Nao Conto

Welcome to NaoConto (Não Conto), the perfect place for all of your naughty desires when it comes to amateur pictures that just happened to end up on the internet. Nao Conto features some of the most authentic and some of the sexiest picture galleries that you’ll ever see on the internet, and that’s because a lot of the content that you see here are actually submitted by people. That’s right, these pictures came straight from your everyday life, and onto your screens.Amateur porn for Portuguese speakers, and you don’t even have to pay for itNow, I always like a bit of amateur porn here and there, and the reasoning behind that is clear. The professional porn that we’re used to watching is just full of processed garbage and it’s all fake. It’s always nice to have a website like NãoConto to keep you occupied with some genuine content when you’re sick and tired of all the fakeness in the porn industry. And it’s even better when that site is localized in your own language.English speakers already have a million websites with amateur content to their name, but there aren’t many sites that feature Portuguese as their main language and that’s exactly why Naoconto.com is so special. Not only is the site in Portuguese, but most of the content is as well. You’ll see some of the hottest babes from these regions and you won’t be able to get enough of them, I can guarantee it. Heck, I can’t speak a word of Portuguese and even I’m hooked!A simple design for a very simple porn site premiseThe site itself is really simple. There isn’t a lot of flashy stuff going on here, and it’s mostly made this way so that it doesn’t distract from the content. However, I do think that Naoconto.com could have chosen literally any other color except for white as their main color. White is just so bland to me, but hey at the end of the day that’s all personal preference, and I’m guessing that some of you really like bright and white websites. Either way, a touch of color wouldn’t hurt either.As for everything else, I can say that they did a really good job here. I think that the buttons look nice and modern, and the entire site is nice and centered. Sure, it’s a bit narrow, but this means that you’ll have a better time using it on mobile as well. I really don’t mind this, and I think that everything else is top notch as far as how modern it looks. Usually, amateur sites aren’t the best at making their designs slick and clean, but I think that these guys at Naoconto.com did a pretty solid job.Everything’s in its proper place for maximum enjoymentThe layout is good too, as we’ve got everything that we need, where we need it. There are a few options at the tippy top of the page. These are useful when it comes to the content on the website and you can even look for partnerships with Naoconto.com here as well as report some photos or ask to have them removed, or even send photos to add to the enormous collection that you can find on this website. And I’m not joking when I say that the repository over at Naoconto.com is absolutely massive.An insane amount of content for you to exploreThere are just pages upon pages of sexy amateur content and I can safely say that you’ll never be able to go through all of this content. There’s just so much of it and an even bigger obstacle is that new pictures keep coming in all the time, so you seriously won’t be able to see all the galleries on Naoconto.com no matter how hard you try. So yeah, the place is just that massive. Think of Portugal, well it’s a lot more massive than that, more like Brazil kind of massive.Yeah, I did just shit all over Portugal’s small size, what are you gonna do about it? Hey, you shouldn’t be mad or sad about it either. I mean, when you look at it, you’ve got Naoconto.com and no other country in the world can use it as competently as you since it’s only meant for Portuguese speakers. Not even Google Translate helps that much here since it won’t translate everything, especially not the content that gets uploaded. You’re left to your own devices when it comes to that.Tabs that are actually useful, well for the most partNow, other than the stupid Home button in the navigation tab, the tabs here actually have a use to them. They aren’t your everyday tabs that you get to see on other porn tube sites, but this site is solely concerned with amateur content, so you can expect a little bit of a different layout. The most important tab for consumers would be the Category tab and this is where you’ll choose your niche. There are plenty of genres to choose from so you can customize your experience to a large degree here.I honestly like the School category the most. College girls are my thing, what can I say, and there’s nothing I like seeing more than some innocent schoolgirls getting their pussies wrecked. It’s even better since you know that this is the real deal, and not some shitty acting done by horrible pornstars. I always enjoy authentic stuff and Naoconto.com provides you with plenty of it. You don’t have to follow my steps either. You can choose your own favorite category and enjoy yourself as much as possible.I don’t really know if there’s much more I can say about how amazing the content here is, but yeah, it’s definitely genuine amateur content. However, if you’re not a consumer here, there are some things that you can do as well. You can choose the Advertise tab and become an ad partner on Naoconto.com. Since this place gets a lot of eyeballs, you better expect an increase in traffic to whatever it is you’re advertising. Just don’t be a dumbass and make sure your ad is for Portuguese speakers.For all questions visit the Contact tabThere’s the Contact tab where you can send a message to the people over at Naoconto.com and ask them whatever you want. You can also submit your own content by going to the Send Photos tab. Just make sure that you’ve got consent for whatever it is you’re sending. Nobody likes revenge porn guys, not even The Porn Dude approves of that, and I approve a lot of crazy and fetishy shit. And even if you send it, you can expect that it can be removed just as easily.You can become a Partner with Naoconto.com if you own a porn site of your own. The system is automated too, so why not give it a go, eh? Finally, you can also check out the Ranking tab and see some of the hottest content as the community sees it, and you can even go to the Remove Content tab if you feel that something on Naoconto.com shouldn’t be on the website. And hey, if you’re right then more power to you. Even without that little piece of content, there will still be plenty of pictures and galleries to go around at Naoconto.com.So, when all things are taken into consideration, Naoconto.com (often misspelled as "nao.conto", "nao te conto") is an amazing site that offers plenty of great amateur content for you to enjoy, and you can expect to stay here for a very long time if you get hooked. With pictures so amazing and genuine, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t stumble upon this website sooner. It’s an amazing place where all Portuguese speakers can enjoy their very own slice of internet porn that’s meant exclusively for them.