminiscent of every other porn tube site, so you definitely won’t get lost here. And with all of this said, the only thing left for you to do is check this place out and see all of the amazing porn videos that they’re hosting for you to watch for absolutely free on Xpaja.net.